Evoie - Interactive NFT marketplace

Project Name: evoie - Interactive NFT marketplace
Project Track: NFT

Team Name: evoie
Team Member(s): Solo - @adroitakash

DevPost URL: Project Not Submitted Yet

Project Goal: With my project, I am trying to create a Fresh Type of NFT Marketplace - which supports intractable and customisable NFTs.

Project Info: forthcoming
Project Website : forthcoming
Project Test Instructions : forthcoming

Project Details:
    Maximum of NFT marketplaces out on-chain only supports pictures, videos or 3d models as the NFT arts.

    evoie is my attempt to give those NFTs a soul and emotion, and evince in a fresh marketplace.

    In evoie, we can able to mint an NFT which will respond to touch, have dynamic behaviours, interactive & also supports minimal customizability to give a personal connect.

Project Milestones : forthcoming


what does it mean with interactive :slight_smile:


script as an nft, very cool :clap:


Great concept you have here, really something new on the NFT space

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LOVED it, wanna see more details plz

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I love seeing more developer tooling coming into existence in web3

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Greetings adroitakash! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

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More updates and even a demo would be much appreciated

Hola, agradecería ver alguna demostración para poder opinar sobre los NFTS con alma, ya que sería algo nuevo que podría transformar un poco la esencia del NFT.

NFTs with Soul and Emotion… wow! What technologies are you using to make this interactive? I think this would require programming the hardware too?!