Name Something Exciting TRON DAO Should Do

Dream big! There are no limits. What are some exciting initiatives you would love to see from TRON DAO?


I would like to see more on / off ramps available for TRON in different Countries :partying_face:


Hello Hunter, good to have you ask if this.
Hmm… Where do I start from, permit me to dream little big…

To be updated Soon.


How about account astraction for Tron?
Bring web2 experience to web3.


Fully on-chain p2p market I think is essential, but need developers to do it.


Create creator rewards system for creators just like X (fka Twitter).
Threadors, researchers, article writers in the Tron ecosystem gets rewarded based on interactions and traffic they bring onto the DAO, similarly to medium articles prototype.
Just my 2 cents!


I would want Tron DAO to think less of a Hackathon and more of a partnership for community projects that has proved their commitments for TRON’s development. A few projects has been building on Tron since Hackathon season 1 and delivering real value to the community, assisting such projects in getting listed on Tier 1 exchanges like Poloniex and Huobi will help a lot to their development plans and even help in expanding Tron ecosystem.

10 Likes but how will they do it ?

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I have lamented about this severally but am glad that @Youngyuppie Said it again here

It’s very sad that you can trade TRC 20 token on any CEX apart from Justin projects
If TronDao can help those projects who are active and always ready to deliver, it will be a really nice initiatives and it’s also a means of exposing Tron the more

Secondly I don’t know how Tron DAO team recruit hackathon participants, I think it’s high time to increase a high level of scrutinization to sanitize the cash grabbers, let the TronDao team apply theorical and practical scrutiny with a video call as well to confirm those behind the project,… for me I will suggest that a project that has only a team member should stop applying for hackathon, if you are not up to 2 or 3 teams and above you are not ready for the hackathon

Thirdly I suggest that any projects applying for hackathon that attached Tron to their name should come with another/new name, because some newbies/ community members might think that the project is affiliated or sponsored by Tron not knowing that it’s a trick or an opportunity to win the heart of the community,… example Tron sports, Tron evidence, Tron field, Tron milk, TronElon etc something like this should be put to stop to new hackathon participants

Thank you for this great opportunity :pray:


currently we have our own system to help other applications integrate. However, to make it the most convenient and standard, it requires support from the Tron team and addition to rpc with a complete experience of “account astraction”.


I think Steem blockchain pretty well does the job at least for the rewarding, yes its not grown as Hive right now, but the creators are definitely rewarded with TRX from the pool on maybe weekly/monthly basis.
You thinking something similar but with complete domination of (TRX) unlike steem with (Steem, SBD and TRX) token?


Exactly bro. You made a lot of point here too but let me not go further on it to avoid scattering a lot of tables :joy::joy::joy: The team should decide on which step to take


Similar to how shielded contracts work. Add new opcodes and soft fork.


(1)A decentralized social media platform that gives users control over their data and privacy. This could be a major competitor to centralized platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

(2) A decentralized streaming platform that allows users to watch and share videos without censorship.

(3) A decentralized gaming platform that allows users to play games and earn rewards.

(4) A decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that provides users with access to financial services without the need for a bank.
This could revolutionize the way people save, borrow, and invest money.


Promote community projects more


Steem sounds pretty cool but I’ve zero knowledge about it and yeah, you’re on the right track. I envision TRON DAO taking it a step further by creating a dedicated, streamlined system with TRX as the primary reward mechanism. This could simplify the process and potentially attract more creators to the TRON ecosystem, offering them a straightforward way to earn and engage with the community.


I would love to see more cooperation, partnerships, co-creation, developments with previous Tron Hackathon projects like JustMoney. Like an overall ecosystem highlight update once per Q.


Support OG projects
Also start sponsoring some great community members to your meet ups with Justin Sun…

Not always and not what you can’t afford, at least the ones within your range.

I believe the community will love it and will motivate everyone to do their best always


I think the most exciting things TronDAO could do are:

  1. Stand by the promises they make and be transparent about it (I’m referring mainly to the 1B ecosystem fund, but also to the BTTC meme carnival and other vaporware promises)
  2. Increase the SR number to 1000 instead of 27. So we could speak about true decentralization.

very necessary, remind Justin please