PixelPulse by Team Hodlers - Game, Stream, Earn, Own

Project Name: PixelPulse
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Team Hodlers
Team Member(s): 2 (@Nyx)
HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth project page
Project Goal:

PixelPulse is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming and NFT landscape. Our platform empowers users to seamlessly live stream their gaming experiences while effortlessly transforming thrilling moments into dynamic GIFs or striking images, representing a unique fusion of gaming excitement and NFT technology. Additionally, PixelPulse provides a dedicated marketplace for hassle-free browsing, buying, and selling of gaming-related NFTs, creating a user-friendly platform for content monetization.

Project Value:

PixelPulse redefines the gaming and NFT experience by seamlessly integrating live streaming, NFT creation, and community building.

Our platform empowers gamers to monetize their content, mint exclusive NFTs, and engage with their fan base, all in one dynamic ecosystem.

With a user-friendly interface and a dedicated marketplace, PixelPulse stands as the ultimate solution for gamers looking to amplify their impact and earnings in the digital realm.

Project Info:

PixelPulse.pdf (420.8 KB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Metamask Connection:

Go to the PixelPulse website.

Click on the Metamask icon in the top right corner.

Confirm if Metamask connects successfully.

  • Dashboard Overview:

After connecting Metamask, explore the dashboard.

Verify that the options for “Your Profile,” “Create Stream,” “Schedule Stream,” and “NFT Marketplace” are visible.

Check if each option functions as expected.

  • Your Profile:

Click on “Profile" from the dashboard.

Try customizing your profile by adding a profile picture and updating information.

Ensure changes are saved and reflected on your profile.

  • Create Stream:

Click on “Create Stream” from the dashboard.

Set a title for your stream, add title, and initiate a live stream.

Confirm if the live stream starts successfully.

Interact with the live stream and check for any issues with real-time engagement.

  • Schedule Stream:

Click on “Schedule Stream” from the dashboard.

Set a date and time for an upcoming gaming session.

Confirm that the scheduled stream is visible on your profile or the platform’s schedule.

  • NFT Marketplace:

Click on “NFT Marketplace” from the dashboard.

Browse NFT listings, view details of an NFT, and attempt to make a purchase or trade.

Confirm that NFT transactions work smoothly.

Project Details:

Problem Statement

In the swiftly evolving realm of online gaming and live streaming, a critical void exists for a platform that seamlessly integrates the creation and consumption of gaming content with the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Currently, gamers and enthusiasts lack a centralized hub that empowers them to not only broadcast their gameplay in real-time but also immortalize their most exhilarating moments as unique, tradable assets. The absence of a dedicated marketplace for these gaming-related NFTs further hinders the monetization potential and broader adoption of this emerging medium.


PixelPulse is the innovative answer to the needs of gamers and content creators, revolutionizing how we experience and monetize gaming content.

Key Features:

Seamless Live Streaming:
Effortlessly initiate gaming streams for real-time immersion. Our user-friendly interface guarantees a smooth experience for both creators and viewers.

Highlight NFTs:
Transform thrilling moments into dynamic GIFs or striking images. These represent a unique blend of gaming excitement and NFT technology.

Dedicated Marketplace:
Browse, buy, and sell gaming-related NFTs hassle-free. A user-friendly platform for content monetization and exclusive acquisitions.

Screenshot 2023-10-05 220423

Smart Contract links: Contract Address 0x066eB72D61ae47921300005B506502a1a503DeC5 | BTTC

Project Milestones:
Milestone 1: Frontend development
Milestone 2: Smart Contract Development
Milestone 3: Smart Contract Testing
Milestone 4: Integration


Welcome to HackaTRON S5. What are some supported games on your platform?


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5,
How would your monetization looks like, any qualifications for access pass before monetization?

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Thank you for the welcome!

We provide game streaming on our platform. Gamers can stream their games and convert those into NFTs!


Thank you for the question!

We have thought of multiple revenue streams.

NFT Minting fees, Transaction fees, Sponsored content for brands and lastly subscriptions for gamers.

Right now everyone is welcome to try our platform!

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you can stream any game on your platform?

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It’s raining NFTs, NFTs, NFTs
I really love to see

In all, reading through I can only help but imagine if there are any planned partnerships or collaborations to enhance the platform’s user base or functionality.

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Alright, which means a fee will be added in future before someone can start monetization?

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Welcome to Tron Hackathon S5 best of luck

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Hello there!

We haven’t reached out to anyone for partnerships yet. The hackathon period was entirely used for developing the platform.

Of course any help from the community would be appreciated to onboard new users, gamers and gaming partners.

Thank you!

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Thank you thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Something on these lines :smiley:

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Oh I see, thanks for letting me know

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Quite commendable how you see, recognize and acknowledge the strength of community in pushing the project forward, kudos and goodluck on everything!

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Thanks a lot! Your words are encouraging for us!! :smiley:

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@Gordian @antonio @Youngyuppie @fabsltsa @Nana66419

Hello dear community members!

Not sure if you got a chance to look at our demo and test our platform. But if not, I’d urge you to do so. Your feedback is highly valuable for us.

I would like to tag a lot of other members but starting here :smiley:

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Hello @Nyx welcome to season 5, i have read your forum and i must say its a great thing you are trying to build for gamers.

The likes of PewDewPie and Markiplier can’t be ruled out when it comes to making a living from streaming your game play.

The likes of youtube and twitch are already grounded and making wave in the market.

What are the plans your team is going to adopt to compete with these giants and what gamers are you in talks with to make your product stand out.

Also dont know whats wrong with your site, i can’t seem to access it.
And please where can i find the demo you are talking of. Thank you and wishing you all the best.

The project idea looks good. I can see the gaming industry and its streaming is evolving right now and it can be a great opportunity to build something related to it. Good luck team :love_you_gesture:.

Hello @Nana66419

Our platform lets gamers turn their thrilling moments of the game into an NFT and sell those. For example, a goal made in FIFA or an interesting kill in PubG, etc. It can be any moment that the gamers think was interesting enough for the fans to buy the NFT. This not only helps them earn extra, but it also makes those moments eternal!

Even without this feature, our platform is more empowering for the gamers as compared to youtube or twitch.

Currently, we dont have any partnership, but we’d hope that our community will help us with that.

And I’m sorry the site didn’t work for you. The mobile version was a bit buggy, thank you so much for pointing it out. And while we fix that, you can try our platform on desktop.

Thanks again for your helpful feedback and insightful questions.!

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It is actually amazing how fast the streamimg industry has grown. It was almost impossible to believe a few years ago that people would like to spend their time watching streams.