TronAssistant | AI companion for developers on Tron

Project Name: TronAssistant

Project Track: [AI]

Team Name: builders

Team Member(s): Harsha

HackerEarth Project Link: harshagogia11_c2ab - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: TronAssistant aspires to become the indispensable companion for developers navigating the complexities of the Tron blockchain. Our core objective is to empower developers, whether they are seasoned professionals or just embarking on their blockchain journey, with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. By offering a chatbot that harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT, we aim to:

  1. Simplify Tron Development: We want to simplify the development process within the Tron ecosystem. TronAssistant is designed to be the guiding light that helps developers overcome obstacles, find solutions, and make informed decisions effortlessly.
  2. Bridge the Knowledge Gap: The blockchain world can be daunting, especially for newcomers. TronAssistant is here to bridge the gap between generic AI capabilities and the nuanced demands of Tron development, making blockchain more accessible to all.
  3. Foster Innovation: By providing developers with a comprehensive, context-aware knowledge base, we hope to stimulate innovation within the Tron network. We want developers to focus on building innovative solutions instead of spending hours searching for answers.

Project Value: Integrating TronAssistant with blockchain technology brings a multitude of advantages:

  1. Efficiency Boost: Developers can access information swiftly and accurately, saving time and resources. This efficiency can lead to faster project development and deployment.
  2. Reduced Learning Curve: Newcomers to the Tron ecosystem can accelerate their learning curve. TronAssistant provides answers and guidance in a user-friendly manner, lowering the barrier to entry for developers.
  3. Quality Assurance: Developers can rely on TronAssistant for up-to-date, accurate, and verified information from official documentation sources. This ensures the quality of their work and reduces errors.
  4. Innovation Catalyst: By streamlining the development process and offering insights into best practices, TronAssistant acts as a catalyst for innovation within the Tron blockchain. Developers can focus on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Project Info:
Tron Assistant.pdf (229.2 KB)

Project Website:
Tron Assistant Extension Build - Google Drive contains the build for chrome extension. The chrome extension has been submitted for review for chrome webstore, but it will take time to get reviewed and to get publish. Till then, you can import the extension build on your browser.
Will update the chrome webstore link for the extension once its live.

Project Test Instructions: I have shared the drive link for the chrome extension build, since the extension will take to get reviewed and get published on the chrome webstore for public use.

Till then to try out the project, you can do the following:

  • go to chrome://extensions and turn on developer mode
  • load the given build folder
  • visit any website and click on the tron like icon from extensions

Project Details: Tron Assistant on Vimeo

Project Milestones:

  1. Fine-tune gpt-3.5 for Tron related queries - Done
  2. Build a embeddable chat widget for developer documentation for Tron - Done
  3. Load Tron’s developer documentation - Ongoing
  4. Release a publicly available SDK for embedding the Chat Assistant for dapps in the ecosystem - Ongoing

Your project sounds familiar but nonetheless I see your primary aim is; simplifying Tron blockchain development by providing an AI assistant for developers. You did mention chrome extension and I can only help but wonder, do you plan expanding beyond Chrome extension to other platforms or integrations?


Your project, TronAssistant, sounds very promising. I am particularly interested in the use of a ChatGPT-powered chatbot to help developers navigate the complexities of the Tron blockchain.
This is a very innovative approach, and it has the potential to make Tron development more accessible to a wider range of people.


No, as mentioned in the upcoming milestones, we aim to release a chat bot SDK, which can be integrated by any dapp on their website.
So basically we have two types on clients for user.

  1. A chrome extension which will be a central resource having knowledge from tron’s development docs as well as documents from other dapps as well if they want to add.
  2. A chat base widget, which we will trained on knowledge from some particular dapp, and the widget will be integrated only on their website using our SDK

Welcome to Hackatron S5
Good luck

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I’d like to have on on my phone for real

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5, wishing you all the best

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Ok, having Chrome extension, chat-based widget, along with plans for an SDK to be integrated by dapps, sounds like a comprehensive approach. I’m concerned about updates and/or upgrades at this point, how would you ensure that the information and knowledge presented by the chat-based widget remain up-to-date, especially for dapps that frequently update their documentation?
Thank you!


So there are two approaches here, for the chat widgets embedded for each dapp, the dapp would be responsible to keep the docs updated.

But for the chrome extension, it will be our responsibility to keep the tron docs updated and for other dapps docs it will be done via collaborative approach.

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Although we don’t have any immediate plans for this, but noted down your request :white_check_mark:

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It had been such a long time since I had seen the Vimeo platform that it gave me a nostalgic feeling.

Is it possible to share the software languages and programs you used while developing the project in a list? Best luck in advance

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Great project team! I think once the SDK is released all dapps should quickly use it to create chat widgets in their documentations, will hugely improve the developer experience and encourage collaborations. All the best :+1:

That’s good to hear, and I see Vimeo there, issit the same with the popularly known Vimeo video player?

Welcome to the TronDAO Hackathon Season 5. By submitting your project in the builder track category, it means that your project has been in existence before the Hackathon. Can you highlight some of the achievements of the TronAssistant and if it has helped in building any successful project (that is, if you have this information stored in your server side).

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Hi, the project is submitted in the ai category. I guess you saw some other project from builder track.

Ohh! So sorry for the confusion. I mistake the Team’s name to be the project track category :joy:

Now, since your project seeks to simplifying the building process and help onboard developers to the Tron ecosystem, does it offer any specific tools or resources that will help developers with project deployment?

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Yes, it’s Vimeo video player. Has got very advanced now😀

Haha, way to go lol
That’s the default video player of my mobile device.

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Hey team @Tronassistant I’m back again and this time, with more appropriate question to what you envisioned for the Tron community. Can you explain the type of tool or knowledge that the platform will provide to developers to assist them in building on Tron blockchain?

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exciting to think about what someone who has created a project of this quality on his own can do with enough capital and a team :flower_playing_cards: Wishing you lots of luck

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