Primo DAO now open to everyone!

January DAO Meeting update:

As you may have noticed the primo main telegram room has been changed to Primo DAO. Everyone in the room is now a part of Primo DAO. There is no longer a VIP/Separate room/DAO. Join our DAO room and voice your opinion today!

What are ways to be in DAO? :mechanical_arm:

  1. HodL PrimoBSC = Voting Power @ Snapshot

  2. HodL PrimoTron = Used for real world products @ and can now be staked to earn 10% APR on 304million. On top of this
    whatever % is voted in. Snapshot will be added into the staking contract to create the primo defi program and reward the community for loyalty finally making our token more then a coupon backed by real world hemp products.

  3. HodL PrimoNFT = Gets you monthly drops based on our escrow swap back program. Currently we have a 420 supply on tron that will be getting smaller in the near future. Primo GEN 3 will be on the XRP network. Youll have to burn gen 1 or gen 2 to get gen 3. This will create smaller supply on tron and better staking rewards for our tron NFTs. GEN 3 will have its own ecosystem of staking and rewards. We will have 420 unique cannabis themed NFTs on the Lux Lion ecosystem only way to enter that ecosystem is again burning gen 1 or 2 creating more value for our tron NFTs. You can buy a lion on the market but if you want a cannabis themed only way for now is burning.

  4. Landowner on Hemp Hideaway = TBA meta perks. Currently you can play to earn on LKOT which I recommend doing. You earn our #Wax NFTs.

  5. Join our Telegram DAO room

Primo NFTs will now be on:

Primo Token:

Primo Meta:
SOON you will be able to buy Aftermath NFTs using PrimoTRON

Swap primo @:

Buy NFT @:

Wallets to use:
Klever - PrimoTRON/ocean market
Tronlink - PrimoTron/ PirmoNFT/ ocean market
Trustwallet - PrimoBSC
Metamask - PrimoBSC
Wax Wallet - Primo Meta NFTs
Xumm - Gen 3 NFTs


Amazing, keep it up guys,…primo is a great project indeed

Hola, información muy detallada y muy buen proyecto con avances

Interesting project, I like

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It’s awesome :ok_hand: We’re expecting more projects like this.

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Thanks be sure to join our DAO room!