Congrats to HackaTRON S5 Qualifiers and Winners!

We’ve had an incredible journey throughout this HackaTRON S5 season! Our heartfelt thanks go out to all participants, including project teams, developers, voters, active forum members, and those who shared their thoughts. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us. :pray:

A special shoutout to our esteemed judges and partners, who dedicated their valuable time to review the HackaTRON S5 projects. Their commitment and expertise are truly commendable.

Like every season, in this hackathon, we worked diligently to ensure a fair community voting process. Learning from past seasons, we emphasized our stand against vote-buying, striving for fairness and honesty. We tackled tons of bots and eliminated duplicate/spam votes, with immense gratitude to those who reported inappropriate content. :clap: If you noticed that the results shown below are different from the results shown on the community poll, the reason is that some projects were disqualified, and some had penalty points added.

HackaTRON S5 witnessed a significant rise in community engagement on our forum, with meaningful questions and convincing answers flowing. The growth and positive response have thrilled us. :+1:

:loudspeaker: To the winners, note that HackTRON S5 is milestone-based, and if you’re a judges-selected qualifier or a winner of the Determination or Engagement prize, ensure your project is live on the mainnet by Nov 30 for the final prize payment :grey_exclamation:. The community eagerly awaits to explore your creations! :heart_eyes:

We encourage everyone to share their feedback—positive or negative. Your input is invaluable, and we’ll use it to enhance Season 5. :left_speech_bubble:

TRON DAO’s greatness lies in its community. Major updates are on the horizon for the upcoming HackaTRON as some of you have heard, so stay tuned! Our heartfelt thanks to each one of you. :sparkling_heart:


Let’s delve into the list of projects selected by our judges. Our panel meticulously assessed each project based on criteria such as originality, creativity, technicality, design, business model, feasibility, usability, practicality & use case.

The ones mentioned below successfully navigated the judging process and are deemed qualified. It’s essential to note that for these projects to claim the full prize, they must complete the transition to the mainnet by Nov 30th. :spiral_calendar:

Judges-selected Qualifiers

1st Place (25K) - Bounce by The Bounce Team
2nd Place (15K) - Thoughts by Thinkers
3rd Place (10K) - JustMoney Invoice by JustMoney
4th Place (8K) - BlockFabric by BlockFabric
5th Place (6K) - ExploreX by Team Explorers

1st Place (25K) - DebitLLama by ZKP Solutions
2nd Place (15K) - Asset Fusion by Bundlers
3rd Place (10K) - NRG Wallet by NRG Team
4th Place (8K) - Receive.Me by Receive.Me Team
5th Place (6K) - Outre-Finance by Kachi

1st Place (25K) - LoopNFT by LoopNFT
2nd Place (15K) - Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing
3rd Place (10K) - BCate by UMR_KRW
4th Place (8K) - GamesFi by GamesFi_Devs
5th Place (6K) - World Craft by World Craft’ers

1st Place (25K) - TRON AI ScannerBot by StrandGeek
2nd Place (15K) - TRON Assistant by Builders
3rd Place (10K) - Pravahini by Team Pravahini
4th Place (8K) - TronDevGPT by TronNinjas
5th Place (6K) - ASCAI by Team ASCAI

1st Place (25K) - Tronsave by Tronsave Team
2nd Place (15K) - Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak
3rd Place (10K) - dCloud: Lite by cctechmx
4th Place (8K) - ArtBeat by 4thFloor
5th Place (6K) - TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas


The community actively participated by casting their votes, reinforcing the power of the community. We extend our gratitude to both longstanding and new community members who took the time to vote and patiently endured the process as we addressed challenges posed by troublesome bots (or human-bots :robot:).

These selections are a result of your choices! :point_right:

Community-selected Winners

1st Place (7K) - JustMoney Invoice by JustMoney
2nd Place (6K) - BTT Social by Team BTT Social
3rd Place (5K) - BTTC Assets Tracker by BTTC Assets Tracker Team
4th Place (4K) - ExploreX by Team Explorers
5th Place (3K) - TraceCheck by Team TraceCrew

1st Place (7K) - Wish Me Luck by USTX
2nd Place (6K) - TronEnergize by TronEnergize
3rd Place (5K) - NRG Wallet by NRG Team
4th Place (4K) - DebitLLama by ZKP Solutions
5th Place (3K) - Outre-Finance by Kachi

1st Place (7K) - AsTRONauts by AsTRONauts
2nd Place (6K) - World Craft by World Craft’ers
3rd Place (5K) - LoopNFT by LoopNFT
4th Place (4K) - Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing
5th Place (3K) - DreamVerser by DreamVerser

1st Place (7K) - TronDevGPT by TronNinjas
2nd Place (6K) - ASCAI by Team ASCAI
3rd Place (5K) - Pravahini by Team Pravahini
4th Place (4K) - TRON Assistant by Builders
5th Place (3K) - MeloSynthia AI by Web3 Sailors

1st Place (7K) - TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas
2nd Place (6K) - dCloud: Lite by cctechmx
3rd Place (5K) - Zombieland by Team Zombie
4th Place (4K) - Link´n Red by Ennovasol
5th Place (3K) - Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak


This season we are awarding 2 determination prizes and 2 engagement prizes to projects that continue to build and have good engagement with our community.

Determination Prize - 4500 USDD each

Projects that showed dedication to keep building.
Prizes are applicable to projects that have not made it through the pre-selection round.

Triton by TritonTeam
TRONFusion by TRONFusion Team

Engagement Prize - 3000 USDD each
Projects that had great engagement with the TRON community on socials and TRON DAO Forum that have yet to receive a prize.

Cloak by Team Cloak
Galaxy Throne by Galaxy Throne Team

:loudspeaker: Please note that the winners of the Determination and Engagement prizes must ensure that their projects are fully functional on the TRON or BitTorrent Chain mainnet by Nov 30 and receive positive community feedback to claim their prize. Project teams are encouraged to contact the Hackathon team ideally a week before the final date and provide a video demo showcasing their project in operation on the mainnet.

Let’s not forget our community heroes! :clap:

Community Contributor Prize

This award is dedicated to those who made significant contributions to this hackathon! While we genuinely appreciate the outstanding efforts of certain project team owners, it’s crucial to clarify that the Community Contributor Prize is exclusively reserved for participants who haven’t secured other prizes.

A heartfelt thank you for your valuable feedback, insightful questions, unwavering support, engaging topics, assistance, and your commitment to making HackaTRON Season 5 truly remarkable. Hats off to you! :tophat:

Each winner will be rewarded with 500 USDD!


We encourage you to stay involved with projects, providing support to push as many initiatives as possible onto the mainnet. Your continued engagement is invaluable. Thank you all!


Congratulations to all winners of hackaTRONs5 ! And a big thanks to every participant ,community members and especially TronDAO ! :tada:


Congratulations to all winners and better luck to those who did not made the list. Let’s prepare for another amazing season. To the community we are here, let’s try our best to keep the forum active


I have a doubt which I would like to address in this list of winners. It is concerned with the project TRONfusion which has won the Determination Prize, which is for the Projects that showed dedication to keep building. However, I am worried that this project has not responded even once in their forum submission. And nor have they even done all the needful in their submission to even qualify for any prizes. Maybe this is a mistake and I request @admin.hackathon to reconsider this reward given to TRONfusion team.


Congratulations to all winners :trophy:
Just one query that 3 - Builder Track Runners-Up seems missing in list @admin.hackathon @support.hackathon


valid point brother

what shows their determination


Hi, it is there please check

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Top 5 listed but extra 3 runners up.

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The prizes are only for the top 5 projects.

Oh ok got it, actually on erthhacker and in forum it was showing extra runners up list of 3. (You can verify)

Thanks for confirmation

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Okay, maybe there is some mistake there.

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saw it too, @admin.hackathon any info about the runner ups included on hackerEarth?


Congratulations everyone who participated and made this HackaTRON a great success.:tada:


I think its a mistake that needs to be addressed. They did nothing to merit anything.
Late to post in the forum.
Never responded to any query.
Never updated their project.

@admin.hackathon kindly look into it. There are teams that deserve it far more than Tronfusion


The builder should have 8 prizes in total


Will like to take the opportunity to congratulate every team that won something this season and also encourage those that didnt win anything to continue to do their best and keep building.

Their time will surely drop when they least expected.

@TronNinjas team everywhere. Congratulations :tada:

Your team was really on fire this season.


Yes, I have just checked it is mentioned in hackerEarth that there are 3 runner ups for builder category.