Decentralised Character AI

Project Name: dCharacter.AI powered by ChainGPT

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: PixelCrafter

Team Member(s): Angela

Devpost Project Link:

Project Goal: dCharacter.AI aims to create a decentralized platform that empowers users to design, mint, and interact with unique AI-driven character NFTs. Our vision is to foster a thriving ecosystem where creativity meets cutting-edge technology, enabling artists, writers, and developers to monetize their innovative ideas while providing an engaging experience for end-users.

Project Value: By integrating blockchain technology, dCharacter.AI ensures true ownership and scarcity of the AI character NFTs, empowering creators to retain control over their intellectual property. The decentralized nature of the platform promotes transparency, security, and trustless interactions, eliminating the need for intermediaries.
Moreover, the integration of AI models and generative techniques allows for dynamic and interactive experiences, unlocking new avenues for self-expression and immersive storytelling.

Project Info:
dCharacter.AI is a groundbreaking project that combines the power of blockchain technology with state-of-the-art AI models to create a decentralized platform for minting and interacting with unique AI-driven character NFTs. Our vision is to revolutionize the way we experience and engage with digital characters, fostering a thriving ecosystem where creativity, innovation, and ownership converge.

At the core of dCharacter.AI lies the fusion of cutting-edge AI language models and generative techniques. By leveraging advanced models such as ChainGPT as well as GPT-4, we enable users to design and mint their own AI character NFTs, each with its distinct personality, backstory, and visual representation. These NFTs are not mere static assets but dynamic entities capable of engaging in contextual and intelligent conversations, providing an immersive and truly interactive experience.

Underpinned by blockchain technology, dCharacter.AI ensures secure ownership, scarcity, and tradability of the AI character NFTs. Creators can mint their unique characters, retaining full control over their intellectual property, and explore new avenues for monetization. The decentralized nature of the platform promotes transparency, trustless interactions, and eliminates the need for intermediaries, fostering a fair and equitable ecosystem for all participants.

dCharacter.AI not only caters to creators and artists but also offers an engaging experience for end-users. Imagine stepping into a world where you can converse with your favorite characters, explore their unique personalities, and embark on exciting adventures shaped by their dynamic responses. The possibilities are endless, from interactive storytelling to immersive gaming experiences, and beyond.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Connect your crypto wallet (MetaMask or others) to the Decentralised Character AI platform.
  • Explore the marketplace and browse through the collection of AI character NFTs available.
  • Mint a new AI character NFT by providing a brief description, personality traits, and visual references.
  • Once minted, interact with your AI character through text, and witness its dynamic responses based on the embedded language model.
  • Optionally, list your AI character NFT for sale on the marketplace.

Project Details: dCharacter.AI combines the power of blockchain, AI language models, and generative techniques to create a unique platform for minting and interacting with AI-driven character NFTs.

Users can design and mint their own character NFTs, each with its unique personality, backstory, and visual representation. These NFTs are then backed by advanced language models, allowing for dynamic and contextual conversations.

The platform leverages state-of-the-art AI models, that is ChainGPT, to generate realistic and engaging character responses, ensuring a truly immersive experience. Additionally, dCharacter.AI incorporates blockchain technology to ensure secure ownership, scarcity, and tradability of the AI character NFTs, opening up new avenues for monetization and creative expression.

Smart Contract links: smart contracts on BTTC testnet
Marketplace Contracts: BTTCSCAN | BitTorrent (BTT) Blockchain Explorer
NFT Example - BTTCSCAN | BitTorrent (BTT) Blockchain Explorer

Project Milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Launch the Decentralised Character AI platform with basic minting and buying functionality as well as Integrate AI language models and generative techniques for dynamic character interactions.
  • Milestone 2: Deploy on mainnet of BTTC.
  • Milestone 3: Implement advanced features like character customization, user profiles, and leaderboards.
  • Milestone 4: Finalize documentation, conduct security audits.

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6,… minting of this AI NFTs is it for free? Or Is there any cost charge?

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Hi Thanks for looking at our platform. Currently there is no charge of creating an NFT from our side. Only a nominal gas fees is charged.

Also currently we don’t have any charge to chat with free characters, however, to talk with any character that is in the form of Paid NFT you will have to buy it first.

We have created some sample characters for testing out. Please check on our platform.

Hello! Cool project.

We’re also developing a project on Tron, by the way. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Strongcoin is a tap-to-earn game. In our game, there’s onboarding to the Tron ecosystem, where we publish partner quests. If you’re interested, we can arrange a collaboration.

Currently, we’re running a contest for the best question/suggestion with cool prizes! Come to our topic and read more


Hi there! Absolutely loving this project—super fun and engaging! Just tried it out and created a free character for everyone to enjoy. If this project goes live, especially with the current AI trend, it’s bound to attract a ton of users to Tron :rocket:. Really looking forward to seeing this launch! Also, don’t forget to check out my creation, Gigachad, at the link below. Get ready to unleash your inner alpha! :muscle::sunglasses:

Gigachad Character


Popped into my timeline accidentally and decided to give it a try. This product definitely deserves more traction! :rocket: Given the meme wave that’s trending, people can create their own meme characters here to promote their products. With the AI boom, folks will be excited to create all sorts of fun and witty characters. This will bring a lot of Web2 audiences into the Web3 ecosystem. The product makes perfect sense! You guys should engage more and encourage forum users to try it out. I loved it! Just a bit of feedback—consider adding walletless onboarding to make it even smoother. :star2:

Here’s the character I created - Jesus :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, glad to see another one in the Artistry category. I see a character in the graphics of your offering named “Donald Triumph”, and I totally love what you did there, way to go.


Thanks for checking out our platform! Yes, Donald Triumph is a fictional character inspired by a well-known figure. Try chatting with him and let us know about your experience. Plus, you can easily create your own witty and fun characters with just a few clicks. Give it a try and see what you can come up with!

We are also adding more fun characters to our marketplace, do try them and let us know your feedbacks

@manfred_jr @fabsltsa @Prince-Onscolo @Gordian @Okorie @Youngyuppie @HODL

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Hi, thanks for creating a character and helping us grow our marketplace. I tried it out and was hoping for more witty answers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Demmm, lets goo :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:
Thanks for creating this interesting character :fire: :fire: :fire:

Any advise how can we increase visibility of our project ?

Thanks for the feedback @aksh7706. Yes, we are focused on bringing mainstream Web2 users to our platform and have plans to make the experience as seamless as possible by integrating wallet onboarding. As you correctly pointed out, the platform has a wide range of use cases. Users can create fun characters, educational characters, and even bring their meme coins to life. By tagging our platform’s character link to their socials, we can attract a lot of users from other ecosystems to our platform. We’re excited about the possibilities and appreciate your support!

@Gordian @WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON @constantinpricope201

Thanks for the tag ! Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! I have tested your project. I purchased 2 nfts. But I am unable to create 1.

Kindly update your milestones with dates.