D-AD(Decentralized Advertisement) -Data Selling Market Using Data Ownership. YourD's first service : ZK Ads Protocol for Web3

Project Name: YourD(D-AD)
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: 0xCatBox
Team Member(s): 3, @jrbr7282 @yhc125 @J.G
Dorahacks Project Link:

Project Goal:

Providing services that allow you to receive rewards by utilizing personal data (D-AD: Using Web3 Advertising Protocol without Data Collection)

Premise conditions of the service:

  1. No collection - Personal data should not be collected.
  2. Rights to assets - Receive reasonable compensation when consenting to the use of personal data.
  3. Transparency & fairness - Compensation is provided transparently and fairly through smart contracts.
  4. Localization and Decentralization - Personal data ownership should be held by individuals rather than centralized servers.

Project Info:

Project Website: https://www.0xcatbox.xyz

Project Test Instructions:
It will be easier to understand if you look at Demo.
we encourage you to watch it.

YourD Demo: Tron Hackathon Season 4:
YourD Demo: Tron Hackathon Season 4

  1. Advertiser: Ads Registration

  2. User: Watching Ads & Earning Reward

Project Details:
Existing advertising systems collect personal information to target ads, which leads to many problems such as personal information leaks, as the data is stored in a centralized database.

D-AD services using Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) can maintain decentralization by verifying personal information stored on the user’s local device to target ads. This enables the provision of services while preserving user privacy.

We define three components for building Web3 services: prove, own, and apply, which must be separate. YourD belongs to prove and own. We will manage personal data and derivative data using DID and create an auth system that people can use easily without knowing if it is applied to blockchain, using the WebAuthn method.

This service is different from existing wallets. In this service, users can store and utilize various data as well as digital assets. Moreover, through the YourD auth system, people will be able to easily log in to other dapp services.

Lastly, there is the D-ad service, which stands for Decentralized advertisement. This service is a suitable advertising service for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Web3 world. To summarize this service in the simplest way, it is an advertising service that enables targeted advertising without collecting personal information. This service will be provided in two ways, CtoC and BtoB, and it also has the advantage of allowing individuals to advertise at a low cost.
Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:


Welcome to TRON Hackathon Season 4!
Nice project idea. Waiting to see more details about this project where we will get to know about how this concept is implemented in a decentralised manner


Bienvenidos a este S4, Me gustaría pudiera dar más detalles sobre el proyecto ya que la explicación inicial me resulta algo confusa.
Disponen de una billetera, la cual posee la función de almacenar datos y poderlos utilizar para iniciar sesión en otras app, también tiene la función de monedero de criptomonedas. ¿NFT?
En el tema publicidad que ventajas tendrá el usuario, a parte de no tener recopilación de sus datos.
Espero me aclare un poco. Gracias.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4


Welcome to Season 4

I’d love to see how this one plays out as the Hackathon progresses.


Thank you for your interest. Actually, this project is a complex and large-scale project. The core of this project is that you have sovereignty over your data. Therefore, the goal is to regain control and ownership over our data from many of the existing Web2 dinosaur companies who have profited from our data, and for us to also receive compensation for our data through minimal service fees. I believe that this is the essence of the future Web3 world without a doubt. However, selling data is not an easy task. In a way, we also need to provide services that allow individuals to profit from their own valuable data. One of those services is D-ad.


We have a demo of the service and plan to upload it soon with some minor adjustments!
We offer a data wallet called YourD where users can store their personal data and identity information, and provide services where users can use the data in YourD to earn rewards.
Among the four services we offer, one of them is a Web3 advertising service called D-ad.


Hey YourD’s approach to Web3 services and the D-ad service’s unique features make it an exciting project that could potentially revolutionize the advertising industry.


But in which token will rewards be paid?


Our business model essentially involves receiving actual money from existing advertising clients and redistributing it. Users who use the D-ad service through YourD will receive targeted ads based on various personal information, such as their interests, and can earn tokens after viewing them. These tokens can then be exchanged for cash within the YourD service.

We are currently considering whether to list the tokens used in this service or use them as a type of stable token. Our team wants a sustainable service and does not want this service to end up as a rug-pull project like some NFT games. In other words, we want a service where consumers can earn a stable income and do not want the service to be destroyed by external factors such as token fluctuations. :smiley:


Thank you, sustainability is very good but I think if considering stable coin then trx should also be included, then make it in a way that users will request a payment to be paid with trx or usdt


Yes, this project sounds like an exciting one! To clarify, we didn’t provide a detailed explanation of the D-ad service. In addition to the advantages of personal information privacy, D-ad has a significant advantage over existing Web2 advertising services. D-ad provides advertisements based on a person’s data, which means that an advertisement is no longer just a typical “advertisement” that we know of, but rather it can be tailored information specifically for the individual. If there is anything that needs to be improved or further explained, please let me know.


Thanks for your feedback as well!

We are also considering the adoption of trx so that users can easily convert their earned compensation into other assets. If there is anything that needs to be improved or further explained, please let me know.


You are highly welcome :handshake:, wish you all the best


Thank you for your feedback!

In brief, here “data” is defined as everything that occurs due to an individual, including NFTs, personal identity (DID), digital assets, and biometric data.

  1. Login process: W3C has proposed a protocol called WebAuthn, which allows for easy login without usernames and passwords by using biometric data such as fingerprints. This provides a secure and easy way to log in, similar to how logging in with facial recognition on an Apple device is more convenient than logging in with a complex hexadecimal address in a blockchain. This service can also function as a Google Login feature for other services.
  2. Advantages of D-ad: We may not have clearly explained the advantages of D-ad’s advertising. The biggest advantage of D-ad is that it enables targeted advertising without collecting personal information. We will apply a highly complex cryptographic protocol to D-ad, which will enable effective use of sensitive personal information. There are several benefits for both the advertiser and the individual viewing the ad:

For Advertisers:

  • Effective advertising with low costs because it is based on individual data such as interests.
  • Local advertising is possible. For example, if a specific area is a commercial district, that area can be advertised based on location.
  • Advertisements can be targeted at specific times and locations.

For Viewers:

  • The probability of receiving information that is more useful than advertisements is higher because ads are based on personal information.
  • Appropriate compensation can be obtained in exchange for providing personal information.
  • If connected with local merchants, it is possible to use currencies such as trx in the local area.

For more information, I will post the above and update the demo video as well.


That’s really Interesting. Sure will let you know. Great Idea and Great Work Team. Best Wishes!


The project idea looks nice, but I had some questions regarding it,

(1) Will you be focusing on only web3-Ads or it will be for all the websites?
(2) What is included in your training dataset?


Keeping fingers crossed as you update your buidl in the coming days.


Welcome to Season 4 guys!


Hello team YourD, your project idea seems interesting and it will surely help advertising industry. All the best