Pump On TRON | The anti-rug meme launch and trading application

This is an intriguing project! Bonding curve token launchpads are emerging across platforms and becoming the next big trend, often sparking meme seasons within ecosystems. Starting with Solana, these launchpads are now expanding to various ecosystems, from Ethereum to Cosmos. Currently, Tron lacks such platforms, and gaining support from the Tron ecosystem could be instrumental. Here’s to hoping you become the catalyst for a meme season on Tron, potentially generating substantial revenue, akin to pump.fun ($66M Yearly Revenue). Best of luck, and looking forward to your win!

Also, We’ve also built a project on Tron. Here’s our submission: dCharacter.AI. We allow creators to build their own fun AI characters with just a few clicks :art::robot:. Our marketplace is currently growing with different characters created by multiple creators. Do try them out and have fun! :tada: Cheers!

This project is quite technical, so only those familiar with the latest developments around meme seasons in various ecosystems might fully grasp its potential. Understanding how ecosystems are competing to bring meme season to their platforms is key. Nevertheless, this is definitely a much-needed project for Tron if it wants to join the race and bring meme season to its ecosystem. Best of luck! @anurag12

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Also, do find some time to try out our project. dCharacter.AI Would love to know your feedback @anurag12

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I read about the project as far as i understand that your project is all about creating meme coins on tron blockchain and you are using smart contract (bonding curve) mechanism as to determine the token prices right!

but i wanna know more about it how its stoping memecoin rug pulls?

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Hello @maaz

Thanks for reviewing our project.
I would first like to discuss what kind of rugpulls actually happen while new token launches.

  • Allocating major supply to self: creator of the tokens usually allocate a major chunk of the token to self and as their token price increase they dump their part of the token to gain profits

  • Using LP tokens: the creator of the token adds liquidity to the dex for the tokens and do not burn the lp tokens, and as soon as the token price increase and liquidity pool gets more dollars they use their LP tokens to remove the entire liquidity and gain huge funds while taking the token value for investors to Zero.

There are many more such ways in which people tend to do rug pulls

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But on our platform we ensure a fair launch process, where the entire supply become available for the generic public and creators have to buy from the open markets like any other trader. Also, while migrating the token to dex from the bonding curve all the LP tokens are burnt


Thanks for your appreciation @angela11 It really inspire us to keep building more.

I would definitely checkout Character AI as well.

Best of Luck​:crossed_fingers::+1:

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Interesting Project !

the ui is very nice and clean to create a token. I see the project is already running on mainnet which is pretty good !

other than token creation what have you planned out for the project ?

checkout our project too on the integration track. would love to get feedback from the devs like you to our platform codehive

Tried to check your website up and wanted to create a fun token but this is the response I got and I don’t know what the problem could be