Relive: NFT-Powered Social Platform

Project Name: Relive
Project Track: NFT & Web3
Team Name: ReliveTeam
Team Member(s): 4
Project Goal: Relive is an NFT-Powered Social Platform focused on building an easy-to-use, high-freedom NFT trading platform for individual creators, and spinning off social media around corresponding communities of interest.
Project Info:
The deck of our project is shown in the file here: Relive.pdf (3.2 MB)

Project Details: Website

The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with each other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch … Online entertainment has been decentralized by various UGC platforms. Content creation spread from editorial offices and studios to every corner of the world.

However, the Internet seems to have forgotten its original manifesto of participation by everyone. The tragedies caused by the advertising business model are numerous: the platform captures the vast majority of profits, the majority of creators do not have any income, some crude but by piling up gimmicks earn a lot of money…

But now we have NFT, everything changes. We think NFT can help creators turn content into emotional consumption, just like POP MART and Disneyland.

What is Relive

  • NFT Marketplace
    A low cost, low threshold, open to everyone NFT Marketplace. But easy to use is just the first step, we also need to increase the value of user-created NFT. To do so, Relive will support most file types and sale types, free the user’s creativity through high freedom.

  • Social Media
    Social is a link between people and people. NFT as a non-standard commodity, naturally carries stories, so Relive can transition from a functional trading platform to a social media based on interest mapping. And social media can also bring out the practical value of NFT.

An Example: A fashion blogger can mint photos as NFTs, and sell them in auctions or mystery boxes. The person who buys these NFTs will have the right to post in the blogger’s private circle, like posting his own ootd for fashion bloggers to review. Relive thus helps creators turn the one-way dispersal of content into a two-way interaction.

Project Milestones:

Mar 13, 2022: Start of Hackathon
Mar 31, 2022: Approach young creators
Apr 13, 2022: NFT marketplace prototype finished
Apr 30, 2022: Expand creator community
May 13, 2022: End of Hackathon one
May/June 2022: Social media Integration


Very interesting idea!Can’t wait to see the real product.


Welcome to TRON DAO Forum @ReliveTeam
Nice deck you have there and it is really comprehensive.
We noticed that your deck is targeted primarily towards the Ethereum ecosystem as there’s no mention of TRON in the content. Can you let us know if Relive system is already on Ethereum? If so, is there a frontend website for us to check out?

From your milestones schedule, it looks like the NFT marketplace prototype will be completed by mid-April, when will the TRON community be able to check out the marketplace?


Thanks a lot for your very interesting questions.

  1. We are still working on smart contracts and front-end development and are not already on Ethereum. We are looking forward to deploying to TRON given its cheapness and appeal in the Asia Pacific region.

  2. TRON community can check out the marketplace in mid-Apri.

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What’s your plan to attract young creators, do you have a marketing budget ?

Thanks a lot for your questions.

  1. Firstly, our target market is long-tail individual creators with strong personalities and a community atmosphere, helping them to earn revenue with NFT, this in itself is good for them.

  2. Secondly, we have trading rewards with $RLV based on the amount of the transaction.

  3. Thirdly, we also have a cash bonus for recruiting creators to join.

Awesome project, i’m hoping to be part of it in the future, keep the good work!
Congratulations :tada: … this will be epic

Interesting idea . Hope you best

I like your project!! Congrats

hey sir :pray: please vote us in NFT hackathon category thx a lot

Creative idea and ambitious vision!

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Congratulations to the dev team , good project :wave:

We like this idea, very appealing also the interface

Interesting questions to know more about the project!! :+1:

Sounds amazing.Can’t wait.

Very interesting post. Thank you very much

Very cool idea, looking forward to trying this…