Primo Staking is LIVE!

We are proud to announce Primo TRC20 staking is live. You can now stake you’re Primo at our DAO owned NFT market ([]) and earn for life. The program is based on products purchased @ Primo Gardens Inc. 20% of all products purchased with primo token will go back into the contract monthly.


Congratulations @PrimoOceanDAO For achieving this great milestones, keep on building :handshake:


Enhorabuena, es un proyecto que merece ser estudiado con muy buenas perspectivas.


Congrats. Would be nice a max button for staking (or maybe I missed it?). Anyway the design looks good :ok_hand:


Congratulations on such an interesting project

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Thanks everyone.

:satellite:Primo DAO AMA Thursday, Feb 2nd 6PM EST :satellite:

VC in DAO room @ Telegram: Contact @PrimoGroup :woman_astronaut:

Join meta DAO AMA in under 5 mins @

Mobile or Desktop.

We will be giving away some Hemp seed, Primo Baked Bull which can be burned for a GEN 3 Lux Lion and much more.:boom:

:boom:be sure not to miss this one! Get a taste of what is coming for our own island Hemp Hideaway and the aftermath ecosystem. :boom:

Join our telegram i have posted the video on how to join our meta meeting in under 5 minutes.


Congratulations team, I have some primo tokens. Going to stake soon :handshake::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Hola, me he creado mi avatar y he entrado en la isla, super gráficos, le felicito está genial. Cuando tenga un rato inspecciona más.

Great hope to see you later today in our AMA! Be sure to join our telegram and join our DAO. The DAO is now open to everyone. Check out our latest post

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Good wishes Primo team :blush:


Congratulations to team Primo staking
My question is

Any rule guiding staking earnings and it’s apy%

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PrimoTRON is currently a 10% APR that should last atleast 1 more years based on our 300M tokens that were held for loyalty staking. Each month 20% of tokens redeemed @ will also enter the contract. Over 926M tokens already staked with a lifetime staking contract.

PrimoBSC currently has a 13.84% APY with a 5 year staking contract.


Hola, esto es un a buena noticia

Thanks for this information.


It’s good news thanks

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Thank you, this is a great news

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