ASCAI by Team ASCAI - AI-Driven Clarity, Security, and Beyond!

Project Name: ASCAI

Project Track: AI

Team Name: Team ASCAI

Team Members: 2 @ZeroGravity | @rose_dawson

HackerEarth Project Link: Ascai

Project Goal:

The ASCAI project leverages advanced AI technologies to provide users with transparent and concise explanations of smart contract function calls during their interactions with the blockchain. Additionally, our platform employs real-time AI-driven vulnerability assessments on these function calls, ensuring a secure and informed blockchain experience.

Project Value:

The project empowers blockchain users by providing them with clear and comprehensible information through NLP insights before executing transactions. This ensures that users are well-informed and reduces the likelihood of making costly mistakes. By requiring user confirmation before executing a blockchain transaction, the project adds an additional layer of security. Users have the opportunity to review and approve each transaction, reducing the risk of unauthorized or fraudulent actions. The npm React package is designed for easy integration into existing blockchain projects. This makes it accessible to a wide range of developers and allows them to quickly enhance the user experience of their applications.

Project Info:

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ASCAI leverages AI for precise smart contract function explanations and real-time vulnerability assessments during user interactions with the blockchain. Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless and secure blockchain experiences.


AI-Enhanced Function Clarity: ASCAI employs AI to provide clear, understandable explanations of smart contract functions during user interactions with the blockchain.

Real-time Vulnerability Checks: AI constantly assesses function calls for potential vulnerabilities, ensuring secure transactions in real-time.

Intuitive User Interface: ASCAI offers an easy-to-use interface for straightforward navigation, complementing the AI-powered functionalities.


Empowered Users: AI-driven insights boost user confidence in blockchain interactions, facilitating informed decision-making.

Enhanced Security: Real-time vulnerability checks by AI fortify security, safeguarding transactions during interactions with the blockchain.

Wider Adoption: ASCAI aims to make blockchain accessible and secure for all users, encouraging broader adoption of this transformative technology.

Project Website:

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Project Test Instructions: Test Instructions

Project Details:

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In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, one critical challenge persists - the opacity of smart contract interactions. Users often find themselves navigating through intricate code without a clear understanding of its functions, leading to uncertainty and potential risks. Moreover, the ever-evolving threat landscape necessitates real-time vulnerability checks to safeguard against potential exploits.

ASCAI steps forward as the solution to these pressing concerns. We recognize that clarity and security are paramount in blockchain interactions. Through advanced AI-driven insights, ASCAI provides users with comprehensive explanations of smart contract function calls. No longer will users be left in the dark, as our platform deciphers and simplifies the complexities inherent in these interactions.

However, our mission goes beyond elucidation. In real-time, ASCAI deploys AI-powered vulnerability assessments, ensuring every function call is scrutinized for potential weaknesses. This proactive approach transforms the blockchain experience, turning it into a secure and informed endeavor.

The user interface is a gateway to this transformative experience. Thoughtfully designed for intuitive navigation, it complements the AI-driven functionalities seamlessly. Users can now interact with the blockchain confidently, knowing that ASCAI stands as their vigilant guardian.

ASCAI envisions a future where every blockchain interaction is imbued with clarity and security. We are not just a tool; we are a revolution. By empowering users with knowledge and fortifying their actions with real-time protection, ASCAI is propelling the blockchain ecosystem towards broader adoption and deeper understanding.

Smart Contract links: Ascai.sol

Project Milestones:
Milestone 1: Project Kickoff (August 11, 2023 - August 20, 2023)

  • Define project scope, objectives, and requirements.
  • Set up project infrastructure, including code repositories and development environments.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Research and gather initial data sources for smart contract analysis.
  • Begin development of the React library for contract interaction visualization.
  • Create a basic Express API for the CDN server.
  • Develop a prototype of the npm package for data retrieval and insights.

Milestone 2: Data Retrieval and Initial Visualization (August 21, 2023 - September 5, 2023)

  • Finalize the React library for contract interaction visualization.
  • Implement data retrieval mechanisms to collect contract data.
  • Establish a connection between the React library and the Express API.
  • Use Tron API to fetch contract source code and other insights.
  • Create a user-friendly NLP-based interface for presenting contract data and insights.
  • Conduct initial testing and debugging.

Milestone 3: User Insights and Interpretation (September 6, 2023 - September 15, 2023)

  • Enhance the AI model to generate insights and explanations for contract interactions.
  • Integrate insights and explanations into the npm package.
  • Begin user interface design for displaying insights and explanations.
  • Implement contract creation feature within the Ascai application.

Milestone 4: Contract Creation and CDN Integration (September 16, 2023 - September 25, 2023)

  • Develop a user-friendly interface for creating and deploying smart contracts.
  • Implement contract deployment functionalities using Tron API.
  • Develop CDN server functionality for hosting contract data.
  • Integrate the npm package with the CDN server for data transmission.
  • Create a popup user interface for displaying contract information, insights, and explanations.
  • Implement user authentication and access controls.

Milestone 5: Testing and QA (September 26, 2023 - September 30, 2023)

  • Conduct comprehensive testing, including unit testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Address any issues, bugs, or performance bottlenecks.
  • Optimize code for scalability and efficiency.
  • Document the entire project, including usage instructions and APIs.
  • Prepare for the final presentation and demo.

Milestone 6: Final Presentation and Submission (October 1, 2023)

  • Prepare a compelling presentation showcasing the project’s features and benefits.
  • Demonstrate the Ascai system’s capabilities, including contract analysis, insights, explanations, and contract creation.

You are welcome to Hackatron S5.

This is the part that caught my attention.
How reliable will this be.

I have gotten an opportunity to talk to one Nigerian developer and from him many smart contracts are full of functions that some devs use to rugpull.

Again can this platform be used to audit smart contracts not build on the platform?


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! Smart contract auditing is a must for any crypto project. However, even many so called reliable smart contract auditors have failed at times, and too many people have lost millions in dollars.
Can you provide more details on the specific algorithms and AI approaches used by ASCAI for code analysis and vulnerability assessment? What programming languages are you using to develop ASCAI?
Thanks in advance. Good luck to the team!


Welcome to the TRON, may I ask where exactly you got the name ASCAI from?

There is a department called ACSAI in the field of artificial intelligence at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. I wonder if you study there? I wanted to ask as I am curious.

Finally, I wish you good luck with your project.


Hey @Prince-Onscolo .Thank you for your questions and concerns regarding the reliability of our platform, as well as its applicability for auditing smart contracts not built on our platform. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify how our platform addresses these important aspects.

  1. Reliability:
    One of our primary goals is to enhance transparency in the world of smart contracts, making it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. In traditional web2 applications, understanding the inner workings of a system, for example registration or interaction has always been challenging. However, with the advent of web3 and blockchain technology, transparency is a key principle.

Our platform aims to empower users who may not have a deep understanding of smart contracts by providing them with comprehensible insights into what a contract is designed to do. We leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to bridge the knowledge gap. This means that users will have access to plain language explanations of a contract’s functionality before they engage with it.

By offering this accessibility, our goal is to ensure that users can make informed decisions and have confidence in their interactions with smart contracts, thus enhancing reliability and trust in the ecosystem.

  1. Auditing External Smart Contracts:
    You’ve also inquired about whether our platform can be used to audit smart contracts not built on our platform. We understand that the blockchain space comprises various smart contracts deployed across different platforms, and users may need to assess the safety and functionality of contracts from diverse sources.

While our platform primarily focuses on making contract interactions more transparent for users within our ecosystem, we are actively exploring ways to expand our capabilities to support auditing of external smart contracts. Our long-term vision is to contribute to a safer and more secure decentralized ecosystem.

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile:


Hey @TritonTeam .Thank you for the warm welcome and your curiosity about our project’s name, ASCAI. It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned ACSAI at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. However, we are not affiliated with the university or their department.

The name ASCAI was chosen during a brainstorming session as it resonates with our project’s mission. ASCAI stands for “Ask AI,” reflecting our focus on making artificial intelligence accessible to users for inquiries and understanding. Additionally, the full acronym, “Analysis of Smart Contracts Using AI,” aligns with our core purpose of applying AI to smart contract analysis.


The auditing firms never failed anyone in this regard.
After auditing the codes of a contract line by line. They give you all what they have observed.

They just dont tell you to run for your life because rugpull is eminent.

It is left to you the investor to read the auditors documents and make that decision for yourself.

And i know if ASCAI is to audit any smart contract it will do same. It will present you all the vulnerabilities.

The decision to invest will solely be yours to make.


Welcome to season 5 ASCAI. Wishing you all the best.

After given a clear explanation of how contract functions are you going to rate it in terms of low risk to high risk or on a percentage scale for an investor to know what he or she is dealing with.

It will be very good if the AI can tell me,
After all the analysis made, we can clearly say that you have 90% chance of losing your funds when you interact with this smart contract


Thank you very much for this explanation. For now I think devs will be using this platform more and when we can audit contracts on your platform, normal users like myself will be using it more too.

But I encourage normal users like me who do not have much knowledge about coding try your platform out since the AI will do everything and presents in plain language for easy understanding


I can name a couple of projects which supposedly went through a audit and still had vulnerabilities. Most recent one is BananaGun.


Even till the point where CHATGPT able to detect the bug


Looks so interesting :)) objectives are so clear and inspirational,excited for the website xx @ZeroGravity


The name alone is a vulnerability. BananaGun


Welcome to Season 5, interesting to see this in the AI track, more interesting is your offering. After thoroughly reading through I can deduce ASCAI focuses on addressing two significant challenges in the blockchain space: the lack of transparency in smart contract interactions and the need for real-time security assessments and it’s objectives are well-defined and align with the current needs of the blockchain community. The emphasis on AI-driven clarity and real-time vulnerability checks demonstrates a forward-looking approach.
Moving forward, I’ve a few questions;

Can you provide more details on the AI technologies and algorithms that ASCAI employs for smart contract function explanations and vulnerability assessments?

Are there any plans for tokenization or monetization of the ASCAI platform, or will it be offered as a free service to users?


Is ASCAI for end users to be enlightened about the smart contracts they are about to use? If yes how is it going to work? Are you going to integrate it to existing wallets? Is it a platform with browser where you can access web3 platforms and call contracts to see if it’s secure?

Also if someone wants to use a DEX, usually you sign an allowance that gives the DEX the right to spend your tokens on your behalf to exchange it against other tokens which are in the pool. Is it going to be considered as a potential risk? Or will the dapp know that it’s not a scam and that the DEX won’t just withdraw your assets? How about unverified contracts? Is it going to work as well as for verified ones?


Love the idea! Improving web3 UI is a must to onboard new users and specially to gain their trust.

Waiting to look at the demo!

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Greetings @ZeroGravity ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:
Smart Contract Links:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!


Greetings, Everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that we’ve just updated the post and included all the captivating details for your viewing pleasure. We invite you to take a moment to explore it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Hey @Afandi . Glad that you liked the objective. Our work is live now. You can visit the URLs and test our project.

Hey @ZephyrHex . Thanks for the appreciation. Your wait is over. You can now have a look at the demo. Thank you.

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