How We Can Bring Some Hype on TRON Network

I gave up on trying few minutes from my first attempt, I’ll just leave it to the lucky ones.


Same here man. Even i tried it many times but no luck :(.

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keep trying, never give up

hahahaha the same thing with me. It only takes luck and grace to win this :star_struck:

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Tap to Earn, or even an AFK type game (AFK arena) could do well, especially in Africa or other developing countries where salaries are low. Even in Vietnam, the rewards are worth it for locals as compared to higher-cost countries.

You don’t see large developers or companies doing these because they think the profit-margin is too low in low-cost countries. Would love to see more local developers chase these smaller profits and then prove the large corporate who only target USA wrong.

Keep up the good work @strongteam and try to improve the overall UI and customer experience similar to like hamster game and Notacoin or try to make it even better than those.