Strongcoin Contest - Win 100 USDT

Hello, everyone! Strongcoin here.

We’re developing an awesome tap-to-earn game on the Tron blockchain.

Tronics, we really need your feedback on the project, so we’re launching a small contest. We’ll be giving away 100 USDT among the authors of the best questions/suggestions in our Strongcoin topic.

Here’s the link to our topic:

We’ll have 3 prize places: 50 USDT, 30 USDT, and 20 USDT.

What do you need to participate in the contest?

We will distribute the prizes based on the number of comments left in our topic.

We’ll announce the winners and send out the prizes in 2 weeks - May 27.

Looking forward to your questions!

Be #sTRONg


Good one. This opportunity to learn. I have same experience tapping my screen for notcoin. But I didn’t understand. So I will learn from this one. Please the telegram bot not starting


Hello! The error has been found and resolved. You can now start playing. Thank you for reporting it and providing the screenshot. We are continuously implementing hotfixes, so we appreciate all the reports!

This sounds like a very exciting project, I have a few questions and for Strongcoin.

1 How does Strongcoin differentiate itself from other tap-to-earn games on the Tron blockchain, and what unique features or mechanics does it offer.

2 Are there any plans to integrate NFTs into the game, allowing players to collect and trade digital assets within the Strongcoin ecosystem.

3 How do you plan to address potential security concerns, such as preventing cheating or fraudulent behavior within the game.

4 Will there be opportunities for players to earn and stake STRC tokens within the game, or participate in governance decisions for the project.

I look forward to seeing how Strongcoin evolves and grows in the Tron ecosystem. Good luck with the contest and the development of your game!

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Please leave your questions/suggestions in our main post.

This way we can definitely answer everything and more people will see your question.

I did share my thoughts and questions on the original post, do check.

Hello everyone! We’ve slightly updated the contest rules.

We noticed that almost all questions are getting the same number of likes. Therefore, we will distribute the prizes based on the number of comments left in our topic.

We look forward to your questions and suggestions!

Our topic:

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Hi! You have really great questions! Could you please repost them in our main topic so more people can see them?

Thanks I will do that

Hello everyone! We have concluded our contest. Please visit our topic for more information.


I missed your contest…
are you planning to launch a new one?