Convertion to TRON - Ecosystem track

Hello @admin.hackathon!

As part of the winning teams within the Ecosystem track, i’m really interested to know how the ressources and support will be given to help us converting into TRON/BTTC ecosystem.

Could you provide some more details? Are we going to get a dedicated contact to support us?

Thanks for the clarifications!

Tagging below all the winning projects:

Ecosystem Technical

1st Prize (15K): WaveData - @bahauddin
2nd Prize (12.5K): Tronql - @ferumflex
3rd Prize (10K): Paylock - @Dev_Jdeed
4th Prize (7.5K): GETO.Finance - @ivelin207
5th Prize (5K): Interpool by Irruption Lab - @Claw

Ecosystem Non-Technical

1st Prize (15K): B4B.World - @AAPecherkin
2nd Prize (12.5K): Road Incident Predictor - @manusheel
3rd Prize (10K): MetaVote Poll by Raph Strategy - @GokhanCeylan
4th Prize (7.5K): Xeat by BatamPride - @youvandra
5th Prize (5K): Nature Foretold - @ElisSenaVatansever

Ecosystem (TRON Forum DAO)

1st Prize (10K): InterPool by Irruption Lab - @Claw
2nd Prize (9K): Nature Foretold - @ElisSenaVatansever
3rd Prize (8K): MetaVotePoll by Raph Strategy - @GokhanCeylan
4th Prize (7K): Snake Bite by Team Hero - @amazing.vive
5th Prize (6K): Shantranj by web23 - @fixerman