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Project Name: BCate

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: UMR_KRW

Team Member(s): @albarelfauzan

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal:

Our goal is to create a platform that empowers the architectural design community by using blockchain technology to protect their intellectual property rights and enable them to monetize their creativity. We envision a world where architectural designs are valued and respected as unique and indivisible digital assets that can be securely and transparently exchanged on the blockchain. We aim to provide a solution that benefits both designers and buyers by creating a fair and efficient market for architectural works. We believe that BCate is the future of the architectural design industry.

Project Value:

By integrating BCate with blockchain technology, we can create a platform that offers several benefits and relevance for the architectural design industry. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger system that allows the creation and exchange of digital assets without the need for intermediaries or central authorities. This means that BCate can provide a decentralized and trustless platform for architectural designs, where the designers and buyers can interact directly and securely, without relying on any third parties. Blockchain technology also enables the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique and indivisible digital assets that can represent the ownership and provenance of any type of digital or physical item. This means that BCate can ensure that the architectural designs are valued and respected as individual and original works, and that the intellectual property rights of the creators are protected and enforced. Furthermore, blockchain technology provides security, transparency, and immutability to the transactions and records on the platform.

Project Info:
Bcate (1)_compressed.pdf (1.1 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

Buying Design

User Flow for buying furniture and architectural designs:

  • Go to the landing page
  • Click ‘Connect wallet’
  • Enter the catalog page
    • We have several entry points that can be used
    • You can enter the catalog page through the ‘Furniture’ and ‘Building’ navbars.
    • Scroll the landing page to the section design that you offer, click the desired section
  • Select the desired design
  • On the purchase page click the ‘Get Blue Print Design’ button

Sell your design

  • Click the ‘Sell Blue Print’ button on the navbar section
  • On the form page, fill in the required fields
  • Click ‘List NFT’

Project Details:

The architectural design industry is facing a serious challenge of protecting the intellectual property rights of its creators. According to a report by IBISWorld, the market size of the architectural services industry in the US was $38.8 billion in 2021, and it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% from 2023 to 2030. However, this growth is accompanied by a rise in the incidents of theft or misuse of copyright of building designs or interior items such as chairs, tables, and others.

According to a study by the American Institute of Architects, there were more than 120 cases of copyright infringement in the US until May 2023. These cases involved copying, modifying, or distributing architectural works without the permission of the original authors. These cases illustrate the difficulty of enforcing the intellectual property rights of architectural works, especially in the digital age, where the designs can be easily accessed, copied, and distributed online. Moreover, the existing legal frameworks and mechanisms are often inadequate, costly, and time-consuming to resolve the disputes and compensate the victims.

To solve these problems, we created BCate. BCate is a platform that aims to solve this problem by using blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent marketplace for architectural designs of buildings and interior goods. BCate allows designers to upload their blueprints and register them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. NFTs are unique and indivisible digital assets that can represent the ownership and provenance of any type of digital or physical item. By using NFTs, BCate ensures that the designers have the exclusive rights to their works and can control who can access, use, or modify them.

Smart Contract links:
(Contract Address 0x4987f8941888AFf80e535D3aBe695E61A6a58f44 | BTTC)
( testnet )

Contract Address 0xd7c38389CB89Cdaa36b64bFEb16Fa8fb190c32B9 | BTTCScan ( mainnet )

Project Milestones:

  • Q4 2023
    • Create Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be ready to launch globally
    • Work with architects and interior designers to be able to sell their designs on our platform
  • Q1 2024
    • Doing marketing to introduce our products through various media
    • Working with more designers around the world
    • Developing new features

Finally, a project centred on architectural designs, love to see.
Lest I forget, welcome to Season 5.


You are welcome team, first time seeing such a project abd this is a great idea. The only problem I see here is that, I know these designs will be in nfts and it will be on sale. Some of these designs are made on the internet for free so how are you going to attract people to your platform to buy instead of getting those on the internet for free.

How do you plan to market? Do you need architects too if you really want to make this a top class


BCate is a well-designed project with the potential to make a significant impact on the architectural design industry.
By using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems, BCate is helping to build a better future for both designers and buyers.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5
Hope connecting wallet to your platform won’t cause any harm to users fund

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A great project you’re building. I can’t express enough, how happy I am reading this forum post, knowing what these designers suffer in the hands of content copiers. But still, reading about your project makes me wonder how the process for uploading and registering architectural designs will be like, on the BCate platform, since you only gave the instruction on how to buy and sell a design.

To put this in a more simpler terms, let’s say I’m a designer and I have a design that I want to sell in your platform. Being a first timer, how do I go about registering and uploading my design in your platform?

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hi I want to clarify something, when a buyer wants to buy a design, we give them an NFT certificate as a sign of the right to use a design. but users will not immediately get the design (because there is a potential for buyers to share it on the internet and their acquaintances), the design will still be owned by the designer.

and your point is true, we sell exclusive designs from architects who have worked with us to sell them on our platform.


Hi !
if you are a designer, you can click the sell button and fill out the form. Then our team will verify the results of the form starting from the identification of personal data and the design that you provide whether it is your work or someone else’s. When we have finished verifying the answers to the form, we (our admin) will post the design and enter your account (designer) as the owner and we will also manage all transactions on your wallet.

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nice this is cool team
keep building

Okay! Can you please explain the specific role that the Bcate team play in managing the users wallet as you stated here?

Hi @albarelfauzan Welcome to Tron Hackathon S5,

  • How you are storing NFT Metadata ?

  • Can you Update Smart contract address in you post ?

Hi so sorry it tooks a long time to answer it

The role that the BCate team plays in managing the users’ wallets is to set up the initial ownership of the NFT design sold on their platform with the designer’s wallet address. This means that when a designer uploads their blueprint and registers it as an NFT on the blockchain, they also provide their wallet address to the BCate team. The BCate team then assigns this address as the owner of the NFT in the smart contract. It defines the rules and conditions for the transfer of value or assets between parties.

By setting up the initial ownership of the NFT design with the designer’s wallet address, the BCate team ensures that when a transaction occurs, such as a buyer purchasing the design or a licensee paying a royalty fee, the money that belongs to the designer will go directly to their wallet. This way, the designer does not have to rely on any intermediaries or third parties to receive their payment. The BCate team also does not have access to or control over the designer’s wallet or funds. The designer has full autonomy and security over their own wallet and assets.

Hi !

  1. We store NFT from our dashboard. We use a decentralized storage service called IPFS to store the metadata files and link them to the NFTs on the blockchain. By using IPFS, we ensure that the metadata is secure, immutable, and accessible at any time.

  2. Hi, sorry for the delay. We have already uploaded the smart contract address in our post. You can find it at the bottom of the post under the section “Smart Contract Links”. my mistakes

Hi team

Nice project idea. Its great that you got qualified as well for voting.

I have a concern regarding where is the design data and bluepronts stored? If the nft only signifies the certificate of ownership how do you ensure that the end user gets the design seamlessly without any blockers?

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The original design of the blueprint is still held by the architect to prevent users from sharing it, so that when the user has an NFT of a design we will provide the architect’s contact to be contacted. To prevent fraud from architects, we have a contract letter that must be signed in advance by the architect and our team when the design is in the verification stage by our team. in addition, our efforts to prevent fraud, we also have the original blueprint design that we can give to the user when the architect commits fraud.


wow finally a fresh idea. i think u guys can expand more to such a design like compact house architecture.

Hello, and thank you for sharing! I am reviewing this project based on the website, the video and the intro document.

This project promises to offer designers protection by recognizing their intellectual property in NFTs tied to their creations.

When inspecting the project website and source code, I see mentions the minting through to the BTT network.

Keep it up and hoping to see designers linking into this website to monetize and authenticate their designs.

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I love the idea of BCate where BCate uses blockchain technology and NFT to create the certificate of authenticity for blue print design.

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It’s great to hear about BCate and its potential impact on the architectural design industry. Using blockchain technology to address real-world problems can indeed be a game-changer in many industries, including architecture. Blockchain offers several advantages such as transparency, security, and traceability, which can be particularly valuable in architectural design

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a unique and needed project :boom:

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