Evoie: The Social Hub Where Artistry and NFTs Converge

Project Name: Evoie - The Social Hub Where Artistry and NFTs Converge

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: Evoie

Team Member: Akash - @adroitakash (solo)

Dorahacks Project Link: https://dorahacks.io/buidl/5297

Project Goal: My project is build to seamlessly combines the worlds of social media and non-fungible tokens.

Project Website: www.evoie.in

Project Test Instructions:

Project Details: Introducing Evoie, a groundbreaking social media platform that’s builds to seamlessly combines the worlds of social media and non-fungible tokens.

Evoie offers a creative, interactive space for users to engage with and explore NFT content while enjoying the familiar features of traditional social media platforms.

Key Features:

Evoie allows users to transform their regular posts into NFTs instantly, providing an innovative way for creators to showcase their digital art, photography, or other multimedia content as unique and tradable assets.

Evoie comes with all the essential social media features, such as adding multimedia content, following your favorite creators, and engaging with NFT posts through comments and reactions.

When you find a post you love, you can purchase it as an NFT, transferring the ownership of the NFT along with the post, comments, and likes to you.

Evoie also doubles as an all-in-one NFT marketplace, where users can post a wide range of NFTs, including 3D models and game assets with animation properties. This feature allows game developers to directly utilize these assets in games that support 3D models.

Evoie’s unique Interactive NFT feature allows users to upload HTML files along with JavaScript and CSS, which are rendered as NFTs. This opens up limitless creative possibilities for web developers to transform their work into interactive NFTs.

Upcoming Features:

Interactive NFT 2.0: Users can customize the properties of NFTs during the purchase process using Evoie’s custom JavaScript methods. This feature enables dynamic input fields to be automatically added to the NFT buy page standing alone from the nft as a part of the form itself, allowing users to modify the behaviour and appearance of the NFT according to their preferences.

Advanced NFT Marketplace Options: Evovie is set to expand its marketplace capabilities by introducing auction, betting, rent-a-NFT, NFT collections, and special offers features. And also working on an option to support and tip the creator for their post.

These enhancements are currently under development and will be integrated into the platform by the end of April.

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:


Welcome to Grand hackathon S4, wish you all the best :handshake:


Bienvenido al S4. Suerte

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You are welcome to S4
Please clarify this for me, are you building a new social media platform or this will make use of the existing ones?

I’m seeing it as a new social media platform but let’s wait for their clarification.

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Alright brother

Hi, I am making a stand-alone social media, which has all the traditional social media functionalities along with an option to post the nft as a post and also converting normal post as NFT’s


Oh I see, good idea. We know some of the popular social media platforms they keep on appreciating in numbers and new ones not surviving. Currently we have one called nostr, when you get there you see a lot of bitcoiners but not active like the traditional ones we know. What are you going to do different to draw people’s attention to your platform? Any measures put in place?


A sigh of relief for artists who are unable to get a market place to market their products…


Good. I can see that you are building something that can help transform the world of social media and non fungible tokens to bring them together. I wish you the best in your project ideas and in your participation in the tron hackathon season 4.

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Wow i love what you are building but my only concern is this right here :point_down:

What measure will you put in please to stop people from turning plagiarized post into NFTs and selling them for their own gains. Will they be faced with any copyright infringement lawsuit??

What’s the progress of this project
Amazing write up tho

Hi @adroitakash welcome to S4!

I had a few questions about Evoie:

  1. Is there any plan to handle potential copyright and intellectual property infringement issues related to NFTs being sold on your platform?

  2. Can you elaborate on the upcoming features you mentioned, such as the auction, betting, and rent-a-NFT options, and how you anticipate that they will enhance the UX for Evoie?

What kind of support or resources does the platform offer to artists, such as tutorials on creating NFTs, pricing strategies, or marketing their work?

Wishing you all the best eventhough you were not all that active to answer questions from the community. I take it that you were busy as you were doing it solo. I hope you come out victorious

The world needs more developers like you. Keep up the great work! Your project has the potential to make a real difference in the world. Your commitment and dedication to this project is inspiring. I voted for you.

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Please explain how much of this is original content versus copied from Criptic

Are you able to please verify the contract on Nile, currently we cannot see it?

Dont worry, no answer will come from here. We have tried. Dead silent.!

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It is sad :smiling_face_with_tear:.
But I like this idea and hope he comes back with updates

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