TroniQue by Team DataVoyagers - Simplifying Tron and Empowering Users with TroniQue

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TroniQue - Simplifying Tron and Empowering Users with TroniQue

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Team Member(s): 4 (@Thunder035 @sky @skprobo108 @Mary17 )

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TroniQue Devpost Submission

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TroniQue.pdf (7.5 MB)

Project Goal:

Tronique aims to change how people interact with the TRON blockchain. We want to make it easier for everyone, even those who aren’t tech experts, to access important information and insights about TRON. Our goal is to break down complex technical barriers and make the TRON blockchain more understandable and usable for everyone.

We want to empower users by giving them easy access to TRON’s data and insights. We do this by using advanced artificial intelligence and language processing technologies to make interacting with TRON easier and more intuitive. By bringing together data from different TRON-related platforms and presenting it in a simple way, we help users better understand blockchain technology.

Project Value:

Here are the empowering Features of TroniQue:

  1. Accessible Data Retrieval - Effortlessly access essential blockchain data and insights using natural language queries.
  2. Seamless Interactions - Engage with the blockchain ecosystem intuitively through conversational interactions, eliminating technical barriers.
  3. Real-time Updates - Receive up-to-date information and insights on TRON transactions, DEX trades, and forum activities instantly.
  4. User-Friendly Experience - Navigate the TroniQue interface with ease, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience for users of all levels.
  5. Transparent Transactions - Gain transparency and trust through independent verification of transactions, fostering a decentralized environment.
  6. Enhanced Accessibility - Enable seamless accessibility to blockchain data anytime, anywhere, ensuring users can stay informed and engaged at their convenience.
  7. Streamlined Operations - Save time and resources by leveraging TroniQue for streamlined operations, from data retrieval to transaction management.

Project Info:

TroniQue is your gateway to effortless interaction with the TRON blockchain. We’ve crafted a platform that puts vital information and data right at your fingertips, ensuring that navigating TRON’s ecosystem is a breeze for everyone.

Designed with user empowerment in mind, TroniQue ensures that accessing TRON’s wealth of resources is not only simple but also inclusive. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or new to the scene, our platform is tailored to accommodate users of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

You can ask TroniQue questions in plain language, and it will fetch information from TRON’s forums, provide transaction details, insights into DEX trades, and even access documentation. It’s like having a knowledgeable companion guiding you through the complexities of the TRON blockchain with ease and clarity.

Project Website:

TroniQue Platform

Project Test Instructions:

Step 1: Accessing the Landing Page

  • Begin your exploration of TroniQue by visiting the platform’s homepage. Here, you’ll find a brief overview of what TroniQue offers, along with navigation options to explore specific features of the TRON blockchain.

Step 2: Navigating to Specific Data Queries

  • Community Pulse (TRON DAO Forum): Scroll down on the homepage to the section titled “Community Pulse”. To start querying data related to the TRON DAO Forum, click on the “Get Started” button located within this section.

  • Market Dynamics (DEX Trades): If you’re interested in querying data regarding DEX trades, locate the “Market Dynamics” section on the homepage.
    Click the “Get Started” button in this section to proceed.

Step 3: Submitting Queries and Receiving Data

  • Once in the correct section (either TRON DAO Forum or DEX Trades), you’ll see an input box where you can ask your questions in plain language. For example, you could type “What are the daily total trades?” or “Which are the trending projects in season 5?”

  • After submitting your query, the AI processes your request and displays both textual answers and visual data representations.

Project Details:

TroniQue makes accessing and engaging with the TRON blockchain easier. Our platform is all about making it simple to find information and interact with various TRON-related platforms.

Our goal is to break down barriers and simplify blockchain transactions. With TroniQue, users of all backgrounds can easily navigate the TRON ecosystem. Whether you’re exploring forums, checking transactions, analyzing trades, or reading documentation, TroniQue is here to help you do it all with ease.

At our core, we want to make blockchain insights accessible to everyone and create a more inclusive web3 community. With our user-friendly platform, we’re bridging the gap between complexity and accessibility, ensuring that anyone can participate in the TRON ecosystem confidently and easily.

Smart Contract links:

Smart Contract (Nile Testnet)

Project Milestones:

Milestone 1: Feature Planning and AI Model Understanding (05/04/2024 to 10/04/2024) - Completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Define key features and understand AI model requirements.

  • Identify key features based on project goals: Data retrieval, conversational interactions, real-time updates, user-friendly experience, transparent transactions, enhanced accessibility, and streamlined operations.
  • Understand AI model requirements for natural language processing (NLP) and data analysis.
  • Research and document specific AI models suitable for implementing natural language queries and data processing.
  • Evaluate AI model performance and compatibility with project goals.
  • Finalize the feature list and select AI models for implementation.

Milestone 2: Data Source Integration and Preprocessing (11/04/2024 to 15/04/2024) - Completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Integrate data sources and preprocess data for AI model compatibility.

  • Identify and prioritize data sources: TRON DAO forum, DEX trades.
  • Implement data extraction tools for identified sources.
  • Preprocess data to ensure compatibility with selected AI models.
  • Evaluate data quality and perform necessary cleaning and validation.
  • Test data retrieval and preprocessing pipelines for reliability and efficiency.

Milestone 3: Frontend Design and Development (16/04/2024 to 22/04/2024) - Completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Design and develop frontend components for seamless user interaction.

  • Identify frontend components: Homepage, Forum data page, DEX trade analyzer page.
  • Design UI/UX wireframes for each component to ensure an intuitive user experience.
  • Develop front-end prototypes for feature testing and feedback.
  • Iterate front-end designs based on user feedback and usability testing.
  • Implement responsive design principles for compatibility across devices.

Milestone 4: Backend API Development and Integration (23/04/2024 to 30/04/2024) - Completed :white_check_mark:

Objective: Develop backend API for data retrieval and integrate with frontend components.

  • Design backend API structure for efficient data retrieval and processing.
  • Implement API endpoints for accessing TRON blockchain data sources.
  • Integrate backend API with frontend components for seamless data interaction.
  • Test API functionality and performance under various load conditions.
  • Optimise API performance and address any issues identified during testing.

Milestone 5: Testing, User Feedback, and Refinement (01/05/2024 to 05/05/2024)

Objective: Conduct comprehensive testing, collect user feedback, and refine the system for optimal performance.

  • Perform extensive testing across all components (unit, integration, and system tests).
  • Pilot the platform with a select user group to gather feedback on usability and functionality.
  • Refine user interface and backend processes based on feedback to enhance user experience.

Project Future Plan:

Here are some of the key developments we have planned for the near future:

  • Adding TRON Documentation Data Functionality: TroniQue aims to integrate TRON’s official documentation, enabling users to access technical documents and guides directly through the platform. This will facilitate an enriched learning environment and help users navigate the blockchain space more effectively.

  • Enhancing UI to Be More User-Friendly: The user interface of TroniQue will undergo improvements to become more intuitive and engaging, driven by user feedback and current UX/UI trends. This enhancement will help simplify the complexities associated with blockchain technology and improve user satisfaction.

  • Advancing AI Model Training: TroniQue plans to further develop its AI models to increase accuracy and efficiency. This involves refining the models’ capabilities in processing and understanding complex queries, ensuring the platform’s AI remains at the forefront of technology.

  • Implementing TRON Wallet Connection and Subscription Model: We are planning to introduce a subscription model in future, supported by a smart contract on the TRON network for handling transactions. Users will be able to connect their TRON wallets to the platform, promoting deeper engagement with the TRON ecosystem, priority access during high traffic periods, and ensuring the platform’s sustainability.


This project will be really helpful for new users to access the data about TRON!
Welcome and All the best for Season 6! :star2:


Welcome to hackaTron S6 with TroniQue; A project you have dedicated to simplifying blockchain technology among users through access to Tron-related platform’s documentations. Over the periods of this hackathons, there has been many projects that came up with this solution you are offering but received lack of adoption through active usage/engagement from the community. Now that you are coming up with same solution, how do you plan to drive adoption of your project among users of the platform?


just as @Youngyuppie said, a lot of these projects have been here and I bet any tronics here using those platforms. I don’t even know if they still exist. It’s about time, devs building on tron look for a marketing strategy to get their products out there. Because I can see a lot of people are building but do not even have up to 100 active users. Start working on that please. Welcome and I am wishing you all the best


Welcome to the Hackathon, please tell me, when will you put out the project website, I want to know, thank you!!

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Welcome to hackathon season 6
This looks like a very promising project, Team DataVoyagers I have some important questions

Q1 Please :pray: kindly elaborate on the specific NLP techniques e.g., named entity recognition, sentiment analysis) used to understand user queries and process data.

Q2 In what way will TroniQue ensure the security and privacy of user data, especially when interacting with external platforms.

Q3 While the project aims to empower users, is there a planned monetization strategy to ensure long-term sustainability.

Q4 Can you define your target user base more clearly, and are you focusing on beginners, experienced users, or both.

Thank you so much @Beast for your encouragement! We’re excited to make the TRON blockchain more accessible and user-friendly with TroniQue. Stay tuned for updates. Your support means a lot to us! :star2::rocket:

Hey @Youngyuppie ,
Thank you for your question! You’ve highlighted a crucial aspect of blockchain technology adoption—engagement from a diverse user base. Our approach with TroniQue differs significantly from previous projects in a few key ways.

Firstly, while many past solutions were often tailored to specific niches like developers, TroniQue is designed to encompass a much broader range of user needs across the TRON ecosystem. We aim to serve not just one group, but multiple segments of users, thereby increasing the utility and relevance of our platform. For example:

  1. Traders can leverage TroniQue to access data on DEX trades, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the latest market trends.

  2. Developers will find immense value in our easy access to TRON documentation, helping them to save time and improve their efficiency in building or maintaining their projects on the TRON blockchain.

  3. Community members active in TRON forum can use TroniQue to retrieve updates and discussions from past and current seasons, helping them stay informed and engaged with community governance and decisions.

By integrating diverse data sources and functionalities into a single, user-friendly platform, TroniQue plans to attract and retain a wide array of users from various backgrounds. This comprehensive approach not only makes our platform more versatile but also enhances user engagement by providing valuable insights tailored to the needs of different user groups within the TRON community.

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Thank you @ines_valerie for your interest in TroniQue! We are currently working on developing a comprehensive and user-friendly website for the project. Our aim is to have the initial version of the website launched soon, ideally within the next few days. :rocket::globe_with_meridians:

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Thank you for replying to me I feel good and honored and as I am learning more about your project can you tell me more about all the content strategy that is designed for your website, thank you


Hey @Thunder035, TroniQue is a very ambitious project based on the description!

Can you explain in a little more detail the key features and data sources you plan to integrate into this project?

If you have any design concepts, that would also be great to see - I’m trying to imagine what this dashboard/chatbot/platform is going to look for users.

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, your offering here is quite interesting.
TroniQue seeks to simplify interactions with the TRON blockchain, making it accessible to users at all levels, hmm.

What specific AI models are being examined for natural language processing, and how are they being assessed for alignment with project objectives?

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Hello @MrMinterTRON , thanks for reaching out and showing interest in TroniQue! I’m thrilled to dive into more details about our project’s key features and the data sources we’re integrating. I’ll also touch on the design concepts to give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

Key Features of TroniQue:

  1. Accessible Data Retrieval: Users can query blockchain data using natural language, making it simple for anyone, regardless of their technical background, to understand and engage with the TRON blockchain.
  2. Seamless Interactions: Our platform uses a conversational interface that feels like chatting with a knowledgeable friend, helping to navigate and interact with the blockchain ecosystem effortlessly.
  3. User-Friendly Experience: The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, which lowers the entry barrier for new users and enhances the experience for seasoned blockchain enthusiasts.
  4. Enhanced Accessibility: The platform is accessible anywhere, anytime, ensuring that users can stay informed and engaged with the blockchain community on their own schedule.

Data Sources Integration:

To ensure that our platform is as informative and useful as possible, we’re integrating a variety of data sources:

  1. TRON DAO Forum: To gather community insights and the latest discussions.
  2. DEX Trades: Providing insights into market trends and trading activities.
  3. Documentation Details: Accessible directly through our platform to help users understand various aspects of the TRON ecosystem.

Design Concepts:

Our design philosophy centers around simplicity and functionality. Here’s what we envision:

  1. Home Page: The Home page serves as the primary landing page and is designed to introduce users to TroniQue and its functionalities succinctly.

  2. Chat Section: The Chat section is where users interact directly with the TroniQue AI to ask questions and receive answers, complete with visual data representations.

Hello @manfred_jr, Thank you for the question!

For natural language processing (NLP), we are utilizing the Vanna AI, which plays a crucial role in our system by facilitating the translation of natural language queries into SQL queries that interact with our blockchain database. Here’s how Vanna is being leveraged and assessed in line with our project objectives:

How Vanna AI Works in TroniQue:

  1. Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG): Vanna AI utilizes a retrieval-augmented generation model that first retrieves relevant information from a set of data and then generates responses based on this information. In the context of TroniQue, Vanna AI retrieves data from our TRON blockchain data, ensuring that the responses are directly relevant to the users’ queries.

  2. Training the Model: We train the Vanna model on a specially curated dataset that includes data from the TRON blockchain, such as tron dao forum, and DEX trades. This training ensures that Vanna understands and accurately processes queries related to blockchain specifics.

  3. Generating SQL Queries: Once trained, Vanna can interpret user queries posed in natural language and convert these into SQL commands. These commands are then executed against our blockchain database, allowing users to retrieve information like transactions, wallet balances, or DEX trade analyses without needing to write complex queries themselves.

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I like their approach towards using advanced AI and language processing to simplify interactions with TRON, breaking down complex barriers and making blockchain technology more understandable.

With features like accessible data retrieval, real-time updates, and a user-friendly interface, TroniQue is empowering users to navigate the blockchain ecosystem effortlessly. Plus, their focus on transparency and streamlined operations ensures a trustworthy and efficient experience for all.

Excited to see how TroniQue team makes blockchain more accessible and user-friendly!

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Hats off, Team DataVoyagers for their groundbreaking approach to simplifying Tron.
Welcome to Hackathon S6, and here’s to a successful journey ahead!


Thank you so much @Cassiopeia for your enthusiasm and support! We’re thrilled to hear that our approach resonates with you. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the blockchain experience, making it more intuitive and accessible to everyone. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to develop TroniQue, and we’re eager to bring you along on this exciting journey to make blockchain technology a seamless part of daily life. Your excitement fuels our efforts even more! :star2::rocket:

Thank you so much @CryptoHaven for your warm welcome and encouraging words! We’re excited to be part of Hackathon S6 and are committed to making our vision for TroniQue a reality. Your support motivates us to push the boundaries and innovate further.:rocket::star2:

What a fantastic addition to Hackathon S6! TroniQue promises to revolutionize the Tron community with their innovative take on simplifying Tron.
Best of luck on this exciting project!

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Wow! Thank you for this detailed explanation on how your platform is going to serve wide areas of interest. This comprehensive approach towards addressing the diverse needs of users within the Tron ecosystem is quite commendable :clap::clap::clap: By addressing to traders, developers, and community members data needs, you’re fostering inclusivity and enhancing engagement across different segments. In addressing this areas of interest, can you explain the strategies you have employed to gather and analyze real-time data on DEX trades, ensuring accuracy and reliability for traders using the platform?