ChainQ by Team ChainScript - AI Powered Blockchain Data Querying System

Project Name: ChainQ

Project Track: AI

Team Name: Team ChainScript

Team Members: 2 (@squirtle | @p612)

HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth - ChainQ

Project Goal: Our goal is to simplify blockchain data access using AI and Natural Language Processing. We aim to empower users, irrespective of their technical background, to effortlessly engage with the blockchain and extract vital information.

Project Value:

Accessibility for Non-Technical Users:
Lowers entry barrier for non-technical individuals
Democratizes blockchain access for broader adoption

Simplified User Experience:
Real-time responses and context management for intuitive interactions
Eliminates the need for complex coding skills

Enhanced User Engagement:
Attracts a wider audience to blockchain
Drives mainstream adoption

Transparency and Trust:
Enables independent verification of transactions
Fosters a transparent and decentralized environment

Innovation through NLP and Blockchain:
Combines natural language processing with blockchain technology
Extensible to support various blockchain networks

Project Info:
ChainQ.pdf (458.6 KB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

Step 1: Connect Your TRON Wallet

To commence, please connect your TRON wallet. This crucial step ensures a secure and seamless experience on the ChainQ platform.

Step 2: Sign the Message “Login to ChainQ”

Next, you will be prompted to sign the message “Login to ChainQ” to complete the authentication process. This action is essential for verifying your identity within the system. No contract calls or fund deductions will occur during this step.

Step 3: Purchase the 500 TRX Plan to Begin

Now, you can initiate your journey on ChainQ by acquiring the 500 TRX plan. This purchase will grant you access to the platform’s features, enabling you to start your investment journey.

Project Details:
Accessing blockchain data via Blockchain explorers can be cumbersome, particularly for those lacking deep technical knowledge. These barriers often entail coding complexities and complex interfaces, limiting accessibility. ChainQ addresses these hurdles, empowering a broader user base.

With its AI-driven and Natural Language Processing capabilities, ChainQ aims to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and researchers to extract pertinent information from blockchain effortlessly by providing easy access to blockchain data and insights. Users can simply express queries in plain language, and ChainQ will deliver comprehensible responses.

This project not only simplifies data retrieval but also fosters innovation by democratizing blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs can now gain market insights, marketers can make informed decisions based on token movements, and researchers can analyse blockchain trends—all with convenience and efficiency.

Challenges Faced:

Technical Complexity: Simplifying blockchain data access for non-technical users posed a significant challenge. Blockchain technology is inherently complex, and translating it into a user-friendly interface required extensive research and development.

Integrating AI and NLP: Implementing effective AI and NLP capabilities to understand and respond to user queries accurately was a complex task. It required training models on vast amounts of blockchain data while ensuring real-time responsiveness.

Data Accuracy and Reliability: Ensuring that the information extracted from the blockchain is accurate and reliable was a critical challenge. Blockchain data can sometimes be inconsistent or incomplete, and developing robust algorithms to handle such scenarios was crucial.

Accomplishments We’re Proud Of:

Empowering Diverse User Groups: By simplifying blockchain data access, we’ve successfully empowered entrepreneurs, marketers, and researchers from various backgrounds to harness the power of blockchain technology for their specific needs. This broad user base is a testament to the project’s impact and accessibility.

Fostering Innovation: By democratizing blockchain technology, we’ve facilitated new avenues of innovation. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and researchers now have a streamlined way to gain insights, make informed decisions, and analyze trends, ultimately driving progress within the blockchain space and beyond.

Smart Contract Links: TXFwhfbRgVMWkWm7xn5s6QsNUp4RBmYy5t

Project Milestones:

  • July 6th - July 10th: Project Kickoff
  • July 11th - August 1st: Front-end Development
  • August 2nd - August 15th: Back-end APIs
  • August 16th - August 30th: AI Login Implementation
  • September 1st - September 10th: Smart Contract Creation
  • September 11th - September 20th: Smart Contract Testing
  • September 21st - September 30th: Smart Contract Integration
  • October 1st - October 5th: APIs Integration
  • October 6th: User Experience Enhancement
  • Throughout the Project: Validation and Testing
  • Throughout the Project: Documentation and Reporting
  • October 4th: Deployment and Launch (2 days before the deadline)
  • October and Beyond: Post-Launch Evaluation and Improvements
  • Throughout the Project: Fine-tuning the Model

Welcome to Hackatron S5

Waiting to see how this is going to look like.
A screenshot or video will do.

Especially on these

It’s very true, it should be made Simple


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! This is very important for blockchain users to be able to read the on-chain data. I wish your project helps users in analyzing chain data. Looking forward to see your website soon. Good luck !

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Totally agree with the visuals at least a beta or demo @Prince-Onscolo @squirtle


Welcome to Season 5, interesting to see your project in the AI track, that’s about the second AI entry within the hour. I see ChainQ addresses a significant issue in the blockchain space by making data access more user-friendly.

Are there any plans to integrate ChainQ with specific blockchain networks or platforms?


Welcome to Hackathon S5,I have some important questions

In what manner do ChainQ plan to improve it’s accuracy and latency in the future.

In what way does ChainQ plan to expand its capabilities to support more complex queries.

By what means do ChainQ plan to make its platform more accessible to non-technical users.

Elaborate the potential application’s of ChainQ for entrepreneurs, marketers and researcher’s.

Identify the limitations of ChainQ current capabilities, And in what way does ChainQ plan to monetize it’s platform.

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Its always good when i see project trying to make complex thing look simple.

I hopechainQ next update will show a demo for us to better understand all what this project is about.

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Welcome to the Hackatron. You haven’t specified which blockchain you are going to integrate. Is it Tron? BTTC? Both?


AI & Blockchain - Take me to the moon! :rocket:


Greetings @squirtle ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:
Smart Contract Links:
Project Milestones:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!


Thank you for the warm welcome! @Prince-Onscolo

The project is live on
also demo video and instructions has been added.

Hope you like it!!


Yeahhhh to the moon! :rocket::rocket::rocket::waning_gibbous_moon::waning_gibbous_moon::waning_gibbous_moon:

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Hey, @fabsltsa

we are live on Tron Shasta Testnet right now! go check it out on:
soon we’ll be live on Tron Mainnet too.

thank you!

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Hey, @Nana66419

yeah I agree with you, ChainQ focuses on making complex things look simper and easier with the help of AI.

Hope you like the project; go check it out its live on:

Thank you!


oh so one needs to pay to be able to use your platform?

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Hey, @Okorie

To answer all your questions
for the future purpose we’re planning to make out own LLM model, which will reduce the current dependency on OPEN AI, also we will be able to easily finetune to our needs. That can even solve complex queries nearly real time.

also about how it can be helpful to users like this has been discussed in the demo video.
and yeah we will have some free features and some paid features, we are gonna provide freemium business model.

Thank you for your time.
The project is live on:
Go check it out!! Hope you like it, and hope this answers your question.

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Ser the project is live on
and the demo video with instructions has been added.

thank you!!


Hey, @manfred_jr
very good question, it make more sense when it can be used with some dapp.
so in the demo video, we have showed how it can be integrated with other dapps.

So when chainQ is integrated with some other dapp, it will try to give the answers in context with that dapp.

we’ll always love to grow to different networks as we grow

So glad you like the project!



Glad you liked our project
ChainQ is live on go check it out.
if it confuses you how to get started, there are instructions written to get started.

Thank you!

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Yeah you’ll need 500TRX tokens to get started. ITS BASICALLY FREE TOKENS RIGHT?

but soon when we’ll be on mainnet, we will be following freemium model
i.e. some feature will be free, and some will be paid.