Xeat by Team BatamPride - Get concert, travel, and park tickets easily and quickly, save your tickets as an NFT collection

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2 - @youvandra (me), @Adinil

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Project Goal:
It is hoped that with Xeat, it can improve the entertainment industry after it was previously stopped due to the covid-19 outbreak by providing a sense of security and comfort to buyers and organizers in holding an event with a blockchain system. In addition, we also focus on providing a better experience for visitors to get closer to their idols with exclusive merchandise and meet-and-greet features. By implementing a blockchain system, we also hope to reduce cases of fraud and the secondary market that raises the selling price too high.

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Xeat pitchdeck.pdf (4.2 MB)

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Project Test Instructions:

  1. You can search for tickets of what event you want to visit
  2. Choose the type of ticket you want (Regular or VIP class)
  3. Enter the details of the ticket that you want to purchase
  4. You can connect to your wallet by clicking “Connect wallet” button
  5. Click “Mint” button to pay the bills
  6. Your ticket is already stored in a crypto wallet
  7. You can check the tickets that have been purchased on opensea

Project Details:
Xeat was created as a web application-based product on software that utilizes blockchain technology to purchase NFT-based event tickets so that it can provide security and ease of purchasing tickets online. With Xeat, all event tickets purchased by users will be in the form of NFT, so that the authenticity of the ticket is proven to be valid because all data contained in the blockchain can be seen by the owner and historical data on the ownership of the NFT. Aside from being an identity marker, the event organizer can also customize the shape of the NFT that will be sold so that it can become a unique souvenir for visitors to commemorate the event. To prevent corruption in event ticket sales, we also present a feature for sharing sales results with event stakeholders by the percentage determined by the organizers. In addition, by using blockchain technology we can ensure that there will be no additional ticket sales for an event. The number of tickets in circulation is in accordance with the predetermined visitor capacity to prevent over capacity by event visitors.
Project Milestones: After we have launched the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we will work with several musicians to make event that sales exclusively on our platform.
Next, we will sell other types of tickets such as for transportation (airfare, or other vehicles) and also lodging

Contract Address:
Ethereum Goerli Testnet

Proposal for converting to TRON/BTTC :
In the early stages of website development, we created a smart contract on the ethereum network that was created in the Remix IDE. Remix IDE is an open source web and desktop application. It fosters a fast development cycle and has a rich set of plugins with intuitive GUIs. Remix is ​​used for the entire journey of contract development with Solidity language as well as a playground for learning and teaching Ethereum. *you can see the smart contract that we have built above.

Next, we will propose to convert the smart contract into the Tron Network system using the TRC Standards. Tron-IDE is an online editor that helps developers develop smart contracts. It has the characteristics of modularity and provides editing, compiling, and deploying smart contracts in the form of plugins.

After successfully converting the smart contract to the Tron system. We will develop the back-end, front-end, and database preparation. In the backend which will contain the service logic of the website work, we built it with the help of the Laravel framework and the PostgreSQL database. In the front-end that will be the live viewable interface that we built with the NextJS Typescript framework.

After we have developed all of these parts, we will try to connect our website with the smart contract that has been created by compiling the Tron smart contract so that we will get the Application Binary Interface (ABI) and smart contract address to be able to connect the existing smart contract with the back-end. end and front-end that we have developed.


Really cool product are you guys planning to integrate with the TRC Standards?


Yes ofc, we will planning to integrate with the TRC Standards


Sounds very promising.
If i read the write up right, one of the problems this project seems to combat will be the over highly priced tickets on the secondary market?

I stand to be corrected.

This then leads me to this question;
Lets take for example, an event is selling 100 tickets, the tickets have all been sold out, cant the owner of the Ticket decide to sell it out to another person who is interested in attending?

If he can, will the price of the ticket be the same as it was issued in the primary sale, or this time around the owner of the tickets will determine the price he will sell it to the secondary buyer.

If the owner can sell it at any price, wouldn’t it come back to defeat the same problem u have tried to combat?

Thank you and wishing you the best in this hackathon.

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Hi, good question,
okay, so I’ll try to answer the question you asked. To overcome this problem we have 2 scenarios.

  1. Our platform can set the number of tickets that can be purchased by 1 user (determined by the event organizer). So that we can reduce the number of users who deliberately buy tickets to resell at exorbitant prices.
  2. When checking in tickets at the event counter. We provide an option for event organizers to only accept first minted tickets. So the buyer cannot resell the ticket to someone else because the ticket will not be valid if the new owner tries to check-in. That way, we can ensure that users who buy tickets are fans or people who are really interested in attending the event.

Wow thats wonderful. I love this, if it cant be resold then i think the problem is 100% solved. Thanks for the answer. It’s straight to the point and makes alot of sense.

Thank you again for giving a very good question, we are very happy to answer all questions and criticism of our project.

I know this project will go far with the right connections. what are the measures you will employ to partner with industry expects to make this project one of the greatest in this blockchain space.

Are there any partnerships deals on the line?

In the early stages of product development, we will work closely with several event organizers by offering free advertising costs on the main page of our website as well as ticket sales administration fees.

I’m actually not sure what your question is. but if you want to know our strategy in collaborating with event organizer partners then the answer above can illustrate it. Hope it answers your question.

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Hola, creo que es un proyecto interesante y de momento bien planteado. Un saludo


It answers my question perfectly. Thanks for the response, thats a sure good way to get people onboard to use your product, wishing you the best.

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Thank you! Hope you like our project :slight_smile:

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Gracias por sus amables parablas, mi hermano <3


What a beautiful project! I loved ur explanation and smart contracts. I support u buddy :slight_smile: Although our projects are in same category, I gave my vote to u without any hesitation. Good luck in the competition


Thank you so much!!
If you have questions or criticism, please let us know, we will be happy to respond.

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Thank you!
Hope you vote our project!

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Hope our project can bring benefits to the ecosystem