Triton - Join Us, Take the Crypto Quiz, Win a Victory

Project Name: Triton
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TritonTeam
Team Member(s): 1 | @TritonTeam
HackerEarth Project Link: TritonTeam - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: The Triton project aims to increase the general culture of users in the crypto space and, in doing so, enter users into a kind of tournament.

Project Value: Built on BTTC, Triton aims to attract different users to this mainnet network and create continuity for them.

Project Info: Our website directs you to 2 different sections on the home page. In the “Limited” interface, users take a 4-question recurring quiz without connecting to their metamask wallet and without the need for BTT. If they like the question logic here, they can switch to the premium part, which includes the tournament where prizes are distributed at the end of every 3 weeks.

After answering the 36 questions in the Premium section, the users with the highest score within those 3 weeks will share half of the reward in the total BTT pool. Premium mode can be entered repeatedly and the highest score is fixed to the user’s address.
Scores and addresses will be reset every 3 weeks. For user security, data from previous tournaments will not be stored.
For details, check out the smart contract.

Project Website: Cyber Triton
Project Video:
Triton.pdf (303.7 KB)

Project Test Instructions:

  • Enter the Triton website, click on Limited version.
  • Answer the 4 crypto questions you will see on the screen.
  • If you like the test logic and want to participate in the tournament, proceed to the Full Pre section with the guidance at the end of Limited or from the home page.
  • Repeat the previous step to get a higher score and compete again.
  • Observe your score as a result of Pre and the remaining time for the distribution of rewards.

Project Details: The TRitON project aims to attract crypto users to the Tournament on a specific network. It contains 4 crypto questions in the Limited version and more than 1250 in the Premium version, mostly from TRON, BTTC, Tronlink, Tron DAO Forum, hackerearth, which are updated again every 3-week tournament.

Smart Contract link: QuizRewardContract

Project Milestones:
•Preparation of project details
•Creation of website and mobile view
•Creation of test instructions and explanation video
•Full pre wallet connection and chain control
•Smart contract creation and wallet address integration
•Control of BTT token flow
•Creating and updating the quiz database
•Completion of the first 3 week tournament
•Ensuring the continuity of tournaments & expanding the user base


Good weekend everyone,

Starting in season 5 with Project Triton, we will always be there from now on. We aim to develop a fun web3 project, we have started our work and everything seems to be fine for now.

We keep the project information as a surprise for a few days. We will make updates as we develop further :jigsaw:


Hello Buddy, welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5
Good to have you join us, seems you have lots of fun for us.

Can see more details will be in few days,
Keep building, keep The fun. All the Best


we hear you, we hope the victory you are talking about will be in monetary value :joy:


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! We are waiting for your project details


Welcome to the HackaTRON. Looking forward to read about the values your project is bringing to Tron/BTTC community and blockchain industry at large. Wishing you a smooth ride in the hackathon.


The support message came very quickly. We are really happy and even more motivated.

It will be worth your wait


:grin: We have exactly such a plan, once the drafts are settled, we will start the updates by taking your opinions.


@HODL , @Youngyuppie Many thanks a thousand times for this warm welcome. We are grateful.

(I hope multiple usernames are tagged like this to interact )


ok before you talk about the plan please think about something that will give your tokens value.

Currently I am holding a token and I don’t know what to use it for? Please don’t just create a token to reward your users. Think about value. Thank you


Yes, feel free to tag multiple accounts in conveying your message. No one will penalise you for doing that :joy::joy::joy:


Alright, buddy, trust we can hold you by your building words.

Build with value, not in a rush
Build for long term not just for HACKATHON


Welcome to the season 5 hackathon. I am waiting to see what you have in stock for the tron community and crypto as a whole.

I love quizzes and once it is up and running, i might join in on the fun.

Wishing you all the best


Welcome to season 5, not alot has been disclosed here asides taking a quiz, victory and details in a few days.
Anticipating eagerly whatever it is y’all got going on.


:sweat_smile: okay, thank you. To the good days that I will tag more…


Definitely, maybe there is a project coming up that will change the flow of btt or trx instead of creating a token from scratch. Our draft is progressing better thanks to these nice comments.


Thanks and my respect to these kind words :heart:

We will definitely enjoy your visit on our platform. It looks like there will be monthly or weekly entertainments. Spoilers are on the way…


thank you very much for your good wishes :heart:

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@Gordian @Prince-Onscolo @HODL @Youngyuppie @Nana66419 @manfred_jr

Normally we would start sharing details after 1-2 weeks due to our busy schedule. But we did not want to be silent to your nice welcome. We are attaching a simple interface of our platform. (ofc we will update it a lot with new features)

In addition, the info sections above will be updated in the coming days :eyes: