How We Can Bring Some Hype on TRON Network

Good day fellow tronics and admins, I have observed something and I would like to share with you guys especially #Trondao team.

Within some short time, I have noticed 1000s of people who are new to crypto are all talking about it now. This observation is from Ghana (More from the university students).

What I have noticed is that, they joined through these tapping games in crypto now. >> #Notcoin farming on telegram. Everyone is talking about.
Now they even advertise to their other colleagues because of referrals with a description “Tap your school fees” :joy: and this is introducing many people into crypto. This is not difficult to start farming via telegram.

God been so good, this season we have one project in our Hackatron with same idea #StrongCoin from @strongteam. Since they are the first to start, I am suggesting the team do their best to support it and do our best together to bring the masses to use tron network aside our numerous people using usdt on tron.

Aside memecoins, this is also the trend now and we can tap in.

Again, #ClaimFreeTrx from @Stian is also doing very well in terms of introducing new people to tron. Personally I have recommended it to people and accepting to join hasn’t been difficult. So support to this project too will be great.

These are my humble suggestions, not forgetting #MemeCoinSeason. If there is anything to do, please let’s goo​:rocket::rocket::pray:.

All these suggestions are to promote tron and help dapps on tron get the numbers they deserve. Tapping games are bringing a lot to cryptocurrency. Tron Network must have it’s share :pray: Thank you all and have a wonderful Sunday. @admin.hackathon @TronLive @StevenTRON @SimbadMarino @WindsOfChange92 @HunterTRON


This is a very nice suggestion, as it’s always been said “follow the trend” and now is the right,…my small cents is that if @strongteam will utilize this opportunity, it’s gonna be a boom :boom: to their project and to the tron ecosystem at large


Claim Free trx never seem to work for me.


oh really, the team has added some two new features. #Draw and claim trc20… works fine.

I see a lot of Nigerians joining

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exactly, this is the order of the day in crypto. Most people are tapping. Let’s tap our rent :joy:


Tap our rent & soup :stew: with small pool party :partying_face: attached :joy: , but in all honest it will really make a great sense if we see it bubble on Tron, it will also onboard new tappers and users to Tron


us bro us :handshake: . seems like luck is not by our side :frowning:


Totally ! :100:

Tap to Earn is the new narrative that is catching alot of attention lately .


I heard our friends @HunterTRON and @StevenTRON have some plans for Africa :eyes:

Maybe you guys can give us a sneak peek of what’s coming? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Tap to earn seems fun, I tested the strongcoin telegram app myself and it’s indeed interesting to get people engaging to other dApps, games and projects in general. I invite all projects from the hackatron to contact the @strongteam team for potential collaboration. I’m pretty sure the team will be more than happy to support!

Also don’t forget to look for @JustMoney explorer, you can get in touch with their team and have your projects and tokens added in there :slight_smile:

Let’s support each other guys!

Thank you @Prince-Onscolo for bringing this topic to our attention !


:eyes: nice
we are waiting patiently.
You are most welcome Sir

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the @Prince-Onscolo for mentioning us. We continue to develop our product and have already started growing our audience.

We are open to all kinds of collaborations. You can message us directly on the forum or email us at



I am only concerned about the future of #StrongCoin

I hope it won’t be time wasting and the future or the funds needed to run this project does not depend on this Hackatron

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We want one too on #BittorentChain

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Thank you for bringing this observation to our attention.
It’s great to hear that more people, especially students, are getting involved in crypto through tapping games like #Notcoin farming on Telegram.
It’s definitely a fun and easy way for newcomers to learn about and start earning crypto.

We appreciate your suggestion to support projects like #StrongCoin from @strongteam, as they are helping to introduce more people to the Tron network.
We will do our best to collaborate with such projects and continue to promote the use of Tron among the masses.

It’s important to educate and support new users as they navigate the world of crypto, so they have a positive experience and feel empowered to explore more opportunities within the Tron ecosystem.
Thank you for your contribution to this movement.


This your suggesting is going to bring plenty change in the forum, the real community in Tron are very happy about it

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Same with me esp. the draw. I don’t even know how it works. I have seen so many people been selected over and over again yet I have never be selected for once and I don’t know if there is any other thing I need to do apart from registering in the draw

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I am eager to know what this plans would be

You just need to register and pray for luck. works like a lottery. picks randomly

I have registered in several draws but seems luck is far from me and I got tired of registering :star_struck:

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keep trying :joy::joy:
one day charcoal seller’s son go wear white :joy:
We go wear white together