Evoie: Revolutionizing Digital Expression through NFT Social Networking

:memo: Basic Information

:star2: Project Goals and Value

  • :dart: Project Goal:

    • Seamlessly combine the worlds of social media and non-fungible tokens to redefine digital asset management and community engagement.
  • :gem: Value Proposition:

    • :art: Artist Empowerment: Let’s empower creators, giving them not just a platform but the tools to monetize their passion.
    • :arrows_counterclockwise: Interactivity: Evoie promises not just to show but to engage, offering a dynamic interaction with every post.
    • :shopping_cart: One-stop NFT Shop: From artsy visuals to coded snippets, our marketplace celebrates digital diversity.
    • :shield: Clear Ownership: Because every creation deserves a rightful owner, and we ensure that transition is seamless and secure.

:eyes: What’s Inside?

  • :movie_camera: Project Info:
    Evoie is pioneering a transformative approach to the digital content realm. No longer are your creations confined to mere ‘views’ or ‘likes’. With Evoie, every piece of content can be a valuable digital asset. Let’s delve into Evoie’s offerings:

    • Multimedia NFT Minting: Whether it’s a captivating photo, an enthralling video, a soulful audio track, an intricate 3D model, game assets, insightful blog posts, or even full-fledged websites – turn them into NFTs effortlessly.

    • Dynamic Marketplace: Explore a diverse range of digital assets. From visual art to audio masterpieces, from game assets to interactive web components, Evoie’s marketplace promises something for everyone.

    • Interactive NFTs: Got a flair for coding? Integrate HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create mesmerizing interactive NFTs. Showcase your tech prowess and craft valuable digital experiences.

    • Customization Tools: With Evoie’s suite of tools, ensure every NFT you mint or acquire truly embodies your style and essence.

    • Varied Transaction Avenues: Dive into a bustling marketplace ecosystem. Engage in auctions, place bets, rent out NFTs, or simply explore the vast array of unique digital assets up for grabs.

    • DeFi Integration: Leverage your digital portfolio’s potential. Secure loans against your content, all underpinned by a robust and transparent credit score system.

    • Continual Innovation: The journey with Evoie promises constant evolution. With features like curated collections, tipping options, promotional events, and more on the horizon, there’s always something new to look forward to.

:open_book: Project Details

:balloon: Introducing Evoie: The Social Nexus of Artistry and NFTs

Revolutionize your digital social experience with Evoie—a cutting-edge social media platform ingeniously blending conventional networking with the burgeoning realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

:star2: Key Features

  • :art: Turn Posts into NFTs

    • Transform your standard posts into NFTs with a single click. Perfect for artists, photographers, and creators eager to monetize their digital works.
  • :calling: Essential Social Media Staples

    • Offers all the basic social media features: upload multimedia, follow creators, and engage with your community.
  • :shopping_cart: Buy & Own Posts as NFTs

    • Like what you see? Buy the post as an NFT, and the post, along with its likes and comments, will be transferred to you.
  • :video_game: All-in-One NFT Marketplace

    • A diverse marketplace featuring not just visual art but also 3D models and animated game assets.
  • :desktop_computer: Interactive NFTs

    • Unveil your creativity as a web developer. Upload HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to spawn interactive NFTs.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Customizable NFT Properties

    • Use Evoie’s JavaScript methods to customize your NFTs, offering dynamic input fields during the purchase process.
    • New! Introducing a credit score system based on account activity and views. Unlock loans within Evoie using content and account as collateral.
  • :rocket: Advanced Marketplace Features

    • Includes auctioning, betting, NFT rentals, curated collections, tipping, and special promotional offers.
    • New! Added investment options to ensure liquidity for loans.

:star2: Enhancements and Features

  1. DeFi Enhancements

    • Adding DeFi features to empower creators further.
    • Introducing a credit score system based on account activity and views.
    • Enabling loans within Evoie, utilizing content and account as collateral.
    • Structuring investment options for enhanced liquidity.
  2. Customizable NFT Properties

    • Use Evoie’s JavaScript methods for personalized NFTs.
    • Dynamic input fields during the purchase process.
  3. Advanced Marketplace Features

    • Expanding the marketplace experience.
    • Auctioning, betting, NFT rentals, curated collections, tipping, and special promotional offers.

:bank: EvoieLoan System:

The EvoieLoan system allows creators to leverage their content and online influence to secure funding. In this unique model, a creator’s social media account(s) and content serve as collateral. This ensures that creators who might otherwise struggle to secure loans from traditional sources can access the funding they need.

:dart: Steps for securing a loan through the EvoieLoan system:

  1. Need to have a eligible amount of EvoiePoints.

  2. Set the desired loan terms.

  3. The platform will show your EvoiePoints, which determine the loan amount you’re eligible for.

  4. Agree to the loan terms and accept the loan offer.

  5. The loan amount in stablecoins is transferred to your wallet, and your social media account(s) and content are held as collateral.

:coin: EvoieReserve Investment

EvoieReserve is a peer-to-peer investment platform that allows individuals to invest in the creator economy. It offers attractive interest rates and provides a unique opportunity for diversification.

:moneybag: Investing in EvoieReserve:

Investors can provide funds that are then lent out to creators through the EvoieLoan system. The creators’ EvoiePoints serve as collateral, offering some security to the investors. The interest rate provided is competitive and commensurate with the perceived risk based on the creators’ EvoiePoints.

:dart: Steps for investing in EvoieReserve:

  1. Connect your digital wallet to EvoieReserve.

  2. Browse loan opportunities based on creators’ EvoiePoints and proposed interest rates.

  3. Decide on an investment opportunity that aligns with your risk profile and investment criteria.

  4. Transfer the desired amount of stablecoins from your wallet to the selected investment.

  5. Earn interest on your investment over the agreed loan period.

This system offers creators the chance to gain financial stability and achieve their creative visions, while investors can diversify their portfolios and earn competitive returns on their investments. It’s a win-win situation that benefits all parties involved and supports the thriving creator economy.

:shield: Risk Management:

Despite the potential advantages, it’s important to note that all investments carry some level of risk. However, with a creator’s social media account(s) and content serving as collateral, these risks can be mitigated:

  • Default risk: If a creator fails to repay the loan, investors have a claim over their social media accounts and content. This claim could be exercised in various ways, depending on the terms agreed upon.

These systems are designed with the intention of supporting creators and investors alike, while fostering a thriving and sustainable creative economy.

:abacus: Credit Analysis:

Evoie uses a comprehensive credit analysis system to determine the loan eligibility of creators. Factors such as a creator’s engagement, popularity, income streams, and the total calculated EvoiePoints are all taken into account.

With this, the Evoie platform is uniquely positioned to empower creators, provide a novel investment opportunity, and contribute to the growth of the creator economy.

:clipboard: Smart Contract Details


  • Contract Address: TQxpMKisfe8V88RoG2Q2WUhJsGAiwNFj9J
  • Tronscan URL: View on Tronscan


  • Contract Address: TC9Lx27mMUnFVfjoLt5P2Z9BkQKR4tpS7h
  • Tronscan URL: View on Tronscan


  • Contract Address: TNjfeGRU43EqnCnki7yt1jiHunfwX2HUsv
  • Tronscan URL: View on Tronscan


  • Contract Address: TACu2qWZfTmq2hbKvGdmAXom6uDUxobumn
  • Tronscan URL: View on Tronscan

:calendar: Project Milestones


oh so you are back with this project again. From our last conversation you said you abandoned it during the Hackatron due to some health issues but completed it later right?

So you are ready now and ready to add more features


Wishing you good health till you complete this project.

How would you combine with the present project?


I think am confused here, where do you stand? How many projects are you working on?
In which directions are you taking us to?

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Hi @Prince-Onscolo , Yes, I am ready to continue the project Evoie again from where I left it :tada:.
The current version of Evoie is already a complete rewrite of the one that I submitted for season 4. Now I am adding some more enhancements to take Evoie to the next stage.

You can expect regular updates from me about Evoie in this thread.


Hi @Gordian, are you asking about how Evoie and Flixe work together? If I’m wrong, please correct me.

It would be amazing to connect both projects and make them work seamlessly, but it’s quite challenging at the moment. I’m trying my best to achieve that.

:sweat_smile: Hey, I’m working on two parallel projects right now: Flixe and Evoie.

They are completely different from each other from their core aspects.

Consider Evoie as a social media platform for NFTs. It’s like a playground for creators to mint, showcase, and monetize all kinds of digital assets — from visual art to interactive web pages. It also has some cool DeFi features built in. You can get loans, make investments, and more.

Flixe, on the other hand, is a decentralized entertainment hub. It lets you do more than just watch movies. You can create, own, and even crowdfund them. It vision it to be a one-stop-shop that takes care of everything in a film’s lifecycle, from creator to consumer.


Oh I see

As you stated So what types of loan are you talking here ? Crypto loans or NFT loans ?

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I am talking about Crypto loans here not about NFTs as a loan.

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Before I come with my small questions, in simple terms how would loan be like? Example I come and take $5k and payback in 1 month later or so , Is it something similar like that or any difference?

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in Evoie’s loan system, it’s not exactly like just taking $5k and returning it later. Instead, the loan you can take is tied to your “Credit Points,” which basically represent the value of your engagement and content on the platform.

So, say you have a ton of Credit Points from getting views, likes, comment. You can then “cash in” those points to take a loan. The platform lets you borrow up to 90% of what your points are worth.

Then comes the repayment part:

You choose a repayment period. You pay back a bit more than you took with some interest based on the repayment period.
If you don’t pay back on time, the NFT content’s that helped you get that loan in the first place could be confiscated and auctioned off.

So it’s like a loan, but tightly integrated with your content and community engagement on Evoie.

Thing is the basic idea and it’s still in validation phase only. Your suggestions on this will be helpful.


So I earn or obtain “Credits points” through engagement right? What if I don’t need a loan can I convert my credits Points to crypto and withdraw at my own convenient time?


Alright I have even see you have presented it again this season in the builder’s track. All the best

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No it’s not like that. You should not be considering the Credits points as a virtual token or something like that.
I think you will be familiar with CIBIl scores which represent a persons creditworthiness.
This point is some thing similar to that, so is that ‘credit points / credit score’ will be directly related to the eligible about for the loan.


So whats the essence of credit scores here, does it serve as invoice? Will you conduct something like KYC in your platform? What if I can’t afford to pay back the loans how can you hold someone responsible in that case?


it is just as banks, you cant just wake up and go to the bank for loan and also for any amount of money you want. some needs your payslip, guarantor and also the history you have with the bank. So these credit scores will show how lomh you have been with the project and your contributions. It can tell them if you qualify for a loan and also the amount


Let me make it simple for you. The ‘credit score’ will be calculated based on the creator’s content. It’s as straightforward as a traditional banking system. If you need a loan from a bank, they will expect collateral along with your previous month’s payslip. Apart from that, they will verify your past loans and their repayment histories and consider all of that to determine your loan eligibility. If you miss paying the loan, the collateral will be seized by the bank and left for auction.

This is similar to that same idea, where the creator’s account and its respective contents are the collateral here. Each and every post will be evaluated based on their social engagements like how many views, likes, comments it has got in respect to time. The mean of these post values will determine your account’s credit score.

Based on this score, you will be able to opt for its evaluated loan amount for its equivalent loan amount. Missing the repayment of the loan may lead to seizing the creator’s content which was kept as collateral, which will then be put up for public auction to maintain the system’s liquidity.


I had to re-read this twice, your offerings are always interesting and I think this is like the second entry in Hackathon season 5.
After a careful read, its evident that these proposed DeFi enhancements aim to broaden the capabilities of Evoie platform. The credit score system based on account activity and views seems to reward active creators. Utilizing content and account as collateral for loans is an innovative approach. The structured investment options could attract more users seeking liquidity.

Implementing customizable NFT properties using JavaScript methods could greatly enhance user engagement. Dynamic input fields during purchase might simplify the process. The advanced marketplace features like auctions, betting, rentals, curated collections, tipping, and promotions have the potential to create a diverse and engaging ecosystem.
I’ve a few questions;

How will you ensure the accuracy and fairness of the credit score system?

What security measures are in place for loans involving content and accounts as collateral?

How user-friendly are the JavaScript methods for creating personalized NFTs?


I see but just little clarification I need now, so which means that my content or credit scores can be sold when I didn’t meet up to pay back the loan? :thinking:


Hey man, thanks for the awesome questions,

As per the current credit score logic several factors come into play, like your follower count, how many views your vids are pulling, the likes you’re getting, even down to the number of videos you’ve sold and the years you’ve been on our platform. Not just that, it also got a logarithmic function—baked right in to keep the scores both fair and accurate. That means no wild, inflated numbers or gets crazy high scores just because they have an insane follower count, my friend.

Using smart contracts to manage collaterals so there will not be anything going wrong here.

I’ve got a solid plan in mind for this. The idea is to follow a standardized method naming convention when creating NFTs. This way, the NFT can directly interact with the product. It’ll allow for dynamic input fields like text fields, color selection,… to personalize your NFT. This type of interactive NFT feature is the most unique and my favourite part of Evoie.

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