ChainAI - Automating contract creation , auditing and deploying

Project Name: ChainAI
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: ChainAI Team
Team Member(s): solo (1 member) @Denno
HackerEarth Project Link: TBD
Project Goal:

Create a platform that utilizes LLMs to automate creation , auditing and deployment of DeFi and Web3 solidity contracts. ChainAI aims to make Web3 development accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels. By removing barriers and simplifying the process, we aim to empower a new wave of entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

Through user-friendly tools and integration with popular platforms, ChainAI seeks to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. By streamlining development and reducing complexity, we aim to catalyze the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

This project also aims to leverage advanced AI tools to streamline the development lifecycle, from smart contract generation to deployment and auditing. By automating tedious tasks and minimizing errors, we aim to enhance efficiency and productivity for developers.

Project Value:
:robot: AI Smart Contract Generator:

  • Reliability and Versatility: Providing a solution to the complex and error-prone nature of smart contract creation, our AI-driven generator ensures the creation of reliable and versatile smart contracts tailored to user-specific needs.

:mag: AI Auditor:

  • Security and Reliability: Upholding the security and reliability of smart contracts is paramount in a landscape filled with vulnerabilities. Our AI Auditor, trained on extensive audits, offers thorough examination, enhancing the security aspect of smart contract development significantly.

:globe_with_meridians: Fine-Tuned AI:

  • Specialized Expertise: Adapting AI to comprehend and generate Solidity smart contracts demonstrates our commitment to specialized expertise. The fine-tuned AI of ChainAI ensures precise and accurate contract generation for EVM blockchain development on BTTC.

:rocket: Integrated Contract Deployment:

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Simplifying the deployment process of smart contracts is essential for developers. Our platform enables easy deployment with just a few clicks, supporting custom constructors for tailored functionality, thus streamlining the deployment phase.

:bridge_at_night: EVM Code Compiler:

  • Error-Free Deployment: Ensuring that generated contracts are error-free and deployment-ready is crucial. With our robust EVM code compiler, developers can test contracts using Hardhat, guaranteeing they are deployment-ready and free from errors.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Automatic Iteration:

  • Efficient Development Process: Managing errors and iterations in contract development can be challenging. Our system offers automatic iteration, reverting to the previous step with instructions for rectification in case of errors, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process.

Project Info:

Project Website:
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Since this hackathon is an ongoing funding program, projects that have great potential and 
good community engagement are likely to win and receive additional funding after the initial hackathon. 
Therefore, participants should update their project posts to be as detailed as possible and
answer any community questions during the hackathon period.

Hey buddy, I doubt you be in the builders track

Hello Gordian, why and in which track does my project suite?


Possible to edit this out too?


Welcome, you have some spaces to edit. These type of projects are becoming many, I believe you know what to do to get better competitive advantage over others… please is there a few to use your product? How long have you been into this? what’s the future of this project should incase you do not win any prize from this Hackatron?

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Yes, my project can be used for creating , auditing and deploying contract. I have been developing blockchain apps from 2022, but am new to tron network. About winning, incase I don’t win I think I will learn from my competitors and what I can do to win next time.

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Great, meaning the experience is there.

OK so will you continue the project and get the best to your community or wait till you win something to continue

I will just continue with the project.

Alright, thanks for your response

Welcome to hackathon season 6 buddy.

Please focus on a demonstrably valuable core functionality, clear communication of progress, and engagement with the community, you can significantly increase ChainAI’s potential for success in the hackathon and attract additional funding.

Building a fully functional platform with all features might be challenging in a hackathon. Consider prioritizing a core functionality like AI-powered smart contract generation with basic auditing capabilities.

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, wishing you all the best

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Ok,thank you for the welcome

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, glad to see your project bordering around AI.
Quite a nice read also, I got a question;

Can you provide more details on how the AI Smart Contract Generator tailors contracts to user-specific needs?

I will be updating soon

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Wow this is very interesting, welcoming you to Season 6, how are you going to market and promote your platform, thank you


Be sure to tag me to it when you do update so I don’t miss it.

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hi @Denno .
When will you update the missing details of your project?

I am glad to see your project solving the issue of complexity web3 development. Can you explain the measures ChainAI employ to ensure the reliability and security of smart contracts generated and audited using LLMs?

I withdrawn this project please.