Primo Ocean DAO and building a web3 loyalty program of the future

Project Name : Primo Ocean DAO

Project Track : Web3

Team Name : Primo Ocean DAO

Team Member(s) : 110 active DAO members

Project Goal : Continue to develop Primo TRC20 web3 loyalty program and the DAO. You can earn up to a 45% discount on Primo products through a code generator (unique to the selection of the user). Additionally, with regulatory uncertainty in the industry, Primo decided to separate the CBD/hemp side of the business and blockchain development to create Primo Ocean DAO; a decentralized DAO building web3.0.

The CBD Gift that Keeps On Giving: Primo Ocean Dao

It is no secret that the health and wellness industry is booming. In fact, since 2017, the market has expanded 6.4% as consumers invest more in their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Partly, this is because the industry as a whole is innovative in exploring the myriad of applications health and wellness can provide with the other half identifying the major benefits that it applies in their daily lives—and Primo Ocean DAO is at the center for both.

Primo Ocean DAO began in 2021 with the goal of creating a new generation of wellness with a public base that is both informed and knowledgeable ranging from source, innovation, application, crypto, utility, and range. The DAO was started with the aim of separating the CBD business from the tech development side due to industry regulatory unknowns (understanding that the CBD industry is still developing its form). Rather than the typical or average CBD company and DAO that waits to change with the times, we put ourselves at the forefront.

The model is built on the foundation of our signature Build Your Own Blend (BYOB)—a unique and innovative customization that personalizes customer freedom—CBD partner Primo Gardens Inc., and web3 built by Primo Ocean DAO. A vertically integrated company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Primo involves itself with the growing, process, and manufacturing of Hemp and CBD products (with three additional locations spanning the United States). Each location offering advancements in CBD offerings and/or partnerships to position itself as a market mover.

In Tacoma, Washington, there is a retail store offering an online BYOB station on side; in Columbus, Ohio, there is a full-service CBD infusion lab (offering customized blends of your choice in 10 minutes with an added bonus of being able to watch it happen live); and in Williamsport, Ohio there is a full-service CBD edibles lab partnered with Underdogs, LLC (offering unique edibles you can watch being made).

While Primo has some of the highest quality CBD products on the market, they are also able to tout themselves as being dedicated to transparency for the public benefit where others may not be inclined. Understanding well the notion that “no body is worth more than your body” (Melody Carstairs), everything that Primo commits itself to is tracked using METrc (a trusted 3rd party software platform that tracks end to end cannabis supply chain for compliance) to insure that consumers are made aware of the seed to shelf process and know what was implemented throughout the process of what they take. While METrc provides this tracking system, they are also involved in developing a tracing system built on the Tron Blockchain. By doing so, this allows consumers to not just trust in the information that is provided (and full accessibility to it), but also to trust in the process of its collection and dissemination via blockchain technology.

Following in the footsteps of METrc, Primo provides consumers with a guide that serves as their own business philosophy: that every cannabis user should be made aware, upfront, of any sourcing, manufacturing, and testing. The goal is to bridge between consumers and producers through trust and transparency. While Primo would undoubtedly identify itself as one of the most trusted CBD businesses out there, Primo’s consideration to consumers goes so far as to provide a checklist to ensure your health—even if it is not with Primo. In a rapidly-evolving industry with many companies seeking to gain as much business as possible, it is almost certain that in order to do this, companies may engage shortcuts which can jeopardize health—and for the industry as a whole to make rapid changes which would safeguard against this kind of harm, they would need to be made aware of it (something that doesn’t always happen as quickly as we would want). While the goal of Primo is to always produce high quality, hemp-derived CBD products that you can trust, the priority has been, and always will be, you. That is the Primo Guarantee.

So, before you go purchasing a CBD product, consider whether they provide you with markers telling you whether a) their products were tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and contaminants; b) their labels indicating whether they are made with CBD or Cannabidiol; c) their labels disclose the total amount of CBD in the product; d) their products were previous lab tested; e) their products are METrc traced; f) their data is stored in a blockchain; and g) their specific batches have been analyzed.

The Versatility of Hemp: Products, Items, and Gear
Apart from the history and the philosophy, Primo has several hemp products in development. One of the most sought after items is the crafted Hemptasia terpene infused IPAs—and for good reason. The process in crafting terpene infusions that carry the unique smells and flavoring is not an easy feat to master. Terpenes themselves can have a varying range of effect in consumption and the process in crafting beer can either alter the effected result from the terpene or the terpene itself; when added into the crafting process, this can have unintended effects on the beer as well. Thanks to the skillset, the science, and the partnership between Primo and Third Eye Brewing Company, terpene infused IPAs are now a reality—with more soon to come.
The first to market a terpene infused IPA, you can purchase this brew in Cincinatti, Ohio with online ordering soon to follow. In true Primo fashion, you can also get to learn the history, choices, and methods of terpene infusions by following the link and clicking Hemptasia. And it doesn’t end there; in fact, Primo’s trajectory is taking them to partnering up with additional microbreweries to create other blends of craft beer across the world with the most recent partnership being built between Primo and Mad Rabbit Distillery on a whiskey infusion.

If you are looking to represent your local Primo store (or simply to have some cool swag in support of the industry), you can also order clothing that is customizable with your very own NFT. Similar to what many businesses are going through in regard to the logistics behind supply chains, Primo is not invulnerable to this either. So, while you can order clothing from Primo itself, the move into hemp-derived material has been temporarily slowed down until 2025. This does not mean, however, that Primo is not committed to a more environmentally friendly option (as expressed below), but that it is at the forefront of their eventual development and is currently being advanced—all good things in due time.

Of course, all of this production of hemp-derived products comes at a cost which is why Primo is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly methods where and when possible with their various items and gear. An especially important benefit to the hemp industry is how they help to support the well-being of the environment. Using biodegradable hemp plastic, rather than conventional plastics, allows consumers to avoid the toxicity associated with the breakdown of traditional plastic polymers—as well as the increases in CO2 emissions from the creation of traditional plastics (to note, hemp-derived products generate zero byproducts and hemp itself absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere). Using 3D printers, Primo is able to craft jewelry such as rings and earrings with biodegradable plastic—something that consumers will be able to find comfort in that their purchase did not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollutants.

This advocation for the environment does not just stay within the boundaries of Primo—we recognize that the advancement of sustainable practices cannot be done in an isolated vacuum; rather, it is through a global offensive that the kind of change that Primo believes in can be realized. This is why Primo supports additional innovations and products through other projects that push the hemp industry forward. One notable partnership that Primo supports is Hempwood; a company producing flooring, lumber, furniture kits, and picture frames made of hemp. Hemp wood itself is a product that has been proven to be one of the strongest fibers on the planet, typically lighter than conventional wood, and easy to produce in mass quantities (not to mention that through production captures CO2 emissions and is a renewable energy source). Consumers can discuss the viability and eco-friendly benefits of hemp wood at any store location and can order by clicking Hempwood.

Affiliate Opportunity

If any of this excited you, then this is even greater news. Since the industry is on such a rapid pace of advancement, the opportunity to get involved in the hemp-industry in some form or shape has never been higher (especially due to the 2018 Farm Bill which you can read about here). Many dream of being their own boss, setting their own hours, providing jobs to the community, and satisfying the urge to begin on your own adventure on your own terms. While very exciting, what seems to stop most people from becoming involved is how they could ever get started, how to insure your business, and how to grow into a full-fledged company with your own unique style and brand. Fortunately, Primo is in the position to provide assistance in some of these avenues which you can find out about here when you click Affiliate Program. Worried about cannabis risk or have concerns about insuring your business? Primo can help you with this as well with their affiliates in Metzger Insurance Agency where you will gain access to Chance Sowers and his agency (which handles Primo risk insurance and provides advice to Primo’s team and partners). Do you already have a CBD business and would like to venture into CBD gummies? Primo also offers assistance and information in starting this which you can look into by clicking on Gummy Wholesale Catalog.

**The Continued Growth of an Ecosystem & Blockchain Development Web3.0 **

Primo is constantly at the forefront at development and is constantly in a mode of advancing growth. To note, Primo created a brand new TRC20 Token that was airdropped for FREE with no ICO. This translated into offering users 100% utility for discounts on primo products by verifying TRX address and choosing among their options, up to a 45% discount on Primo products through a code generator (unique to the selection of the user). Additionally, with regulatory uncertainty in the industry, Primo decided to separate the CBD/hemp side of the business from blockchain development and create Primo Ocean DAO; a decentralized DAO building web3.0 (detailed further below).


On the last week of December in 2021, interest in NFTs (examining the global searches for them online) surpassed crypto, suggesting a major swing is on the way and it seems as if 2022 is no different (going so far as to transforming play to earn gaming and landing a spot closer to mainstream rather than being seen as trendy). Primo is no stranger to these developments which is why they have already involved themselves in the NFT space. Their NFTs were created by Primo Ocean DAO which has also developed to support Primo NFTs and will soon support buying and selling using the primo token (in addition to also providing loyalty rewards for NFT holders)

Primo Ocean DAO has partnered with Tron Ninjas to create a fun gaming experience using their TRC20 token (and awesome tournaments). The best part is that anytime you play you earn .01 primo.

Primo Ocean DAO has also partnered with to create the world’s first ever Meta dedicated to the cannabis space: Cannabis Cove. In Cannabis Cove, NFT holders will have access to the exclusive club house and events inside the meta (including the ability to buy some CBD products at the virtual store from companies like Primo Gardens Inc). It isn’t all business here, as users can always come relax the mind and virtual body; you’ll find a mix of gaming and real-life experiences inside this one-of-a-kind cannabis group of virtual islands. Here you can have fun with various leisure activities like disc golf, paint ball, and other interactive games to enjoy. If information is what you seek, you will find it here as well where you can start your own cannabis farm, learn extraction or infusion techniques, special recipes and cooking in a virtual classroom setting. There is nothing like the Cannabis Cove Meta for all things cannabis—the dopest virtual environment you’ll ever enter.

Utility & DEFI
As introduced earlier, Primo Ocean DAO has created a bridge between the Tron Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain using the Primo Token (Primo Trc20/10 and BEP20 tokens). You can also Use the token as a discount for CBD related products at Primo Gardens Inc (Coupon Exchange - Primo Gardens Inc). Specifically, Primo TRC10 is used inside our text wallet for cheap and fast transfers for our loyalty program with the benefit allowing consumers to use Tron for free and not need to know what energy is. Staking also went live this week with a 10% APY.

You can find Primo on and Pancake swap. For information on how to join the DAO, benefits associated with the DAO, and/or become a Governor, see below.

To be part of the DAO (bylaws):

  • Must hold a Primo NFT (any Primo NFTs on the market are not eligible for club benefits)
  • Must join the Telegram room and give BSC address (IF YOU DONT VOTE YOU CAN BE REMOVED)
  • Must sign an NDA
  • Must KYC (Primo uses your Telegram ID but more information could be required in the future based on legal recommendations)
  • Must not violate club bylaws or NDA (members that violate the bylaws may be removed based on a DAO vote surpassing 60%. Members that violate the NDA will be removed immediately without vote)

Benefits and information concerning the DAO:

  • Club holds 142 million Primo TRC20. Members can send Governors ideas and they can put it up for a vote to the entirety of the DAO (60% vote required to pass).
    • For transparency, TYeKeFttZeVXHGUdVxWN1ASAbz9pvkJfmU - 142,225,847 Primo Token Club Wallet.
  • Wallets that hold more than 1 Primo NFT receives 3% of total airdrop rewards.
  • DAO wallet always in possession of 1.2 million $TRX or equivalent in other tokens.
  • For all addresses, see below:
    • TKjRuf2EUBw69qbiZTK9pCbH84qj9js7Hm—Primo DAO Wallet
    • 0x47913382d1628d902afAfeF6ceB690d2CDaaE439—PrimoBSC DAO Wallet
    • 0xa7deaDE7Bbba2bf0AF1572A25B47E477749ef383—Primo BSC token address
    • TPbbHx2ztzYoJS12S4BkyhNjRBH9i7539r—Primo TRC20 contact address
    • TRaS1N6FA8ZJHPMzy28rnh4twJeJ1f3DzZ—Primo Tron NFT contract address

In total, there is currently 9 Governors (with the option to increase this number based on DAO vote). In order to prevent a monopolization of power, Primo DAO splits its operations between the Governor group and the membership (with membership holding voting power via PrimoBSC and Governors having voting power to move DAO proposals to full membership vote). The role of a Governor is designed to serve as a facilitator of ideas (as any DAO member can propose ideas to Governors via Telegram DAO room) and/or provide contexts to membership to vote. Below is info on how you could join the DAO or become a Governor:

  • Must hold 100,000 PrimoBSC
  • Must hold 1 of 420 Tron NFTs
  • Required to attend weekly Governor’s Meetings (meetings occur live in TG DAO voice chat

BOTs & Text Loyalty Wallet

Primo Ocean DAO has developed web3.0 bots to help with DAO management and other fun web3 use cases’ . To interact with the BOTs join their telegram @ Telegram: Contact @PrimoGroup. The text wallet was built to give ease of use to the average consumer when using their web3 loyalty program.

Final Word
Primo Gardens Inc & Primo Ocean DAO take pride in building web3. They would use the much-needed funding to continue development and pay for operating cost. They look forward to building the future of 2 huge emerging markets in crypto and cannabis.


Primo is one to keep an eye on. With their constant growth and real world business, they arent your ordinary company. As Primo enters the metaverse with their new partners Aftermath Islands and Liquid, they will bring an already booming multi billion dollar industry into the future. DYOR but Look at and pick up a Gen 1 Primo NFT before its too late! Just my opinion but anyone who holds tron should hold some primo in their portfolio. Lets support all those who helped support and get Tron/TRX in the limelight​:seedling::moneybag::rocket:


After reading all of that i am even more interested in this project. I have been a supporter and token holder from almost day 1 and have watched them grow into what we see today navigating the highly stigmatized area around cannabis. To me this token, project, DAO, NFT’s, Metaverse they are entering are not to be slept on. This is just the beginning! Dont miss out :wink:


If you are looking for a multichain business in a fast growing world of crypto and hemp. You definitely need to do your research on Primo. They are up and running and expanding. Lovely community and a great dao group with rewarding NFT’S.


Primo is growing and growing. Amazing team, amazing project and amazing how they develop the business. Primo surely be one of my long term bag investment.


This is just an awesome use of tron blockchain technology in a real company! Great advertisement for Tron and a emerging market with a lot of potential. This team should get support from tron dao!


One of the best read I have had in a long while. Great job Primo


Real life Business with blockchain integration meets Virtual world!! This is about to blow folks minds that they miss the boat on this one!!


Love what you guys do, keep up the great work.


It’s a pleasure to see Primo’s development and being part of that journey. Great DAO with amazing projects. Looking forward to Cannabis Cove!!


With what I just read this project is on the right track for success! I’m glad to be apart of the DAO!


Awesome read from an awesome real live business


Welcome @PrimoOceanDAO and thank you for your in-depth introduction post, it sure will help the community learn more about your team better.

We think having a TLDR summary will also let those who wanted to learn more about you at a glance. Can you provide a 2-3 sentences short answers to the following questions?

  1. What is Primo Ocean DAO and who are your target audience?

  2. What do you plan on building during the next 2-3 months?

  3. How will PrimoOceanDAO contribute to the development of web3?

Thank you.


Had a great time reading it though I wish you can make a summary. I also wish that you will provide your future plans with the token except for the ones that are already mentioned above.


A: Primo Ocean DAO is a private DAO building web3 products for the cannabis community. Our foundation is built on the back of Primo Gardens Inc connecting real world cannabis products with web3. The world is our target audience. So many still don’t understand the many uses of hemp/cannabis and what it can do for our world and environment.

A: If our project is picked we plan to use the funding in the next few months to

  1. Get listed on a CEX and CMC.
  2. Create user friendly frontend and release Itraceit to the public so any one can easily upload, track and trace products on the Tron blockchain.
  3. Update Ocean NFT Market to a Cannabis niche NFT market. Will focus on cannabis art and allow user to buy/sell using Primo Token.
  4. continue to develop the Text wallet and build more users.
  5. Continue with cross chain development to bring more eyes to our Tron web3 use cases.

A: We already are. Primo Ocean DAO is not a whitepaper we are active and growing. The hemp industry was just made federally legal in 2018. Bitcoin was created in 2009. We are very early in both these emerging markets. Most are still confusing hemp with drugs, and this is far from the truth. Our goal is to educate consumers on the amazing benefits of cannabis and web3. Banking is an issue for all in the cannabis industry and web3 can help lead the way for easy business transactions within the space.


Cannabis use is now more popular than ever, as more and more places choose to legalize marijuana. This beautiful plant has the ability to improve lives across the entire globe. Primo is one of the best CBD company who will take the lead!



This is a great project and Im glad to see you flaunt your stuff and show this hackathon whats up. Good luck yall I think a top prize is in order


Likels likes this. I invest $ into.

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Nice an great overwiew of the project and what you guys are up to. A project to keep an eye on! Keep up the good work.