StackChain by Team Chain - A one-stop solution platform, for Web 3.0 developers, to ask their development-related doubts!

Project Name: Stackchain

Project Track: Academy

Team Name: Team Chain

Team Member(s): @Jvalant @ddesai02

DevPost URL: Not required

Project Goal: A one-stop solution platform, for Web 3.0 developers, to ask their development-related doubts!

Project Info:
StackChain pitch deck.pdf (1.9 MB)

Project Website: [web-app](

Project Test Instructions: While the site gets ready.
Happy to share the successful deployment on BTTC Donau 0xa7EBE8117a4CBa5d1965E43ba4c9eE9D6ceD1246
And custom token at 0x8428C82cFf9F7B5b25E2b54C7DF663Fe0002526a

Contract Address 0xa7EBE8117a4CBa5d1965E43ba4c9eE9D6ceD1246

Project Details:

Our purpose for this project is to a global platform to ask questions and post answers, specifically for the Web 3.0 developers community.

We created this project on the TRON & POLYGON network & wish to make it multichain.

Users can ask questions and use the relevant tags that describe the question. Any user can answer the question. Here, we will store all questions and answers on IPFS.

To start with, a user needs to create a profile. Based on their profile, users can directly start posting questions to receive helpful solutions. Users must pay fee for that.

Another important feature is the ‘Prominence Score’. This score is given to users for giving accurate and relevant solutions. Thus, users will be able to build their reputation and credibility on the platform.

Users can vote for other questions and answers too. We will provide reputation points for posting questions, answers, articles, and voting.

Apart from this, a user can publish an article that will help the community learn more about emerging technologies. We will have one page where users can see articles and crypto-related information. Users can also give tips to the articles. We will also show crypto-related news using many trusted API’s.

This way, a community can help each other, and also earn reputation points, tokens, and rewards.
List of users on the platform. Inviting more to join, test and keep editing it to improve.

List of all questions that you may have. If you have more, feel free to ask here.

It was exciting to integrate this globe on the landing page. Could be trivial for pros :slight_smile:

Added Faucet link & button to add testnet directly into users metamask.
List of a few steps. This will be improved further.

As students, our goal was to learn about blockchain in general & find the right community to work forward. We thank our mentors for guiding us through what we have built.

Project Milestones:

UI/UX Design of the project.[completed]

Creating API’s to collect the question and answer[completed]

Gathering Crypto News & Price Feed[completed]

Front-End Coding[completed]

Back-End Coding[completed]

Integration of FrontEnd with Backend[completed]

Deploying on TRON/BTTC[completed]

Deploying on other chains[completed]

Hosting the project/making it live[completed]


We definitely need a one-stop platform as new languages keep emerging on a regular basis for blockchain development. Will love to test this out!

Hope it gets enough visibility to become the go-to platform for the web 3.0 community!

All the best guys!


Yeah. We are trying our best.

Thank you for the first reply, always encouraging.


Very good project …we want more


Love the concept behind this idea, I think it would do a lot of good.


This will be very helpful.
Thank you very much for this.


Nice project and good team work. Keep up with the good work


Now you’re deploying on which other chains please

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It’s a nice one I just hope it looks​:rocket::rocket:


We will try deploying it on an EVM-compatible blockchain.

We have tried on Polygon & BTTC.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Very insightful. Thank you

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Happy to share that our deployment on BTTC was successful and the network is superfast. :rocket:


This is a great concept and Looking forward for this.


Greetings! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Test Instructions
Contract Address.

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Indeed it is.

Waiting to see more updates from your projects.

Among all academy track projects this seems promising.

All the best.

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I have added some updates.
Thank you for the question.

Exam submissions are on and I have to travel back to the university. (Personal)
Please review the changes and we are open to suggestions.

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Sounds intriguing.
The newcomers who are entering the web3 space will find it useful.

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Glad to see that the project is live! As students, you guys would appreciate the value of such a project even more.

I tried out the live link of the project, and I must say the UI is simple, intuitive and most importantly, so smooth to use.

I could easily create a profile here, gave prominence score to one of the answers and also posted my own question without any hassle.

I see the project is on testnet right now. Do you plan to move this to mainnet any time soon?

I think you can start by building a strong TRON community. But in the future, also aim to build communities around different blockchains to make this more accessible.

Here is a screenshot of my question. Would love to see some insightful answers to this on the platform:


I wish u succeed all of ur milestones


Such a cool idea! It’s like a mix of Quora and Github, but on Web3! :sunglasses: