TRAIX - Quick Smart Contract Vulnerability Scanning

Project Name: TRAIX

Project Track: AI

Team Name: MedanGoks

Team Member(s): 2 @jonn and @Afif

HackerEarth Project Link: ihsanmuhamadafif_8f11 - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal:

Traix’s project goals revolve around enhancing blockchain security, reducing risks and losses, preserving reputations, ensuring user-friendly accessibility, fostering continuous improvement, and embracing flexibility to serve the diverse needs of the blockchain community effectively.

Project Value:

Traix’s primary value lies in its unwavering commitment to addressing critical concerns within the blockchain ecosystem, with a specific focus on the security vulnerabilities in smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure. By providing advanced and comprehensive solutions for the identification and mitigation of these vulnerabilities, Traix enhances security, minimizes the risk of crypto asset losses and privacy breaches, empowers both individual and institutional users to make informed decisions, and shields organizations and individuals from reputational damage. In essence, Traix fortifies the blockchain space, offering a secure haven in an otherwise turbulent sea of possibilities.

Project Info:
PitchDeck_TRAIX.pdf (7.5 MB)

Project Website

Project Test Instructions:

  • Input Smart Contract
    Once you’re on the Traix homepage, you’ll notice a text box waiting for input.

  • Copy and paste the code of the smart contract you want to check into this text box. You can obtain the smart contract code from a trusted source of your choice.

  • Initiate Quick Scan
    After pasting the smart contract code, observe the presence of a button labeled “Quick Scan.”
    Click this button to initiate the scanning process.

  • Wait for Results
    After clicking “Quick Scan,” wait for a few seconds to a few moments to allow the Traix system to perform the scan and analysis.
    While waiting, do not close or leave the web page.

  • AI Scan Results
    Once the scan is complete, the results will appear on your screen.

You will see a scan report that includes information about vulnerabilities or security issues that may have been found in the smart contract code you provided.

Project Details:

Traix is driven by a profound concern is the vulnerability of smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure, which can result in severe consequences such as cryptocurrency asset loss, privacy breaches, and reputational damage. Numerous instances of financial and reputational harm have occurred due to unaudited smart contracts, with the potential for losses totaling up to $9.08 billion since 2020. This alarming trend not only deters potential blockchain enthusiasts but also highlights the pressing need for a solution.

Traix’s mission is to serve as the first line of defense against vulnerabilities in smart contract code. It offers a simple and efficient interface, allowing users to paste the contract of the token they intend to invest in. Through advanced parsing and pattern searching, Traix provides a comprehensive list of contract-based vulnerabilities. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Traix conducts thorough scans, delivering actionable insights to enhance smart contract security.

We employ a freemium model, granting free access to our platform with a scan limit of three smart contracts. As we progress through milestones, we will introduce tiered pricing, catering to various user needs, including crypto enthusiasts, junior researchers, and senior researchers. This flexibility empowers users to choose features and capabilities that align with their specific requirements.

Our process involves gathering transaction data, preprocessing and normalizing it, and employing the K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithm to detect suspicious or fraudulent transactions. We divide the data into training and testing sets, train the KNN model, and evaluate its performance using key metrics. Once the model meets our quality standards, it is deployed to automatically detect suspicious transactions within the blockchain ecosystem, offering an efficient solution to a critical problem.

Smart Contract links: N/A

Project Milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Improved Scan Parameters

    • Enhance the speed and accuracy of smart contract scanning by refining scanning algorithms.
    • Optimize scanning parameters to increase the precision of scanning results.
    • Reduce the number of false positives by updating scanning filters.
    • Improve scanning efficiency to conserve system resources.
  • Milestone 2: Expansion to Various Blockchain Platforms

    • Integrate platform-specific features to ensure more accurate contract scanning.
    • Conduct extensive testing and ensure compatibility with all targeted platforms.
  • Milestone 3: User Interface Development

    • Design and develop a more intuitive and user-friendly user interface.
    • Provide more detailed scanning result reports, including smart contract risk analysis.
    • Integrate better navigation features to help users explore scanning results more easily.
  • Milestone 4: Premium Version Launch

    • Develop premium features, including in-depth analysis, advanced scanning, and priority support.
    • Establish a premium pricing model and define the features offered.
    • Launch the premium version with an effective marketing strategy and gather user feedback.

Welcome to Hackatron S5, happy to see people building platforms to reduce risks and losses. This is the second project doing similar thing and we must support these projects to get us the best platforms. Hacks have been more recently and we hope these projects achieve the goals and help us reduce these hacks, rugpull and others


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5
Good to see that your project is centered more on security, with confidence to what you are building so AI is eager to give accurate results or analysis about any Smart-contract?

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Welcome to Season 5, I see you take security very serious and also noticed the mention of a freemium model and an eventual tiered pricing model.

How long is the timeframe from using the freemium package and transcending to a paid system?

And what would the pricing for the various tiers of the paid system look like?


There’s really no timeframe for that, freemium users can still use it anytime but with only limited to 3 scans every day.

You can find about the pricing in the deck, which are divided into 3 categories, Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro.


i have tested the project . May i ask why its not working ? Isn’t completed yet?

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We chose parameters which we believe by using AI to validate those parameters, it would ensure users if the smart contract safe or not

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We’re sorry for the inconvenience, we’re still trying to optimize the parameters.

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Ok, thanks for taking out the time to explain.


Traix has the potential to make a significant impact on the security of the blockchain ecosystem.
By providing users with a simple and effective way to identify and mitigate smart contract vulnerabilities, Traix can help to reduce the risk of financial losses and reputational damage.
Such a nice and credible project and with my full heart I wish you good luck.


Welcome to TRON Grand Hackathon,
What exactly happens during the scanning phase, and what aspects of a contract do you examine?

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This will be interesting to try out. I have some smart contracts I want to check.

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