VocalizeMe by Team Vocal - Where AI Gets a Friendly Face and You Get a Voice!

Project Name: VocalizeMe
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Team Vocal
Team Member(s): 3 (@Luke45 )
HackerEarth Project Link: Link to HackerEarth project page
Project Goal:

The objective of VocalizeMe is to revolutionize AI-driven interactions by integrating NFT avatars with ChatGPT. This integration aims to humanize AI interactions, enhance communication clarity, and provide a personalized experience for users. By tokenizing avatars on a blockchain, we aim to offer a unique and secure virtual identity solution.

Project Value:

Humanization of AI: Elevate user experience by providing a familiar, face-to-face interaction with our expressive avatars.

Personal Touch: Recognizing users by their avatars adds a personalized touch, making every interaction feel unique and valued.

Brand Consistency: Companies can use branded avatars, reinforcing their identity and providing a consistent customer experience.

Project Info:

VocalizeMe Pitch Deck:
VocalizeMe.pdf (468.5 KB)

Project Website: VocalizeMe

Project Test Instructions:

To select your default NFT or mint NFTS (Marketplace functionalities)

  • Visit the link VocalizeMe and Connect your wallet.
  • Switch to the BTTC testnet.
  • You can Buy or Min an NFT from the respective page.
  • From your profile, you can put NFT on sell or select the default NFT.

For developer.

  • Can install react pacakge in your app from NPM using

npm i vocalize_me

  • In your chatbot, you can import it using

import ImagePopup from “vocalize_me”;

  • Use the component using.

ImagePopup apiKey={API_key} textPrompt={textPrompt} (in opening and closing tags)

Project Details:

Here’s a sneak peek:

Problem Statement

The current landscape of AI-driven customer support lacks a personalized and engaging user experience. Traditional text-based interactions can feel cold and detached, potentially leading to lower user satisfaction and engagement. Additionally, there is a growing need for users to have a consistent virtual identity across various digital platforms.


Personalized Avatars: Users can easily design and customize their avatars, reflecting their unique digital identity. From hairstyles to accessories, the options are limitless.

NFT Tokenization: Avatars are securely tokenized on a blockchain, ensuring authenticity and ownership. Users can trade, buy, and sell avatars on our integrated marketplace.

Emotional Expression: Avatars mirror emotions, responding with empathy to user frustration or offering comforting gestures, creating a more human connection.

Multimodal Communication: Seamlessly combining text, speech, and visuals, we offer a comprehensive communication experience that transcends traditional text-based interactions.



React.js and Bootstrap: Providing a dynamic and responsive user interface.


Solidity, Express.js, Node.js: Powering the NFT marketplace and backend infrastructure.


Gooey.ai’s API: Enabling synchronized speech for realistic avatar interactions.

Use Cases

Customer Support Excellence:

Enhance customer support interactions with visually appealing avatars. Provide real-time solutions with synchronized speech and empathetic expressions.

Virtual Meetings and Collaboration:

Foster more engaging and interactive virtual meetings. Avatars add a human touch, making discussions more dynamic and memorable.

Gaming and Entertainment:

Immerse players in a world where avatars respond in real-time, heightening the gaming experience. Avatars with synchronized speech add a whole new dimension to gameplay.

Brand Identity Reinforcement:

Companies can use branded avatars to ensure a consistent visual representation, reinforcing their identity across customer interactions.

Business Model

Avatar Creation and Customization Fees: Users pay to design and personalize their avatars, unlocking a range of customization options.

Marketplace Transaction Fees: We charge a percentage fee for every avatar sale, ensuring a sustainable marketplace ecosystem.

User-to-User Transactions: Users can buy, sell, and trade avatars securely in our integrated marketplace, driving platform activity.

Partnerships with Digital Artists: Collaborations with artists to create and list unique avatars, fostering a community of creators and collectors.

NFT Minting Fees: Users pay a fee to tokenize their avatars as NFTs, ensuring authenticity and ownership on the blockchain.

Subscription Model for API Access: Offering an API for seamless avatar integration in other applications, with pricing based on usage and customization options.

Customized Solutions for Enterprises: Tailored packages for businesses seeking specialized avatar integration for customer engagement.

Brands and Corporations: Collaborations for branded avatars, reinforcing brand identity in customer interactions.

Smart Contract links: Contract Address 0x4BCef528011Df3BDc7C2Fa6F7f642B7a9aBA375a | BTTC
Contract Address 0x6cF5C20edC5979aE6D7F3529DfeD50a91660df8D | BTTC

Project Milestones:

  1. Add Avatar Upload functionality - Completed
  2. Add API for lip sync - Completed
  3. Add Marketplace functionality - Completed
  4. Smart Contract creation and testing - Completed
  5. Deploy smart contracts on testnet - Completed

Welcome to HackaTRON S5. if I gt it right, you are building a platform like ChatGPT but you will integrate avatars. Face to face interaction right?

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

Please what do you mean by this, any examples or reference to clarify it


They say AI would leave alot of people unemployed overtime but I really don’t agree with that, welcome to Season 5, drum :drum: roll for you and your team. I’ve a few questions;

How does VocalizeMe plan to address potential privacy concerns related to avatar creation and customization?

How does VocalizeMe plan to attract and engage digital artists for collaboration and the creation of unique avatars for the integrated marketplace?


Maybe this project is better of the AI track, I think you get many credits for the AI part.


Hello @Prince-Onscolo

Thank you for your question. We’re not creating a ChatGPT tool, instead we’re allowing such tools to integrate our Avatars and humanize the user experience.

So basically artists/creators can create beautiful Avatars and upload it on our marketplace. Those Avatars will be bought by users/companies and integrated with their AI tool. Now that tool will have a live Avatar that speaks - along with lip syncs, accents, etc. - instead of using boring text-based UI that tools like GPT currently have.

I hope this answers your question :slight_smile:
I would request you to watch the demo for a better clarity!


Hi @Nweke-nature1.com, I hope this explains the Humanization of AI. Now that we have the demo live, I request you to take a look for a better understanding :slight_smile:


Thank you @manfred_jr for the amazing welcome!

Avatar creation would be done by artists and they would be created as NFTs, thus it would have thorough transparency in ownership!

Since this will be a marketplace, digital artists will get incentivised for creating avatars everytime the avatars are bought. This would be a good motivation for them to be on the marketplace and create useful, aesthetic avatars.

Hello @DestiM

While I appreciate your suggestion, our project in no way is providing any AI functionalities. It is in fact a marketplace for Avatars created by artists. These avatars can then be integrated with various tools to Humanize the text-based UI.

I hope this answers your query. :slight_smile:


oh seen nice one mate


Everyone loves a good incentive, incentives are like passive income. So, incentivizing digital artists through avatar sales is a good approach. Can you elaborate on the processes involved to verify the originality of avatars created by artists before they are tokenized as NFTs? I’m trying to rate the level of authenticity here.


Alright thank you, I will do that asap

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Nice project team, to begin with do you have in mind some existing platforms where you plan to integrate the avatars cteated on your platform?


The Lady on the picture representation looks alot like Line Hammett, correct me if I’m wrong.


Thank you buddy! :grinning: :grinning:

That is a good question. We can do this with the help of their past works, social media, art galleries, etc. This is also a place where community would play a big role.

So responsible people like yourself would also help keep the artist accountable to avoid any fake/duplicate art from being used.

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Thank you! Do give it a try! You’d love it :smiley:

Hi @yashi Thank you for this insightful question. Our project would easily integrate with any AI tools. It is upto the users/companies to decide where they want to integrate it based on their requirements!

I’m sorry, but no idea who she is! :see_no_evil:

Maybe you can add a profile link or something?!

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Oh, community assessment and feedback is always second to none, thanks for replying.

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