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**New Update: ** We are doing great, now easily create advertisements and send the budget in TRX.

Thank you for your reply to me, please how are you planning to educate and onboard new users, thank you

About educating users we can collaborate with crypto native platforms that are in education like metaschool and alchemy.
For publishers, we need to create content to educate them on how to integrate our ads into their platforms and also how our platform works, like earnings, impressions, and policy.
For end-users, we will use our publishers’ platforms to educate them about our platform and the benefits to them.
For Advertisers, we have to do most of the work as they need a lot of clarity about our platform. (Need to think about it).

Enhancing transparency within the architecture of TriAd’s ecosystem is a crucial step towards building trust among stakeholders.

Can advertisers and publishers access real-time analytics data through TriAd’s platform, and if so, how does the architecture ensure timely and accurate reporting of advertisement performance metrics?

Thank you for your reply to me, it really looks like you got it all planned from the very first day, you talking about advertising, are you going to make use of your community members to do in-house advertising for you while you use the money put aside for advertising as incentives for them?

Yes, advertisers and publishers can access real-time data, which is stored on blockchain and fetched directly. When the ad is shown then the “incrementImpression” function from the smart contract is invoked that takes publisher id ,ad id to increment the impression in ad, also in publisher along with earnings, and address of the user to whom the ad is shown is used to sign the transaction.

This makes every impression genuine as there requirement of user address(for web3 platforms) and for web2 platforms unique tokens will be used.

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This one is very interesting I didn’t thought about it, this can be done and it leads to the inclusivity of the community. Also a new frontier of publishers will be available to be used. Thanks for mentioning mate

Do you have any working plan to onboard advertisers and publishers to the TriAd platform?

For phase one, my plans to onboard are limited to crypto-native entities.
For advertisers, I will be approaching advertisers who are into web3 and blockchain, like exchanges, ICOs, protocols, events, blockchains, DAOs, and more
For publishers, I will be approaching publishers who generally publish content related to web3 and blockchain.

Thanks for clarity, goodluck as Hackathon progresses.

It is good for project builder to think about a way to reward the community because the community is the big heart of every project to survive, thank you

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Hello TriAd team! Thank you for building with us! :slight_smile:
Would you please help to provide dates on milestones to better understand whats pending to be done on the hackathon period and provide further feedback?

Thank you!


Hello there! Your project is truly impressive.

We’re also developing a project on Tron, by the way. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Strongcoin is a tap-to-earn game. In the game, we provide onboarding to the Tron ecosystem, including partner quests. If you’re interested, we’re available to explore collaboration opportunities.

Furthermore, we’re holding a contest offering cool prizes for the best question or suggestion! Don’t hesitate to visit our topic for more information.

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The milestone 1 was to be achieved during the hackathon period and I think it has been achieved.
The next three milestones are planned to be achieved over the year, with each milestone taking 4 months to accomplish. We have planned to take this project mainstream beyond the hackathon and continuously working on it.

Thanks for your appreciation mate.
Definitely, we have the possibility of collaboration, you can integrate ads from our platform into your platform and get revenue from it.
And surely we will look into your project for feedback and suggestions.