Strongcoin 5000 TRX Contest

:trophy: We are launching a contest!

We are giving away 5000 TRX (approximately $600) to the most active players.

:gift: Prizes:

1st-10th place - 500 TRX each

11th-20th place - 250,000 coins each

21st-50th place - 150,000 coins each

Winners will be selected based on the number of referrals invited to the game starting today. Referrals obtained before this period will not be counted, ensuring new participants have an equal chance.

:date: The contest will run until July 4.

To receive the prize, you must have a Telegram username and a connected Tronlink wallet.


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here we we aree going to setupp the things …


gonna bee here right the giveaaaawayyy

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Hello Strongcoiners! :wave:

Only 3 days left until the end of the contest, and we’re excited to share the current rankings!

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This list is abit flawed cos it don’t reflect my real invite count, I’ve 25 invites in-app, but it says on the list 21 invites

Hello! According to the contest rules, only friends invited after the start of the contest will count towards the ranking, ensuring everyone has an equal chance.

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I get it squarely, may the odds be in all our favors, thanks for clarifying.

:fire: We will have 100 winners!

Our contest has gained a lot of excitement over the past few days, and many people have asked us to extend it. So, we have decided to extend the contest for another 10 days.

Not only are we extending it, but we are also increasing the number of winners to 100 and boosting the prizes.

:gift: Updated prizes:

1st-10th place: 500 TRX each
11th-50th place: 1,000,000 coins each
51st-100th place: 500,000 coins each

:date: The contest will end on July 14.

Good luck in the contest and be strong! :muscle:

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Can you share an update to the current leaderboard here for transparency?

The latest interim results of our contest are here.

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I’m actually ecstatic to know what your user count is cos this invite leaderboard looks abit flawed if not botted to me, no offense.

Hi! We’re not disclosing the number of users publicly yet, but you can roughly estimate it by looking at the number of subscribers on our channel and multiplying it a couple of times.

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This is a dent in the word “transparency” cos it isn’t correlative at all how a day before the extension of the current competition date, invites level went “top off”, kinda looks like insider trading to me


No need to worry, we are closely monitoring how the contest is going. We are making great efforts to run our marketing efficiently and are very pleased that various KOLs participated in our contest.

That’s why we decided to extend the contest, as all the activity started in the last two days, and we wanted to give new participants more time to showcase themselves.