TronBearyClub - NFT collection + GameFi by NewEra lab

Project Name: TronBearyClub
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: NewEra lab
Team Member(s): 11
DevPost URL:
Project Goal: Our goal is to create a cool fan project with a large community
Project Website:
Project Milestones: GameFi featuring TronBeary

Project Info:


This cute bear has been the mascot of the TRON blockchain since 2018. From the first days it appeared, TronBeary has made many users fall in love with itself. But over time, everyone began to forget about him.

Our team decided to fix this and decided to remind everyone who TronBeary is!

We started the project from scratch. We have created a 2D collection of 10000 NFT. The community was happy about this and supported the project. More than 3,500 NFT were sold and distributed.

To date, we have 3,500 participants on Twitter and the same number in telegram. We have received many offers of cooperation with various projects on the TRON blockchain.

From that moment everything changed! We have increased the team, now we have:

3 modellers, 1 rigger, 2 animators, 2 cg artists, 2 UE 4-5 devs, 1 Unity dev. We have become much stronger. Our ambitions have increased.

Now we are launching a 3D collection. It will have 5555 NFT with consecutive drops from 500 to 1000 NFT on different topics.

We decided to apply for the third season of the hackathon as the main goal is to create a game with the participation of TronBeary. And this requires a lot of time, resources and efforts of our team. And we hope for your support.

Thanks to the TRON DAO community and hackathon, we will be able to achieve all our goals.


i remember TRON bears from Justin Suns tweets, very cool project, looking forward to this!


wow! it looks very cool

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Like the looks of the bears

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:fire:MINTING TronBeary :fire:

What’s that ?? Minting tronbeary

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You can mint your own TronBeary NFT

Cool images. Love it :heart_eyes:

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Wow, this look so cool… it nice