TRON Fight Club - An Upcoming Platform Style Fighting Game

Hey Tronics! A bit late to the forum here but have been a big supporter for TRON for almost two years now.

Wanted to give you word about a new collection that is coming to TRON next month. TRON Fight Club is a collection of 10,000 male and female Champions. Our artwork is original and inspired by anime and pop culture. We have been working hard on creating awesome cool traits to make all the pieces stand out and bring much value to their holders.

Our mint price is targeted to be at 690 TRX. We also have plans to create a platform-style fighting game that will allow holders to play against the computer and others and want to airdrop each holder a 3D rigged version of their NFT.

We will be using funds from the mint proceeds to pay for game development and game economic planning and partnerships with other TRON projects to grow a game that has stable economics and a strong playerbase.

We are based in the USA and have team members in NYC, Seattle, and Tampa! We are super excited to showcase our work and want you to join the TRON Fight Club community. If our call resonates with you and you are excited to learn more, then we implore you to visit our Twitter @TronFightClub and engage and share our tweets.

We will be giving away free mints to our dedicated supporters, so stay tuned for more to come! Currently we can only post one picture in this post since we are new account on the forum, but we hope you enjoy what you see!

Anyways, thanks for reading our post and we look forward to connecting more likeminded people in the TRON community! :slight_smile:


Have you looked into entering the #tron-hackathon Season 2 or Season 3 NFT Track to win $60,000? Or @admin.apenft Developer Sprint program for extra $20K in funding for the NFT project?

Anyways looks cool, I’ll give you a follow.


Yes! We have looked at both developer programs. We are planning to enter the Season 2 hackathon currently. We have been in contact with APENFT but are unsure where we stand with them currently

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