Open discussion on TBlocks World

Dear Community,
Grand Hackathon votes is running out. As promised at beginning of our application we are now to publish all steps ti test Tblocks Website on Testnet as required from many users.

Please join the link below and be sure to follow the mentioned steps.


Tron Testnet: shasta
Ethereum testnet: Goreli


  1. Mint an item on tron or Ethereum or both
  2. go to your Tblocks section and generate your unique key to login in the Game

Desktop mode

  • go to play game page, connect your wallet, Login with your Web3Pin in the Game view

Mobile mode

  • go to TBlocks Game, login directly in the game view paste your Web3Pin

I wish a good luck to every project who joined the Hackathon and pls comment here all suggestions to improve our product.

Thanks for joining us! :heart:


I joined one of this apps that plays while playing game but i couldn’t understand it


it is a runner game. check the how to play section , you need only hold pressed space button or your finger on the screen to create an arc and release to jump