ArtBeat by 4thFloor - Curated art marketplace that helps you discover and buy authentic artworks also helping to advance small businesses

Project Name: ArtBeat
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: 4thFloor
Team Member(s): 2 @youvandra and @Adinil
HackerEarth Project Link: Soon

Project Goal:
Our goal is to provide a place for talented artists to sell their masterpieces to people around the world, promote the work of small artists, develop small enterprises by selling their limited products, and reduce the level of fraud with the existence of NFT as the Certificate of Authenticity. That way we hope to prosper the less famous artists so that they get promotion and development media and contribute to increasing the country’s income.

Project Value:
Currently, the rate of counterfeiting of artworks is still very high. By using NFTs as a certificate of ownership of each artwork purchased, we prevent the circulation of counterfeit works to the public. By recording information based on blockchain technology, the entire flow of transactions and transfer of ownership of a work can be tracked properly, creating a healthy ecosystem for art lovers in the world.

Project Info: ArtBeat_pitchdeck (2).pdf (1.5 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Soon

Project Details:
To ensure the sustainability of this project, we have collaborated with more than 20 artists in the world to participate in our project. We also work with more than 5 small businesses engaged in fashion in Indonesia to be able to develop together in facilitating artists to create their work on clothing, bags, shoes and other media. By working with many parties, we believe we can form a healthy ecosystem for art lovers and web3 technology activists. Now you have also presented 2 new main features that can attract more art lovers to shop on our platform. The 2 features are:

  • Auction:
    • A feature where users can buy a work of art using an auction system. With this feature, users can now buy a work of art according to the price set by the market itself.
  • Mint
    • By collaborating with small businesses engaged in fashion, we sell various fashion items such as shoes, clothes, bags, and various other things that have been painted by the artists who work with us. The number of items provided is also very limited, for that users will get a certificate of authenticity of the item in the form of NFT.

By penetrating new target markets, we project our business valuation to grow to $522.023 in the next 2 years. You can also check the latest information through our social media IG : @artbeat

Smart Contract links: Soon

Project Milestones:

  • Q4 2023
    • Producing more works by collaborating with more artists
    • Collaborate with local government to empower local artists
  • Q1 2024
    • Organized fund raising for business expansion
    • Preparing for product launch in Thailand

Hello Mate, welcome to session 5 HACKATHON
For you to be in builder’s track then you must have a previous projects.

Please give us building update on your previous projects.


You are welcome team. Please where have to being after S3, I hope you have a working product now and how is it going?


Welcome to Season 5, the builder track is always an interesting one and I see you’ve previous hackathon history. After my read, I see ArtBeat by 4thFloor is a curated art marketplace with a unique focus on helping talented artists sell their artworks, promoting small businesses, and leveraging NFT technology to reduce art fraud, introducing an auction system and the sale of fashion items painted by the artists, with limited quantities and NFT certificates, this sure adds value to the platform and attracts more art enthusiasts.

Can you provide more information on how the NFT Certificates of Authenticity work within the ArtBeat platform?

Moving forward, are there any plans to expand beyond Thailand for the product launch in Q1 2024?


Nice initiative by ArtBeat.

How do u plan on marketing these underground artists on the global stage.

I remember sharing this great artist last season.
I think delving deep into the artists life and all the challenges they have to go through on a daily basis can help boost their visibility.

What do you think???


Hi, yes of course we continued to develop this product after Season 3 finished. we started building the fundamentals of our company starting from creating work SOPs, collaborating with artists and other companies. Now we have more than 20 artists and work with 5 other businesses, as a company we also have 10 people who help us run our business processes. And yeah we are still continuing and we are preparing new big feature updates that we will annouce soon!


alright thanks for the update

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Welcome to the hackathon season 5.
Seeing you’re continuing with your previous project is heart warming and it proves the work you have been doing in the background.

I want you to explain to us what is the role of blockchain technology in the ArtBeat platform


Hi, yeah sure!

We use NFT to be the certificate of authenticity that we issue for every work sold on our platform. We ensure the authenticity of each work sold on our platform with the help of curators to assess in detail the authenticity of a work. Then each work will have a QR that will be directly linked to the NFT of the work. The QR will indicate that the work has passed our Quality Control. So, every time you buy artwork from our platform such as paintings, or fashion items in collaboration with us, we will also send an NFT to your wallet as a sign of ownership of the work, and the item that will be received also has a QR chip that is connected to each NFT.

And for Q1 2024, yes we are still focusing on expanding to Thailand because we have exclusive shipping logistics that require us to set up warehouses and cooperation with local shipping services. But we are still open to the possibility of adding more locations for expansion in Q2 2024.



We couldn’t agree more that every piece of art has a very broad meaning. Every touch that an artist puts into their work contains so many emotions and meanings. That’s why a work of art can be interpreted into many meanings depending on your perspective. We at artbeat believe that art is not just a display piece, but has a much greater meaning to an art lover. That’s why we want to introduce and elevate art to a higher level.

And speaking of underground artists and disability, actually one of our artists, Harami Salim, uses the Mouth and foot painting (MFP) technique because he has a disability in his limbs. We see him as our valueable partner where he can provide new perspectives that cannot be felt directly by someone who does not have a disability. We also have a “street painting” program where we empower painters who do not have the media to work with to be able to produce quality works guided by senior artists. And that’s how our focus right now is to introduce a lot of small artists to be recognized by the world through our platform and we hope to bring a bigger impact in the world not just focusing on our country at the moment.


Welcome to HACKATHON S5,I have some important questions about your project

In what way do you plan to ensure the authenticity of the artworks sold on your platform.

By what means will you prevent counterfeit NFTs from being minted, And also protect the privacy of your user’s

What is your plan in ensuring the security of your platform,and how do you intend handling disputes between buyers and sellers

How will you promote your platform to art lovers and fashion enthusiasts,and also measure the success of your project.

Elaborate the method of payment accepted on your platform,and how will you market your platform to artists and fashion enthusiasts.

What is your customer support policy,and also your plan for the future.

Please check

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Thank you for the additional details. This provides a clearer picture of ArtBeat’s approach to ensuring authenticity and plans for expansion, to delve deeper into ArtBeat’s authentication process and plans for expansion, shedding light on the technology behind the platform and how users are guided in using the authentication features effectively, I’ve just two questions;

Could you elaborate on the role of the curators in assessing the authenticity of the artworks on your platform? What criteria or methods do they use for this assessment?

Regarding the QR code linked to each NFT and its connection to Quality Control, how is this information conveyed to the buyers? Do you have plans for an accessible interface or section on the platform for users to understand this aspect?

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
Please I need more clarity, submitting under builders track means that you already had an existing working products or projects,
Please do you currently have any existing product under Tron at the moment? Any evidence ?


Yes, the website is under development, you guys can try all the features in the next few days.

Hello, of course we already have a product that works, maybe for now, you can check out our product demo video at:

Now our website is under further development, to add other features.
We use BTTC smart contract on the website.

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Hello, thank you for this very interesting question. I will help answer your two questions.

  1. Some of the criteria or methods that curators use to verify the authenticity of artworks can come from the known style and painting techniques of the artist, analytical technology, the consistency of the artist’s signature and seal, as well as many other assessments that the curators themselves understand.

  2. Every Artbeat platform advertisement will display information about QR codes in general, so that users can have a general understanding of the QR code on the NFT certificate (COA). Furthermore, in our future developments, we will add an art advisor for users to inquire about more detailed technical matters.

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Please do you have any Active community?

I think the demo is for the hackathon season 3, so which milestone have you achieved or passed Since the season 3

Thanks for replying in such a short notice, it’s quite evident of the fact that you prioritize community. Your response provides really valuable insights into the methods employed by curators to verify artwork authenticity, and ArtBeat’s plans to educate users about QR codes and NFT certificates. I’ve just one suggestion, if you’re open to any;

Considering the importance of educating users, incorporating interactive guides or tutorials within the platform could further enhance user knowledge about QR codes and NFT certificates. This could include a walkthrough of the authentication process, emphasizing its value and benefits.

Moving forward, I’ve just two questions;

Could you provide more details about the art advisor feature? How will it be integrated into the platform, and what technical inquiries will it address?

Given the potential expansion to other locations in Q2 2024, what are the key factors or criteria that will influence the selection of these new markets?

Have a happy weekend guys!