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Project Name : TronDevGPT

Project Track : AI

Team Name : TronNinjas

Team Member(s) : @Tronninjas (Mo) @Stian @TMMS

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Presentation TronDevGPT

Project Test Instructions : TronDevGPT is live now. Users can head to our project website and input their queries related to the Tron blockchain. Please note, our current model has been trained on a limited dataset, so continuous feedback will help enhance its capabilities.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken monumental strides, evolving from a futuristic concept into an everyday tool that profoundly impacts various sectors of our lives. The integration of AI into industries, from healthcare to finance and entertainment, has enabled unparalleled efficiencies and provided solutions to complex challenges. Users have benefited - from personalized content recommendations to sophisticated predictive analytics, AI enhances user experience and decision-making processes.

However, as the saying goes, “one size does not fit all.” The general nature of many AI models, including advanced ones like ChatGPT, means they are designed to cater to a broad range of tasks. Such expansive scope can sometimes lead to responses that are not as precise as one might desire. Herein lies the limitation: while these models possess vast knowledge and capabilities, they might not always be the best fit for specialized tasks or domain-specific queries.

The remedy? Domain-specific training. By tailoring an AI model to a particular sector or field, we can achieve much finer granularity in the responses and a deeper understanding of specialized topics. Such an approach harnesses the power of AI but focuses it like a laser, providing users with highly relevant and accurate information.

Project Goal : Our primary objective with TronDevGPT is to bridge the gap between generic AI capabilities and the nuanced demands of blockchain developers, especially those operating in the Tron ecosystem. While AI has made commendable advancements, there remains a disconnect when catering to the specific needs of niche sectors like blockchain development. TronDevGPT is our solution to this challenge - a domain-specific AI model using ChatGPT at its core designed to provide developers with accurate, context-aware, and actionable answers to their Tron-related queries.

By focusing on domain-specific training, we’re aiming to make TronDevGPT the go-to resource for both veteran and novice Tron developers, streamlining their development processes and fostering innovation within the Tron network.

Looking to the future, we recognize the widespread popularity and adaptability of models like ChatGPT. Therefore, we envision not just limiting TronDevGPT to a standalone platform but expanding its reach by developing a ChatGPT plugin in the future. This plugin would seamlessly integrate TronDevGPT’s capabilities within the ChatGPT ecosystem, allowing a broader user base to tap into our specialized knowledgebase. By doing so, we aim to provide access to domain-specific knowledge, making the blockchain development process more accessible and efficient for all.

Project Value :

Empowerment of Developers : TronDevGPT, with its domain-specific knowledge, acts as a catalyst in the hands of developers. By offering precise and contextually relevant answers about the Tron blockchain, it significantly reduces the time and effort developers spend searching for solutions, allowing them to focus more on innovation and actual development.

Enhanced Accuracy & Relevance : One of the fundamental challenges with broad-spectrum AI tools is the potential dilution of domain specificity. With TronDevGPT, we’re integrating domain-centric data, ensuring that the information offered is not just accurate but also highly pertinent to the Tron ecosystem.

Future-Proofing Development : The world of blockchain is ever-evolving. By concentrating on domain-specific training, we ensure that our AI model remains adaptable and can be continually updated with the latest developments, trends, and challenges specific to the Tron network.

Integration with Established AI Frameworks : Our vision for a future ChatGPT plugin underlines our commitment to maximizing accessibility and ease of use. By integrating TronDevGPT within widely-used platforms, we’re ensuring that developers have instant access to specialized knowledge, right where they need it.

Blockchain Development : By providing a free, accessible, and continually updated tool tailored for the Tron network, we’re aiming to level the playing field. This means that even newcomers to the blockchain world can dive in with confidence, having a reliable AI assistant to guide them through the intricacies of Tron development.

Sustainable Growth : In the ever-growing realm of blockchain, having a dedicated AI tool like TronDevGPT supports not just individual developers but also fosters a collective growth environment. As more developers find solutions and create innovations on the Tron network, the entire ecosystem benefits, making Tron more robust, versatile, and user-friendly.

Project Details :

TronDevGPT, built atop of “ChatGPT”, TronDevGPT is enhanced and trained with domain-specific knowledge, benefiting from actual production code samples from the TronNinjas team. With AI’s generic nature, the answers can sometimes be non-specific. However, our Tron-specific model narrows down responses, yielding better accuracy. This is crucial since generic models like “ChatGPT” may sometimes produce AI “hallucinations” or inaccurate responses, especially when queries are domain-specific.

For example here we asked ChatGPT

How can I estimate the bandwidth cost of a Tron transaction?

It’s answer was helpful, however it was incorrect.

When asking TronDevGPT the same question it was able to provide more details about how to estimate the costs.

Project Details :

Foundational Concept : TronDevGPT is conceived from the idea of merging the extensive capabilities of ChatGPT with the intricacies of the Tron blockchain. Recognizing the challenges developers face in sourcing accurate and specific solutions for blockchain development, we sought to create an AI-powered tool tailored to the Tron ecosystem’s nuances.

Early Stage Nature : It’s essential to understand that the current version of TronDevGPT is in its early stages. While it is equipped with foundational knowledge and real production code samples from the Tron environment, its database and capabilities will continue to evolve. As with any innovative tool, we expect to iterate based on feedback, new information, and changing demands within the Tron development sphere. We will also continue to load our own data and code samples into it. We have only managed a small percent of our code repos to date.

Expansion Plans : Our vision for TronDevGPT is not static. We plan to continually refine and expand its knowledge base. One of the primary avenues for this expansion is the integration of data from our own code repositories. These repositories contain a wealth of information, code snippets, solutions, and best practices accumulated from our hands-on experience with Tron development. By injecting this firsthand knowledge into TronDevGPT, we aim to enhance its specificity, making the tool even more valuable to developers.

Harnessing Real Production Code : A standout feature of TronDevGPT is its training using actual production code samples. This ensures that the responses it provides aren’t just theoretically sound but are rooted in real-world application, offering developers actionable insights and solutions they can trust.

Future Proofing : The world of blockchain and AI is dynamic, with new developments and challenges emerging regularly. We are committed to keeping TronDevGPT at the cutting edge. Our continuous data integration strategy, especially from our code repositories, ensures that the model remains updated and remains a reliable resource for developers, regardless of how the landscape evolves.

Project Milestones :

  1. Initial Phase : Launch of TronDevGPT with a basic subset of Tron specific data.
  2. Ongoing Phase : As we gather more data and feedback, continuous training of the model will be done for refined and comprehensive answers.
  3. Future Phase : Aim to offer TronDevGPT as a free service to the Tron community, enhancing its data repositories and possibly expanding the model to other domains.

This is a great development Mo! I’ll dig into it soon to provide feedback :smiley:


Wow what a great idea, really looking forward to this rolling out and helping future developers work on TRON. Thanks for your innovation in this space.


It is already live and can be tested at TronDev GPT your friendly neighborhood AI.


Thank you its something we have been working on for some time. Our code repo has grown significantly since we started and we wanted to share this knowledge in a meaningful way. It’s still very early we have a lot of data to sanitize and prepare, which we are working on.


Great idea & project! Especially for beginners its really good to answer the basic questions which one would usually put in discord or telegram. So if people ask a few basic TRON related questions one can just link to your project page

But one idea for improvement:
The Button on the main page does not link to the chat page. Would be good to have it there and maybe even a few more links on the main page to the chat. Right its only accessible through the navbar. I would also change the order of the navbae to “Home”/“TronDev”/“About” instead of “Home”/“About”/“TronDev” so that there is more focus on the chat.

Great work! Its one book mark more for me!


Thank you for checking out our project. It’s early days and we still have a lot of data to load, so there may still be some AI hallucinations. Thank you for interacting with it, it will help us to better train the model.

As far as your feedback and suggestions. You are 100% correct on that. The site has now been updated. to reflect the changes.

Once again thank you for your support.


Kudos to you guys for always building and bringing solutions to the Tron ecosystem
Wishing you guys all the best


Welcome to Season 5, interesting to read through your offering and to see this in the AI track.
Your project, TronDevGPT, sounds ambitious and forward-thinking, integrating blockchain and AI for the Tron community, the commitment to staying at the cutting edge through continuous data integration and training is crucial in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and AI.
Launching TronDevGPT with a basic subset of Tron specific data is a smart approach to initiate the project and demonstrate its potential to the community. I’ve a question;

How are you planning to address potential biases in the data that could affect the model’s responses?


i used it . thanks for this app very helpful!!! :pray::pray:

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Just used it and all i can say is good job done.
I asked a question on how to create a project on tron and the answer it gave me shows i can build my own project next season.

Thank you @TronNinjas and @Stian.

I hope you get a hat trick this season

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wow, 3 projects this season :fire::fire::fire:

Wishing you all the best


Hello thank you for your interest in our project. We are using OpenAI’s language model then fine tuning it with our own data, the data is factual and solutions to Tron blockchain programming questions, any bias added by us will solely be down to programming style and preference.


Thank you for providing more context regarding the data and fine-tuning process for TronDevGPT. Leveraging OpenAI’s language model and fine-tuning it with factual Tron blockchain programming solutions ensures a solid foundation for the project.

Diverse data is key for a robust model. Are there plans to include a wide range of Tron-related topics and use cases to make the responses more comprehensive and applicable to various scenarios?

It’s great to hear that any bias introduced will be related to programming style and preference. How do you plan to ensure transparency about these biases to maintain user trust and understanding of the model’s responses?

There are currently no plans to expand the data past programming examples and questions. I am not sure I understand your question, there is little risk of any programming bias affecting anyone in a negative way, the code and scenarios come from our own production code and experience working on Tron blockchain products. We will in time expand this to reach a more diverse set of examples.

Thank you for your questions.

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Great entry point and good luck.

How do you address privacy issues. Because for AI, it not only threatens ordinary job opportunities, also replaces thinking at a deeper level, giving AI service providers the incentive to collect user data and predict user activities in the next hour or week through big data analysis.

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So exciting… great project…:+1:

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Wow ! Team TronNinjas keeps making it way simpler for everyone to build+earn on TRON ! :clap: This is not just great assistance to all the builders developing on Tron, but also a superb guidance for all the new developers on Tron ! :raised_hands: This is the Ninja way ! :ninja:

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I think this is a great idea and will turn out to be a really useful tool in the future…:+1::100::sunglasses:

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Greetings @TronNinjas ! Your project seems to have all the details. Thank you! *beep boop