Auto DeFi ( AUTODEFI ) utility memecoin, smart contracts, auditing and deploying by AI

Project Name: Auto DeFi
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Auto DeFi
Team Member(s): 2 team members @collinwa, @getofinance
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal: automating smart contract creation , auditing and deploying powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) promoted by a utility memecoin ON TRON
Project Value: Easing DeFi development, promoting and attracting users to Tron ecosystem by using AI and Memecoin hype.
Project Info: Auto DeFi ( AUTODEFI ) automating smart contract creation , auditing and deploying powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) promoted by a utility memecoin.
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Use TronLink wallet
Project Details: Auto DeFi ( AUTODEFI ) automating smart contract creation , auditing and deploying powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) promoted by a utility memecoin.

:robot: AI Smart Contract Generator: Utilize fine tuned AI to generate a variety of smart contracts based on user requests, trained on Solidity smart contracts.

:mag: AI Auditor: Trained on over 10,000 audits from various firms, ensuring thorough and reliable contract examination.

:globe_with_meridians: AI Build Resolver: AI agent specialized to resolve compilation errors from generation.

:hammer_and_wrench: DeFi Tool Suite: Access tools for creating custom tokens, NFTs, DEXs, farming strategies, staking and launchpads.

:bank: Web3 Wallet Integration: AUTO DEFI AI requires a web3 wallet connection to be fully operational.

:rocket: Integrated Contract Deployment: Deploy generated contracts with just a few clicks. Supports custom constructors for tailored functionality.

:bridge_at_night: EVM Code Compiler: AUTO DEFI AI is composed by an handsome tool that help developers test the generated contracts using Hardhat.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Automatic Iteration: If an error occurs, the system automatically reverts to the previous step with instructions on how to fix the error, ensuring a smooth development process.

Smart Contract links: Deployed by TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
Project Milestones:

April/May 2024 - We are working on defining the scope of the project, Community and code.

May 2024 - We are working on coding the project, deploying on testnet and promoting.

July 2024 - We will work on deploying on mainnet, using half of the full prize won for liquidity.


Finally posted, thanks @admin.hackathon

i think the deadline has been over 8 hours ago :thinking:


you say “Finally posted, thanks”

already sent it late and your MVB website is not working
@SimbadMarino disqualification?

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Request was in time but approval happened much later. But glad to be here.

Welcome to hackathon season 6

Thank you very much, we love it here better than Devpost.

please what is this project all about?

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, am yet to decode what your project, secondly some words , moreover I doubt if you are in the right track

You are just repeating lines in your post submission Project Goal and Project Info are the same. While Project Value and Project Details are the same

@SimbadMarino and @WindsOfChange92 please take note of this too


Please read the above description, it is well detailed.

please I read it before asking, help me understand

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, I see Auto DeFi presents an ambitious project aiming to automate smart contract creation, auditing, and deployment using AI, while also leveraging the hype around utility memecoins on the TRON ecosystem.

It would be interesting to know more about the AI models and algorithms used for contract generation and auditing. Are there plans for continuous improvement and updating of these models?

I am welcoming you to the Hackathon, please tell me how you are different from other DeFi platform, thank you

Alright, imagine you have a robot friend who’s really good at building special agreements called smart contracts. These contracts are like magic spells that make sure everyone sticks to their promises when they’re doing stuff online, like trading or playing games.

Now, this robot friend is super smart because it’s powered by something called Artificial Intelligence, which is like giving it a super big brain to think and learn on its own.

So, let’s say you want to make a smart contract, but you’re not sure if it’s going to work perfectly. That’s where the robot friend comes in! It can check your contract and make sure everything is just right before you use it. This checking process is called auditing.

Once the contract is all good to go, the robot friend can help you put it into action online. This is called deploying the contract, kind of like sending it out into the digital world to do its job.

Now, here’s the twist: this robot friend and its smart contract skills are promoted by a special kind of digital coin called a utility memecoin. This coin works on a platform called TRON, which is like a big playground for digital stuff.

So, in simple terms, it’s like having a clever robot buddy that helps you make and use special online agreements, all thanks to its super brain powered by Artificial Intelligence. And this robot friend is promoted by a special digital coin that works on the TRON platform. Cool, right?

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Choosing to present our project as stated above is not against any hackathon rules, show me where it states do not repeat Project Goal, Project Info, Project Value and Project Details.

Thanks, we are in the right track and as a matter of fact the build-on functionality of Auto Defi is more defi than Web3 or AI like AI trading, DeFi liquidity allocation and AI yield farming.