Strongcoin - Be strong! Tap and earn

:bell: Announcement:

Hello everyone! :wave:

We are pleased to announce that our contest has come to an end, and we have selected three winners.

  1. @Gordian - 14 comments - 50 USDT

  2. @manfred_jr - 13 comments - 30 USDT

  3. @Youngyuppie - 11 comments - 20 USDT

Please send us your wallet address for the transfer (TRC-20, of course) via private messages on the forum.

We also want to recognize the members who were very close to winning.

@Relate101 @Prince-Onscolo @maksb @ines_valerie @wellsebastian @Andreaxino @Sammy7566 @deltazero @pleasure

We won’t say anything more for now, but we ask all winners and finalists to send us your Telegram username (the one you use to play Strongcoin) via private messages on the forum.

Thank you once again to everyone who was active in our topic!

Be strong! :muscle: