Fuzzy Ocean (Multi-Chain NFT Platform)

Fuzzy Ocean - A Multi Chain NFT platform with solid LaunchPad support for starting projects.

Project Name: Fuzzy Ocean
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Fuzzy Ocean
Team Member(s): 12
DevPost URL: Devpost link
Project Goal: We want to be a one stop shop for NFT projects on a growing amount of blockchains, starting with TRON, BSC, POLYGON and ETHEREUM
Project Info: We start Centralized but by giving out dividend generating tokens to users to the platform, we want to gradually grow into a platform owned and managed by the community by giving token holders with a minimum amount of tokens the right to be part of Fuzzy Ocean DAO
Project Website: FuzzyOcean.com open Beta in: https://marketplace.fuzzyocean.com/
Discord Channel: FuzzyOcean
Project Test Instructions: Just buy an NFT to try it out :slight_smile: open Beta in: https://marketplace.fuzzyocean.com/
Project Details: We are building a solid NFT marketplace first, we will connect it with Fuzzy Ocean gallery in the Metaverse to showcase top projects and to give visibility to LaunchPad projects.
Also we will be offering a lot of extra services for launchpad projects to help them get exposure and visibility.

The high level Tokenomics are described here:

The total supply is 1,250,000,000. The team, partner and investor share is distributed over a period of 10 years and the price for Pre-sales is $ 0.01.

Project Milestones: Our provisional roadmap:

Impression from the Alpha trial :

The Presale has started

Some video impressions of the usage of the platform:
Connection to TronLink

Creating a collection and make an NFT

Buy an NFT

What is next?
We have just agreed on a Strategic Cooperation with TuruGlobal to be using the TuruVerse to showcase the projects that are:

  • Verified projects
  • Using our upcoming Launchpad

We will have a Fuzzy Ocean merchandise store in the TuruVerse and we will have a Fuzzy Ocean Gallerie. Also there will be a chance to use the stage for announcements and live AMA’s in the future.

DAO Structure
Fuzzy Ocean will in time transform into a DAO, where all $fuzzy token holders with a minimum amount of $Fuzzy tokens become a DAO member. There will be a group of DAO coordinators, which consists of Fuzzy Ocean partners… First announced DAO coordinators:


This is a great looking RoadMap


Thanks Slaggy. We like your avatar. Is that an NFT?


Hey… congrats for the participation… I’d like to be more clear … so the idea is to have a metaverse (themed) multi-chain marketplace with Launchpad support to new projects…am I right…?


No, the idea is to have a multi-chain NFT market place, that has a section in a Metaverse where we will have a gallery to show the NFT’s listed on the marketplace and the NFT’s using our launchpad and we will have a Webshop in the Metaverse which will give you the possibility to buy Merchandise from projects in our Launchpad.
We are still exploring which MetaVerse to use for the Fuzzy Ocean section.


Una hoja de ruta muy completa, con grandes expectativas en el mundo del NFT.


Will this support all the Tron NFT’s?


Yes, when we launch the Marketplace, we will have Tron as part of the supported blockchains.

The launchpad will come a bit later as per our roadmap, but we would be ready to list any existing projects and looking for cooperation to get joined visibility.

The proposition is a win-win here, as Tron NFT projects listed will have visibility outside of Tron community as well, as we host ETH, MATIC and BSC as well, while we will get more exposure within TRON.

We already have agreement with Polygon and Ethereum projects to be listed on Fuzzy Ocean and would be interested for Tron projects to reach out as well.


Thanks for clarifying… well I have some questions:

  1. How Fuzzy Ocean get benefit from listing NFT projects…?

  2. What will be the benefits to the projects for listing on ur NFT Marketplace…?

  3. Will there be any criteria, fees for listing a project on Marketplace…?


Thanks for the interest and the questions,

  1. The more NFT projects list, the more revenue is generated through fees and with that the more the people holding the Fuzzy Ocean tokens will earn. The team managing the platform have a token allocation and therefore are looking for high volume. The more projects, the more chance of high volume
  2. The projects listing on Fuzzy Ocean will earn FO tokens for every sale made in case they are the seller (Launchpad) or it is another marketplace to get to customer to earn their income on royalty fees from secondary sales.
  3. Normal listing on the marketplace is free of charge. Using the launchpad will have a fee and we will do a due diligence on the projects using the marketplace to minimize the chance of rug pulls and to rule out copy paste projects.

Very interesting concept looking forward to a multichain nft platform on tron keeping a close eye on you guys ! Best of luck !


Amazing project, can’t wait to see your marketplace. I will keep my eyes on you :handshake::muscle:


Hi @Fuzzy-Ocean :wave:

I wanted to ask few questions:

  1. How will your platform compete with other nft marketplaces that are focusing on one blockchain? Will you put the accent on the marketing, will you develop some new functionalities,…?

  2. Are you going to expand to BTTC, which is an EVM chain? Projects built on BTTC are also eligible for this hackathon. So might even be better to build there first since Bittorrent Chain is “greener”.

  3. Will your token be multichain and bridged? (If you need a DEX and bridge you can contact me).

  4. Since your plateforme will be multichain, are you considering building an NFT bridge so people could send their nft’s from Tron to BTTC for instance? Is that a plan for the future?

Cheers :beers:


Awesome looking and thought out plan!


Yes it is and it generates $ plus the art is fantastic, it is a BabyTuru :heart_eyes:. Plus it is a baseball one!!! Thank you for asking looking forward to the progress of Fuzzy Ocean, looking super cool.


Hi Fabs,

Thanks for the questions. Let us answer them one by one:

  1. The fact that in the end we want to be an Ultra Multi Chain NFT marketplace is both our strength and our weakness. The strength is that we can relate to a bigger audience, but the weakness is that we need to do the effort to engage with more communities to try to win them over.
    We will do both.
  • We put a lot of effort on the marketing and one of the purposes of participating in the Hackathon is to get exposure in the Tron Community at first. Our Alpha trial is running already and the closed Beta trial is planned for October. Where we test Tron first, then BSC, MATIC and ETH combined as they run on the same engine and when both tests are succesful we will test the 4 chains combined before an official go-live.
  • We try to attract projects to our Launchpad by offering a lot of add on services like a corner in our Gallery in the Metaverse. More details will follow later.
  1. It is not in our first priority as we are already almost done with the 4 chains mentioned before. We don’t have BTTC in our roadmap yet, where we have other chains like Solana and Cardano planned first. We are looking for chains with real users and volume first and will wait for BTTC to mature a little bit more.

  2. Yes our token will be multichain and bridged and for that we might reach out. Users of our platform will receive monthly airdrops of our token in the chain they used based on the amount of fees they generated (both for buyers and sellers). These tokens will be stakeable on one of the chains at first (hence the need for the bridge) and a significant part of the revenue generated will be shared with the individuals who have staked the tokens.

  3. An NFT bridge in our view is like the golden grail and it is in our mind, but not yet concrete in our roadmap. First we want to set up a wide range of chains as that will be one of our USPs (Unique Selling Points) We want to offer a choice to artists which blockchain to use without them needing to visit three different marketplaces and for the community we want to offer one marketplace where all blockchains are available.

Have a nice weekend. Cheers :beers:


Thanks Slaggy we will reach out to BabyTuru and check if they want to be listed on our platform when we go live.


:eyes: you can always reach out to us…


We have been doing some checking around of community driven solid NFT projects on TRON which we will get in touch with to list them on our platform at launch:
BabyTuru @TuruGlobal
Tronbies @LineHammett
Cubies @SuperJack
Tron Ninjas @TronNinjas
TronBearies @??
TRex @Trexpunk
VersacBrickSquad @TuruGlobal

We will reach out to these projects in the near future. If there any other Tron NFT projects with a solid community we missed, please reach out to us here.


We have updated our submission with the Roadmap in our House style:

And an impression from our ongoing Alpha test: