ArtBeat by Team 4thFloor - A new way for a better artwork ecosystem

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5 - @jonn @Adinil @albarelfauzan @FadjarDuwi @youvandra(me)

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Project Goal:
It is hoped that with Artbeat, it can Provide a place for talented artists to sell their masterpieces to people around the world, promote museums and exhibitions to reach more people, and reduce the level of fraud with the existence of NFT as the Certificate of Authenticity.

Project Info:
ArtBeat (2)_compressed.pdf (4.1 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

Set your network on metamask with BTTC testnet

Network name : BitTorrent Chain Donau
Chain ID : 1029
Symbol : BTT
Block Explorer :

For admin test :
List NFT (COA) - (actually this step is only for ArtBeat staff)

For users ( collectors ) :

Project Details:
Artbeat is a curated art marketplace that aims to connect people who appreciate arts and artists who are working with physical or digital mediums. On our platform, artists can sell various types of art ranging from paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, and many more.
To prevent fraudulent purchases of artwork, we have used a blockchain network to verify all artworks on our platform. Each artwork on our platform will get a certificate of authenticity registered as an NFT.
In order to maintain safety in shipping, we have worked closely with experienced art handlers to ensure all artwork purchased can be shipped safely worldwide. In addition, we also work closely with art curators to ensure the authenticity of the work before making the NFT certificate of authenticity.

Our demo video:

Project Milestones:
After we have launched the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we will work with several exhibition organizers, artists, or museums to be able to hold artwork sales exclusively on our platform.
Next, we will also add an Augmented Reality feature to display a 3d model of the artwork owned by the user
Furthermore, there will be an Art Advisor role that can provide suggestions of suitable artwork for novice collectors to own according to their personality.

Website Features :

  • Delivery options
  • Easy artwork search filter
  • Artwork ownership history
  • Art exhibition event ticket management
  • Publication and promotion of works
  • Aggregation of artwork information from various sources

Contract Address:
Our Smart Contract (BTTC Testnet) : BTTCSCAN | BitTorrent (BTT) Blockchain Explorer


Nft give me inspiration this days


I :kissing_heart: love nft more than anything


Yes, we use NFTs to create COAs for physical artwork.


Hope you like our NFT project.


COA means Certificate of Authenticity

wow, nice prepared details ahaha loved it

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Hope you like our project!

Np at all, you can test our project and hope you like it, thanks

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hi, hope you like our project

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hola, es un buen proyecto y lugar de encuentro para artistas y amantes del arte. El tener un certificado que apoye la obra es de agradecer. Suerte

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Gracias! No olvides apoyarnos votando por nuestro proyecto :pray:

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Nice project. This is NFT marketplace? Is there any difference between the project and Opensea other than custom features?

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ArtBeat is different from the NFT marketplace, Artbeat is a Marketplace for physical works of art such as paintings, sculptures and more, by purchasing a COA (certified of authenticity) in the form of NFT.
The listed COAs are physical works of art that have been curated by our team, so when you buy an NFT on our platform, you will receive the artwork, in physical form.

There is a feature for shipping artwork, when you buy NFT in ArtBeat.

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Hola, gracias por su explicación me parece perfecto.

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it looks great ! Great performance

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Thanks for the clarification

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Hey, Thank you :slight_smile:
I hope our project can be launch on mainnet, and we can explore any artwork there.

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Hope you like our project!

No problem, give anything question in your head, we will glad to answer.