TBlocksW the First 3D NFT & GameFi on Tron Blockchain

Hi Tronics,

We are please to introduce our new project TBlocksW ( stands for Tron Blocks World ).
At the beginning you will be able to get:

20,000 unique NFTs available for minting at the fixed price
3D Character viewer
Multiple Mint
5% Cashback ( for who will mint at least 50 items)
AR App & Demo Game

We have currently setup our official launch date on 20th March 2022. More things will follow, just check-out our Roadmap.

TBlocksW Phase 1.0

What is TBlocksW ?

TBlocksW is the First 3D NFT project on Tron Blockchain. There are 20,000 unique TBLOCKS in total (SuperSuperRare included). All TBLOCKS are being minted randomly and they have also many attributes that defines their rarity. The minting cost of a Tron-based TBLOCKS is set to 1000 TRX (+ transaction fees). The launch of Tron-based TBLOCKS is a unique investment opportunity for collectors. TBLOCKS NFTs are all different, but they cost the same for everyone. The Collection also includes some SSRs Characters at the same price.

Smart Contract energy consumption:

1 417 215,000 1,000
2 449 420,000 2,000
3 481 640,000 3,000
4 513 830,000 4,000
5 545 1,030,000 5,000
6 577 1,235,000 6,000
7 609 1,440,000 7,000
8 641 1,645,000 8,000
9 673 1,850,000 9,000
10 705 2,055,000 10,000

TBlocksW Phase 2.0

TBlocksW Staking Platform

TBlocksW GameFi

TBlocksW ETH Bridge

Give us your feedback about our project and support it since the launch.

Join our socials:

WEBSITE: https://tblocksw.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tblocksw
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/tblocksw


Glad to see original NFT and developpers building on Tron.
Wish you guys great success!


Thanks sir, build is a must for us. We hope to get Tronics attention at the launch and on the way forward.


Looks like a great project…
Wish you a successful future…

Cant wait till have access to Tron network in my area.