Tronbies - Bringing forth a new era and sustainability to our ecosystem!

Tronbies - Bringing forth a new era and sustainability to our ecosystem!

Project Name: Tronbies

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: Tronbies

Team Member(s): 3

DevPost URL: Tronbies | Devpost

Project Repo/Website: Website - NFT contract - $TBT token contract


We have been inspired from the beginning to help grow and add to the NFT space on the Tron network. We believe that Tron users have yet to experience the full potential that Tron has to offer with its large number of active users.

Tronbies came to life on our old NFT contract in October 2021, being the first original 10k NFT collection on Tron!
They are post-apocalyptic space creatures from Planet Tronbie. Their traits and attributes are inspired by pop culture, sci-fi, horror movies, and video games. Tronbies are fun loving creatures. The creators love to sprinkle their brand and way of doing things with a pinch of humor.

Our Goal is to sustain our ecosystem with continuous flow and include our community every step of the way and make this project impactful for everyone.

What it does:

The uniqueness of this NFT contract is that we have deployed an oracle within it that makes it impossible to cheat with the minting variables. This is a big improvement on existing models.

Now that we have our NFT contract and minting site operational we can begin our Buy Back and Burns. At the moment our ecosystem offers a token $TBT, and an NFT contract that interact with each other.

Our Tronbies Token($TBT) will be used as an option to mint NFTs on our minting site in addition to TRX. You can use $TBT to mint at a discounted price and our contract picks up the current exchange rate through the JustMoney swap router.
This means that we will be using 50% of our minting profits to buy back $TBT supply and also add to our liquidity pool. The bigger percentage of that portion will be sent to the Tron burn address to eliminate that portion of supply and forever take it out of existence which will cause positive price action for our token.

We also have a referral function in our new contract, allowing approved referrers to earn referral fees once their referrals have completed minting. Referral fees will be paid out in $TBT or $TRX. The referral payout is automated in our contract.

We have integrated a one-click user-friendly UI for the NFT migration from our old contract to our new one. It’s very comprehensive and efficient and will make the NFT migration a simple process.

Our website and design reflect the mood and style of the Tronbies NFT, their creators, and our awesome community. It’s clean and intuitive, making it very easy for the user to navigate through all its functions.

To summarize our new NFT contract and its functions:

  • NFT migration

  • Minting with $TBT and TRX

  • Future NFT staking

  • Buy and sell through our upcoming marketplace

  • Referral program

  • Interaction with our native token, $TBT

  • We’ve added image links to each metadata json, so that the NFTs will be visible in TronLink wallet or any other dApps that use the tokenURI to get all the NFT’s data.

All these features and functions will bring value to our users. The interaction with these contracts will also bring understanding of the possibilities of blockchain and will increase user crypto knowledge. They will then be a branch to others to bring forth crypto adoption.

How we built it:

Our NFT collection consists of around 200 hand drawn files, each one a trait/attribute. These are randomized with an algorithm that made the parameters of each and every NFT in the collection unique. This is called NFT generative art.

Our computerized transaction protocol for the NFT and token contract were written and built with the object-oriented, high level language, Solidity, running on the latest version, v0. 0.8.6

Video introduction:

Challenges we ran into:

We ran into small flaws in the technical aspect of integrating the smart contract to our UI.

We had to test it a few times to make it operational. We also had a few challenges in deciding functions that were going to be added to our contract. After careful deliberation we found the best solutions that would meet our future needs.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

We are proud of our amazing community for all the support they have given us. They have been there contributing every step of the way with love, belief, ideas, and helping spreading the Tronbies way! Everything we have built and will build is in consideration of our Tronbies family, THE HORDE :raised_hands:

What we learned:

We learned a lot on the technical side of things, like how blockchain engineering and integration works as well as computerized transaction protocols.

We have also learned that most things considering blockchain technology and smart contracts take longer to develop than most would assume.

We have a new found respect for the development territory now that we have experienced the technical development phase. It takes tremendous work, dedicated time, and the ability to handle pressure.

We have also learned that community building and encouragement in “bear markets” is essential. It’s just as important for us developers as it is for the communities. Community engagement through those times have kept us vibrant and excited about releasing products and milestones that our community is excited about and look forward to!

Their expectations are high and we take that as an honor that they look at our team and project in such a regard. That makes us feel that we are a project that can keep the machine going.

Thanks All.

What’s next for Tronbies NFT:

  • Scaling our Marketplace

  • NFT Staking

  • Token Staking

  • Gamefi

  • Metaverse

  • Listings and Parnerships



NFT contract

$TBT token contract



Screenshots of our new UI and website design

Migration site to migrate the NFTs on the old contract to the new NFT contract.

New minting site

Our new “My NFTs” site, where you can see the Tronbies in your wallet.


Congrats Team Website looks very cool. Looking forward to marketplace.

Good Luck


Nice to see Tronbies participating :partying_face: The project looks very promising :beers:


I am so beyond excited for tronbies!! Our neighbors, you guys are work horses!! Keep up the amazing work I’m so excited for the future of tronbies


Very cool, I love being able to use some tbt mint. Just minted three more.


I absolutely love what the Tronbie team is bringing to the Tron Ecosystem.
I can’t waot to see where we All end up.


project looks very promising :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Let’s go Tronbies! You are doing an amazing job already, and we are looking forward to your next steps!
Cant wait for the Marketplace, we cross fingers :heart::clap:


Really a nice project…


Thank you so much, Jack! That means a lot coming from a fellow Tron NFT colleague such as yourself :slight_smile: Tronbies loves Cubie!


Oops, I accidentally managed to delete my reply, but yes!! We made the final call! :partying_face: Thanks a lot :pray:


@Gbanik773 Thank you so much, dear neighbor!! We are also beyond excited! :smiley:

@Santa That is so amazing, Santa! Thank you for sharing a screenshot, you definitely caught a cool one right there! :sunglasses:

@ThatGuy1989 Thank you so much, Bruce! We are also looking forward to see where our journey will go, but one this is for sure; it will be a great adventure! So many great plans for the future of Tronbies, and now with our new contracts we will be able to shape our world the way we want to and continue building on Tron! :raised_hands:

@yenghuan07 Thank you! We’ve been working very hard and we will continue to do so! :slight_smile: It feels great to have upgraded our system to be able to shape the future of Tronbies even more :pray:

@CoinMarketLeague Thank you so much! And extra thanks for all the support you’ve been showing Tronbies over the past months :smiley: We are extremely grateful!


Its an adventure that I have booked my ticket for

You and the Entire Trobie team really are awesome.

The level of dedication from you and the team is clear in every detail of the project.

Keep up the awesome work
We are on our way to Planet Trobie


Tronbies is one of my favorite project in tron blockchain,
A great team is working behind 24/7.
Wish you good luck all team.

#TBT #Tron #Tronbie #TronStrong


Very friendly community, if you don’t try it. You will regret later :slight_smile:

“If you don’t try something, you’ll never know if it was worth it”

Welcome warm all on Telegram on group chat. Don’t wait :love_you_gesture:


Wow, It’s Great to see Team Tronbies Participating. A very promising project and the website looks really cool as well. All the very best :tada:


Fantastic site guys. Love it. Your hard work has paid off.


Tronbies never stops moving forward! Congrats on the entry into the hackathon! So excited for the future :star_struck::open_hands:


Love you all, the team tronbies is just a great project on tron! Probably one of the best in my opinion! Love how dedicated they are as a team! They never stop and just keep on growing. Just like a real zombie horde this project will take over the world and infect you all with the tronbie vibes. Love you guys stay building and stay taking risk everyday, without risk there is no reward!


Great project and great team