ArtBeat by 4thFloor - Curated art marketplace that helps you discover and buy authentic artworks also helping to advance small businesses


We use NFT to be the certificate of authenticity that we issue for every work sold on our platform. Each artwork will have a QR that will be directly linked to the NFT . So, every time you buy artwork from our platform , we will also send an NFT to your wallet as a sign of ownership of the work. By recording information based on blockchain technology, the entire flow of transactions and transfer of ownership(from second hand) of our artwork can be tracked properly, creating a healthy ecosystem for art lovers in the world.

Hope its can answer your question!


Thanks for the useful advice, and regarding your two questions:

  1. Art advisory will integration by connecting users directly via social media platforms or direct messages, similar to a customer service that has expertise in art.
    Art Advisory from Artbeat will present selected recommended works and is ready to provide consultations to find works that are representative of what users desire, for technical matters, a small example is how paintings are made, and others related to NFTs and paintings.

  2. The main factors in selecting new markets such as: market segmentation, art distribution, target users, and others.
    There will be more of the main factors, and we will do more in-depth research on selecting this new market.


Hello, thank you for all the interesting questions,

We have a team of art curators who will check the artwork first, apart from that, we only accept artwork that will be offered directly by artists or artists who have collaborated with us, so there is very little chance of fake artwork.

All NFT purchases representing the COA of an artwork are integrated with the Artbeat smart contract.
So if there is a fake Artbeat NFT, but it does not come from the Artbeat smart contract, it is clear that users should be aware that it is a fake.

Smart contracts are the main key to security in transactions and purchases.

How will you promote your platform to art lovers and fashion enthusiasts, and also measure the success of your project.

There will be lots of ways to promote our platform, of course more on social media and through several museums and artists who have or will collaborate with us.


Our policies and plans for the future will be as follows:
We will have a help center, customer support using a ticket system, live chat, community forums, user education, and an expanded art catalog.

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Currently, Artbeat does not have an active community on social media, but we plan to construct this community with a well-thought-out plan.

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Thats very good, i will continue to follow the project and if anything else arises i will come back for clarification. Keep building


Yes it does and based on the response you gave, I would like to know further, how using NFTs as certificates of authenticity and linking them to artwork QR codes enhance the transaction and ownership tracking process in the art ecosystem?


Thanks for your response, keeping a close watch as Hackathon progresses, goodluck!

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great idea by artbeat!

ill waiting for this asap. ithink artbeat illbe great project if have a good & strong community. goodluck artbeat

You are welcome to Trondao forum
Stay active

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always stay in touch :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
Hope you like this project!

@Gordian @Prince-Onscolo @manfred_jr @Nana66419 @Youngyuppie @Okorie @nandovdv Our project has been updated guys!

  1. pitchdeck
  2. hackearth project link
  3. project instruction
  4. smartcontract link
  5. project details

Nice update, I did look it all up and gave your whole offering a thorough read all over and can’t help but come up with a suggestion, if you’re open to one;

To enhance user engagement and platform transparency, incorporating a feature that allows users to track the journey of their purchased artwork from the artist to their possession could be impactful. This could be facilitated through a timeline view integrated into the platform.

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Actually, we had thought about that feature before, but we had limited time to complete that feature in this project at HackaTRON.

However, we will still develop that feature. Thank you for the advice!

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Alright good, let me check it out and share any observations or suggestions .
All the best keep building

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give us suggestions if you have any thoughts about this project, thank you!

Alright I will check as soon as possible

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Just checked and i must say, everything looks great. Keep it up @Nana66419 Thank you guys!