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Project Name: TriAd

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: TriAd

Team Member(s): @rizwan.tron

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Project Goal:
Advertisements have been the core of Web2 since its inception, so they can be the core of Web3 too. TriAd is a decentralized advertisement exchange that will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space in a fully transparent environment powered by blockchain. From operations to payments everything will be handled on blockchain making our platform a completely secure and trustable advertisement exchange.

Project Value:
The current digital advertisement industry is facing problems not limited to

  • Not serving advertisements to web3 platforms.
  • Limited payment options i.e not accepting crypto and control over payments
  • Lacks economic transparency such as fees, earnings and spending
  • No opacity in analytics, both advertisers and publishers face a veil over crucial metrics and analytics
  • No value proposition for end-users and audience

To Solve the above issues, TriAd proposes how we can implement blockchain in this industry
The digital advertising market is worth US$740.3 bn in 2024, by integrating blockchain technology, TriAd positions itself at the forefront of this expansion, ready to capture a substantial market share by offering solutions that traditional platforms cannot.

TriAd empowers advertisers, publishers and audiences to effectively participate in the new age of advertising without compromising on transparency.

Project Info: Pitch Deck

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

Step 1: Login to the website with TronLink
Step 2: Change network to Nile
Step 3: Test the features like

  • Create advertisements, pay the budget in TRX and get transparent analytics for your ad.
  • Create a publisher account, get publisher details and withdraw your earnings
  • See the advertisement being displayed on the site and approve the impression increment

Project Details:
The implementation of TriAd MVP is meant to demonstrate the core functionalities of an advertisement exchange, not limited to

  • Advertisement Creation, payment of budget in crypto(TRX), monitoring ads.
  • Publisher creation, integration, monitoring and earnings withdrawal.
  • Platform functions like setting rate, removing ads, withdraw amount and monitoring platform.

All the details of advertisement, publisher details, fees, and operations will be available on-chain.

Process Flow Of TriAd

Smart Contract links:
Demo Video

Project Milestones:

[Milestone 1 → During Hackathon] → Achieved

  • Work on POC
  • Create and Deploy Smart Contract
  • Test smart contract
  • Build an MVP
  • Deploy MVP to main-net

[Milestone 2 → June 2024 to September 2024] → Under progress

  • Improve UI
  • Get feedback and improve on MVP
  • Build SDK to allow publishers to integrate
    ads into their platforms

[Milestone 3 → October 2024 to January 2025] → Upcoming

  • Change Architecture to reduce gas fees
  • Work on algorithms for demand and supply
  • Build a mechanism for fraud detection
  • Implement security features
  • Onboard publishers for testing

[Milestone 4 → February 2025 to May 2025 ] → Upcoming

  • Deploy to mainnet
  • Onboard advertisers
  • Start the operations


  1. Improved UI
  2. Launched contest
  3. We have qualified for the next level, please vote for us.
  4. TriAd got the attention of Spindl a web3 marketing platform founded by Antonio Garcia Martinez
  5. Our New Logo
    Screenshot from 2024-05-30 20-01-51
  6. Got our first client

Welcome team Triad to Grand Tron hackathon season 6.
In what way does Triad plans to use blockchain to
Enhance transparency in the advertising space


Blockchain will be used for transparent analytics like advertisement impressions and clicks which will be on-chain as these metrics are directly done by the user who has done this. Also payments, as of now the advertisers pay the exchanges and these exchanges in terms paid to the publishers, with lots of controls on payments and hidden economics. We try to make payments directly from the advertisers to the publishers with the help of smart contract.


Still don’t get you but the way welcome. Let’s take X as example, how can blockchain bring transparency in the impression counts , does it mean there is no transparency in their impression counts

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For example, consider a user “Jhon” who visits a site that has incorporated our SDK to display ads. The site requests an ad from the smart contract, the ad’s impressions will be incremented and sent to site. The ad data is present on-chain. “struct Ad {
string name;
string description;
string mediaFileLink;
string linkToTarget;
uint64 impressionsCountLimit;
uint64 impressionsCount;
uint64 budget;
address advertiserAddress;

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Welcome to hackathon season 6

While blockchain offers transparency in ad exchanges, my question is how will TriAd address the potential issue of scalability for a large user base.

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I have nothing on it right now, but I will work on it . Maybe use some third-party services. BTW thanks for pointing this.

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, am yet to understand you but please can you point some flaws in adverts and how you can solve or tackle it through your platform and Blockchain as well

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Hey you can check out this deck I have made,

Feel free to ask anything if you still have doubts, and also any suggestion and feedback is always appreciated

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New Update: Our first Advertisement is live on TRON Nile Testnet


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, this is really short but packed. I’m wondering, how does TriAd propose to motivate advertisers, publishers, and users to join its decentralized advertising ecosystem?

The value proposition for Advertisers:

  1. Transparent analytics
  2. Control over their advertisements
  3. Payments in crypto
  4. Serve ads to both web2 and web3 platforms
  5. Crypto native marketing

The value proposition for Publishers:

  1. Another way of monetizing their platforms along with traditional ads
  2. Easy and direct payments of earnings via crypto
  3. Transparent earnings and no hidden fees
  4. No one controlling their earnings

The value proposition for Users:

  1. Get rewarded for your attention
  2. Airdrops and giveaways by advertisers
  3. Advertiser reward programs

Need help
Looking for someone who can build UI for this smart contract
Network: Nile

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Welcome to the Season 6, I will like to know how you’ll adapt with other advertisement platform, thank you

Here we go
Another update → Advertisements fetched and displayed on the frontend
This one getting a great progress :zap:

We can do one thing that become an advertisement network to provide advertisements to other platforms in bulk for their publishers and accept their advertisements from them for our publishers

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It is very very promising for you to becoming an advertising network that provide advertisement to another platform, how does the advertisement that you offer make sure that the revenue that is to be distributed is fair and is transparent, thank you

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Building on the value propositions for advertisers, publishers, and users, it’s clear that TriAd seeks to establish a full ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

How does TriAd ensure the accuracy and reliability of its transparent analytics platform, and what mechanisms are in place to prevent fraud or manipulation of advertisement data?

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The current architecture implements the base for transparency whether it is in analytics or fees, you can check out the Contract functionalities that has features like impressions and rates that are on-chain.
As for the mechanisms for fraud or manipulation, I need to work on them. Thanks for pointing it.


The rate per impression will be decided by the algorithm (Need to work on it) and is saved on-chain and earnings per impression will multiplied by that rate. You can refer to the Contract to test the functionalities.