Multiplace & mNFTs - Next-Gen Marketplace for mNFTs (multi NFTs)

Project Name: Multiplace & mNFTs - Next-Gen Marketplace for mNFTs (multi NFTs)

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: Multi

Team Member(s): @klappetron

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Pitch Deck: multiplace.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Project Goal:

Previously, there have been two dominant standards for NFTs, TRC721 and TRC1155. In this project, we represent a new standard (TRC721m) that we believe could be the dominant one for the next-generation of NFTs which we call Multi-NFTs, or mNFTs. With this new kind of NFT, we also realized that we needed to created a marketplace with native TRC721m support. The goal for this project is to create:

  1. A new token standard for Multi NFTs (TRC721m)
  2. A marketplace for trading and viewing mNFTs
  3. Some mNFT test collections (Wojaks By Price and WhaleFish)

Project Info & Details:


NFTs as we know them today only holds a link to one image per NFT. There is currently no way to create NFTs that hold multiple images in one token. In the future, we believe that people will want to have NFTs that can change image as a reaction to external factors.

We give you three examples:

  1. You create a NFT collection, where you want to encourage people to hold the NFT instead of just trading it for profit. With mNFTs you can create them in a way so that the NFT changes depending on how long it hasn’t been sold. So if someone has only held it in 1 day, the NFT shows the level 1 image, and for every day the NFTs has not been sold, it get’s leveled up and thereby gets more rare.


We represent:

  1. TRC721m, the Standard for Multi Non-Fungible Tokens (mNFTs)
  2. Multiplace, the marketplace for Multi-NFTs
  3. Some mNFT test collections that you can check out


Github link to an example TRC721m implementation:

Multiplace - The Next-Generation NFT Marketplace for mNFTs

Multiplace is a mNFT marketplace. What is to normal NFTs, Multiplace want to be for Multi-NFTs. We thereby introduce, a marketplace with native support for mNFTs.

Test Collections (Wojaks By Price, WhaleFish and Plants)

We have done two test collections, to show you examples of what’s possible with mNFTs.

Wojaks By Price

A collection of Wojaks and Wojak derivatives representing the mood after a price change. If the price hasn’t changed much, Wojak is neutral. If it’s down much, Wojak is mad. If it’s up then Wojak is happy. Every NFT represent a different asset, which is shown in the images and metadata.
This Wojak tracks the TRX price (from decentralized WinkLink price feeds) and changes image depending on the price change. You can create Wojaks that tracks whatever asset you like, such as ETH and BTC.

These are the exact rules for the Wojaks By Price collection (with TRX as the asset):

Price Change Result
$TRX change is +2.5% or more -> Enjoying Wojak
$TRX change is between 1% and 2.5% -> Happy Wojak
$TRX change is between 1% and -1% -> Neutral Wojak
$TRX change is between -1% and -2.5% -> Withered Wojak
$TRX change is between -2.5% or more -> Deranged Wojak

This is how the NFT looks after a +3.9% day:

This is how the NFT looks after a -2.7% day:

Keep in mind that this is the same NFT in both images, just that the images are different depending on the price of TRX! You can follow this exact NFT and see which version it is showing right now at [Multiplace] . You can also view at but since Ape doesn’t support mNFTs natively, it’s not sure that it will show you the correct image.


As a proof of concept, we also did a collection called “WhaleFish”, which is a collection of mNFTs that changes depending on the balance of their owner. If the owner owns more than 1000 TRX then they are a Whale, else they are a Fish. You can find this collection at , and here is a sneak peek:

Ideas for mNFTs

  • mNFTs that change depending on how long they have been held. Maybe you want a project where your holders get the most benefits? With mNFTs you can design them in a way so that they evolve depending on how long they have been held.

  • A collection that have images that depend on the time of the day. If you are in the morning, maybe the background of your PFP should have a sun rising? And if it’s night, the NFT could go into dark mode.

And countless other examples! Let us know down below if you have ideas for an mNFT collection. As long as you want a collection where the NFT can alternate between different images, mNFTs are perfect.

Project Milestones

  1. Keep working on the collection that you can see on the home page with the comment “coming soon”. These projects are

    • Plants
    • Darkmode PFPs
    • Timestamps.

  2. Multiplace currently only supports Tron Mainnet and the Nile Testnet, but we want to support the Shasta Testnet aswell.

  3. Make a Creation and Minting page, where users can come up with mNFTs collection without having to code, similar to how apenft have done it one their side for normal NFTs.

Deployed Contracts




Closing Thoughs

  • Be sure to watch the submission video for a walkthrough of the application!
  • if you have any questions, ask them here and I will answer!

Hmm… This is interesting. I really like this idea:

mNFTs that change depending on how long they have been held. Maybe you want a project where your holders get the most benefits? With mNFTs you can design them in a way so that they evolve depending on how long they have been held.

So you are saying I can do a collection where the image gets “leveled up” if the person holds it instead of selling it. This is great since often people just pump and dump NFTs, with this you could incentivize the community to hold them. Am I understanding correctly?


A good idea, but let’s say that this is not available for display in Inventory TronScan, ApeNFT and other marketplaces. How will this issue be resolved? Or will it be exclusively on your marketplace? Will adding a new standard be problematic? what difficulties can arise?

And the next question. Is adding conditions to a collection limited or does it have limitless possibilities? How will this be implemented specifically? How will the functions for tracking from other resources be implemented?

  1. Since TRC721m is compatible with TRC721, TRC721m already (kinda) works on TronScan, ApeNFT etc. The issue is that these marketplace don’t refresh the metadata everytime you visit, so in the case of the Wojak By Price collection, you will still be able to trade and view it on ApeNFT, but if you don’t refresh the metadata then it will often show an old image.

  2. I would say there are almost limitless possibilities actually, since solidity is a turing complete language. It’s implemented in a way that the same URI function that is called for TRC721 is called, but in our case this is where everything special comes in, because now you can check the current state against arbitrary conditions (condition you set up when creating the collection). The limit is of course, how do we get real world data on-chain? That is solved via Oracles, and what we use for the Wojak collection is the price feeds from . Chainlink is currently not supported on tron, but if tron were to get chainlink support the tons of more opportunities would arise. For example, if we somehow got sport data onto Tron then I could see tons of more mNFT possibilities


That’s exactly right! You can definitely make mNFT that levels up for every day you hold them, in fact that is what we are thinking of doing for our next test collection.


I understand this is a very raw version of the project. How soon can I create my collection and try it out? :slightly_smiling_face:

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In theory you can take a look at the code for the wojak by price example here: or whalefish here: and start thinking about how you could design a collection, but as you said this a very raw version so it will probably take a while until we start accepting external collections on the marketplace :slight_smile:

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I like it. Lmao I f*cking love wojak memes, I just “bought” the ETH doomer for 0 TRX lol. Here is the transaction hash: e2b51e0e0a8a4a069d804db3f74e0b8c9000b5aba3a4abb3c99e3d86a229a607 . So this Doomer will just change mood depending on the ETH price? I can now check the mood of my doomer instead of the charts to know the price Lol


nice one haha. keep in mind that these are only test collections, do not expect them to be valuable or anything :slight_smile: and ye that eth doomer will change mood when the ethereum price chnages :slight_smile:


Of course, excited to see what you will do in the future This is a good start

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Thanks, glad you like it! Do you have any ideas for a collection? :slight_smile:


Awesome and as you can see on our website, we’re already working on a dark mode PFP collection

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Interesting, a little like “dynamic NFTs” that people do with on-chain rendering svgs with chainlink but not really. Probably this is better

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Yeah dynamic NFTs are good if you just wanna change some of the metadata and when your image needs to be an SVG. With Multi-NFTs you can change everything, not just the metadata and your image can be in whatever format you want (SVG, PNG, JPEG etc)


EDIT: Just added link to the contracts on tronscan!

I just checked, you don’t seem to have a social media handle yet, I love your project and would love to support, how do I get in touch?

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Wow, the idea is truly amazing and if you can pull this off it would spark a revolution in the NFT space and this standard could be the future.

The evolving NFT’s idea is 10/10 and so many projects could utilize it (also us), and finally people would start holding onto the gems!

We wish you good luck and hopefully you make this happen & suceed so everyone could create their own mNFT collection, on any marketplace.



Huge thanks for the kind words, yes I think that this greatly expands the opportunities for NFT collections. We’ll see where the future takes us!


When I watched your video, I understood it completely, nice concept. Good luck


Awesome man, glad you liked it. Thanks!