TBlocks - The Multichain World

Project Name: TBlocks World
Project Track: NFT Track
Team Name: N.A.
Team Member(s): 6 members
DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/tblocks-world

Contract Address:
Mainnet TRON

NFT Contract

TBL Token
TBL Token Contract

Exchange Contract

Staking Contract

Mainnet Ethereum

ETH NFT Contract

Project Goal:
build a unified platform where all users (TRON and ETH) will be able easily to get benefits joining the GameFi World

Project Info:

Project Website: https://tblocksw.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tblocksw
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tblocksw
Discord: Discord
Whitepaper: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Project Test Instructions:

TBlocks website on Testnet for TronDAO and Devpost judges

Link: https://tblocksw.up.railway.app/

Tron Testnet: shasta
Ethereum testnet: Goreli


  1. Mint an item on tron or Ethereum or both
  2. go to your Tblocks section and generate your unique key to login in the Game

Desktop mode

  • go to play game page, connect your wallet, Login with your Web3Pin in the Game view

Mobile mode

  • go to TBlocks Game, login directly in the game view paste your Web3Pin

Video Guides:
Step1: Mint a #Tron #Tblocks NFT
Step2: Join our ETH-Bridge and Mint Free Ethereum #Tblocks
Step3: Enjoy your #Tblocks on Marketplace (ApeNFT & OpenSea)
Step4: Generate your “Unique Key” and start to p2e on #Tblocks Game


The website is live on mainnet. Steps to follow:

  1. Login on TRON via Tronwallert
  2. Mint a TRON NFT
  3. Stake owned NFTs and get TBL token like reward
  4. Buy TBL token directly from our Exchange
  5. Stake TBL token to get TBL like rewards or use TBL token to pay minting NFTs
  6. Login on ETH Bridge with both wallets (ETH and TRON)
  7. Mint Free on Ethereum the same ID already minted on TRON

Switching between the two blockchain you can check the owned items that will allow you to play on our Gamefi World and get bonus tournaments

Project Details:
TBlocks counts the following applications already available:

  1. 10,000 3D NFTs TRC721/ERC721 standard
  2. TBL (TRC20) to be used for minting NFTs
  3. TBL Limited buy through our Exchange
  4. Staking part for NFTs and TBL
  5. ETH-Bridge to bridge for free your NFT on TRON to ETH too
  6. Augmented Reality Android App to play for free with any #TBlocks

Special 10% Cashback Promo

10% TBL Pool Cashback promo for TBLOCKS owners!

The 10% Pool will be distributed to all TBLOCKS Owners who mint more than 50 items.

Our Smart Contract will track the Owners who will mint at least 50 items and more as for steps below.

Cashback Example Distribution


*10% $TBL Cashback will be distributed one time monthly to the users who will mint at least 50 items steps


Project Milestones:
:white_check_mark: NFT minting official launch on TRON
:white_check_mark: Augmented Reality App release (Android App)
:white_check_mark: Demo Game WebGL Version release (Demo Game)
:white_check_mark: TRON Staking Platform
:white_check_mark: ETH Bridge (to grant the Multichain functionalities)
:stopwatch: GameFi World completion with bonus tournaments (TRON)
:stopwatch: ETH Staking Platform
:stopwatch: GameFi World with bonus tournaments (ETH)

During the hackathon period all users will be able to track our progress on the latest 3 pending milestones above. In particular the first release about TRON GameFi World should be completed within December 2022 (Web Browser version).

GameFi Milestone update: 23 Nov. 2022: GameFi World completion with bonus tournaments (TRON)

Test link to play on Mobile and Desktop as Guest mode (WebGL version):
Game Link Test

:white_check_mark: Desktop Web interface is ready
:white_check_mark: WebGL Game version for Mobile (Android and iOS) is ready
:white_check_mark: API for strong Fast Login Web3Pin is ready
:stopwatch: Smart Contract integration to Claim Rewards under test

get key_

GameFi Milestone update: 2nd Dec. 2022

How to play section completion with all available Power UPS.

TBlocksW Game Power UPS: Higher Jump
TBlocksW Game Power UPS: Jumper
TBlocksW Game Power UPS: Stop
TBlocksW Game Power UPS: Patience
TBlocksW Game Power UPS: JetPack
TBlocksW Game Power UPS: Health Point
TBlocksW Game Power UPS: Score Multiplier


GameFi Milestone update: 27 Oct. 2022 posted



seems so cute, waiting for final version


Thank you Elis, we are going to complete the Game before Hackathon ends. :muscle:


Are you ready to enter in the #Tblocks GameFi World?

Steps to follow:
:white_check_mark:Generate your unique Key
:white_check_mark:Copy the Key
:white_check_mark:Fast Login with Key only.

Enjoy Web3 soon!


I loved the animations, it would suit this project as well.


thanks sir we are trying to explain ppl how the Game can be joined


Excited to see where this goes! :smiley:


Nice and cool. Keep going bro.


Greetings TBlocksW! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Contract Address


updated with all contracts


looks awesome and fun to play!


Can’t wait to have the opportunity to experience it on Mainnet the NFT art look similar of Sandbox


hey sir, we are already on mainnet. you can mint on TRON and get free minting on Ethereum actually. Only GameFi part is still under development


the full Game will be cool and hard to win.


Hhhhh that is serious “hard”

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GameFi Milestone update: 14 Nov. 2022:

Desktop interface is almost ready. All Tblocksters will be able to play and earn using their #Tblocks

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@TBlocksW Its all about that jet pack :joy:


@TBlocksW I find i do quite a bit better on desktop for some reason, also a good add would be able to fix the angle with a double tap and then another to jump

I see the abilities are mixed in with the power ups similar to the options, maybe having them a bit early on so players get a feel of them, game is quite hard :sweat_smile:


@TBlocksW with the constant movement you may get a bit of lag that throws you off randomly