Primo Run our newest Play To Earn

Space bar - Jump
Down Arrow - slide

Provide your TRON address and run your way to weekly rewards in #PRIMO and IRL #HEMP products.


Good one
I just gave a follow at Twitter

This is nothing compared to what is coming for Hemp Hideaway.

This is our other play to earn games in our ecosystem.

:rotating_light:Lux lion play-to-earn. You will need XRP wallet. :rotating_light:

:rotating_light:Lost Kingdom of Tsara – Aftermath Islands :rotating_light:

You will need WAX wallet for LKOT. You earn resource NFTs that will be used inside aftermath islands and hemp hideaway.

Hoila, esto es muy bueno

Good information just like your project

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Welcome primo Once again to Grand hackathon S4 :handshake:, wish you all the best


Welcome to Season 4, CBD are always my thing and I own a few $PRIMO tokens, haven’t appreciated much over time but I’m still hodling. Nice graphics btw.

Thanks, But we stopped trying hackathon after S1 & S2 seems waste of our time.

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Alot of use cases have happened. You can buy anything youd like on . We also have staking on TRON and BSC. We are getting ready to hit our 3rd chain.

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Any reason you felt it was waste of time
FOR You?

How to stake on Tron please

It’s well, I can see you guys are busy building more to grow your project, if am not mistaking?

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Season 1 we missed tag. S2 they removed us saying we bought votes which did not happen. There are some in Tron Ecosystem who just don’t like primo and if you’ve been around Tron since day 1 its funny the devs that keep getting funds from Tron DAO using different names for their projects. Look at what SEED did and you have some of them on the panel lol.

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It pays to be loyal. The final push to full circulation is here! 304,000,000 Primo will be dropped at a 10% APR putting Primo into full circulation. DAO also voted in 20% of loyalty tokens redeemed @ will go back into the contract.

Users can:

  • Stake a minimum of 1 Primo.
  • Unstake once per day.
  • Claim rewards as often as they want.

Users that unstake their tokens have 1 week to re-stake at least 1 Primo. Failing to re-stake within the 1 week will result in a lower reward rate for 1 year as a penalty. When tokens are re-staked within this 1 week no penalty will be given and the user will receive the normal reward rate for their staked balance.

Reward rates by staked balance:
0-1 mil Tokens: 5% (2% for penalty)
1 mil+ Tokens: 10% (5% for penalty) stake here :smile:

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Oh thanks for the clarification.

Yes, we are always building. We are very excited for Hemp Hideaway.

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Amazing to know you are always building, Goodluck and all the best on your journey to achieve greater things

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You have raised some good points but at the end of the day we are one family and a house divided can never stand.

If you can’t even come this season, try and come next season. I think you are among the very few that have an actual real life use case.

When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going. Will be expecting you next season


Thanks for the heads up.