Proposals for TronDAO Community involvement

Hey all I’ve noticed that there’s a proto-narrative being mentioned on Twitter etc by some, that Tron is the world’s largest DAO due to its millions of TRX holders. What’s missing from this is that none of these holders incl myself can use our TRX to vote for/on any community proposals to be done/-co-facilitated with TronDAO funding, support.

Outside of the SRs and large holders, Tron isn’t taken that seriously even though the technology is solid. Folks will rather spend gas on other chains than look at Tron to see that’s its much more cost effective and can even be txn fee free if one freezes enough TRX for energy+bandwidth.

Currently, only 27 SRs can make proposals directly affecting the network and its configurations and everybody else can vote for those SRs. This approach while necessary, also restricts some layers for overall community governance engagement, empowerment, inclusivity, progress and possibilities of/from the “millions” of DAO members/TRX holders.

So I’m presenting 2 proposals to aid in bridging this gap, one step at a time:

1- Primary
A new “Community Proposals” Tab section be created+added on the page- tronscan[dot]io/#/proposals

Anyone with eg. holding minimum 10,000 TRX (or similar) could then raise proposals there, for ideas, things that can be done to approve adoption. Any Tron holder can vote any amount of Tron towards these proposals which freezes til X hours after a vote is completed.
A vote can be determined as “Effective”/“Passed” by some reasonable initial parameters determined by the current SRs… the SRs can vote to change these parameters in the future under their existing “Committee Proposals” tab section.

2- Secondary
The first proto-proposal for this Community Proposals tab could be for the allocation of some funding from the Tron treasury to be split up into different segments every quarter:

  • Community Marketing and Adoption
  • Education and Development
  • something else you all can think of

Based on the “Passed” proposals that are within the budget of the allocation funds within a segment, the funds could then be released to achieve the objectives of the proposal.
Future pre-proposals can be created by the community in this forum for feedback before they raise an official proposal via Tronscan.

An SR could propose 1- Primary, to have hopefully have it passed to be established.
Then 2- Secondary, as the base proposal with which to grow from.

Hope this makes sense to you all, that you see its feasibility and that you’ll support doing this to help better establish TronDAO while fostering better community inclusion in this dimension of space.

Bonus: This community governance approach could also be used for voting the winners of the future hackathons as well.

I’m in TronDAO discord as CosmicAnon#5642 as well.


I agree that TRON users could be embraced more to participate in the DAO, however:

Currently, anyone can come up with suggestions and SR’s can see that. When a SR thinks the proposal is worthy to post, they can do that.

When everyone would be able to create final proposals, this could result in a spamming of proposals and potentially changing the network too often (which isn’t really convenient).

I think that platforms like the forums, Discord and GitHub are great ways for the community to discuss new ideas and improve them, so that when a SR decides to push the idea into a proposal, it would be at its best.

Also, a SR could say that they would accept community ideas and push proposals for the community. I know some of them do this already, but it isn’t really mentioned anywhere.


Totally understandable…

The aim here is not using this thought for changing stuff on the network layer but rather for collectively doing things to expand Tron’s growth and field of influence.

For instance, a huge gap that could be filled:
There’s tons of ETH/EVM dapp dev video tutorials, courses on Youtube , Udemy etc BUT very few to none on Tron dapp development. There’s tons of Tron documentation and not enough visual learning modalities. The last Tron dev tutorial I saw on youtube is about 3yrs old. There could be a community vote decide on some youtubers or udemy course instructors that Tron core could reach out to, to commission them to create some videos, courses.
More content like this will fuel higher quality hackathon submissions going forward as well.

A variation to my OP could be to allow all SRs not just the top 27, to be able to raise “Community Proposals” based on ‘pre-proposals’ posted by community here in the forum, discord etc - make this process more “official” by mentioning this as a way for the community to get involved, reducing the spam in the process over time. - and where any TRX holder can also vote on these, once raised by the SRs.


Hey @cosmicanon Yes its been a while since promotion of the DAO and we hope that this changes things within the ecosystem. A method to allow holders of the native token TRX to be more included in a community vote similar to pancakeswap would be ideal as currently votes pushed through by SR is still a way to only allow projects to influence outcomes.

100% behind looking into a similar system that accumulates votes from any Tron holder on say this website after log in by Tronlink with a simple vote yes or no

The popular votes get pushed through into the ecosystem same as Pancakeswap


I agree and second this, I like the idea of smaller holders like us to have bigger say in the network parameters and decisions on TRON blockchain upgrades. I like the idea of having something like a voting dApp in which community members can vote to make new proposals.

@admins , @TronLive ,now that we have a good forum here, is there a way to include some kind of widget, special dApp, etc inside this website to allow such community proposals to arise and gain some visibility to SRs, community and all TRON stakeholders? As OP said that could be also used to secure the future hackathon events even further…

Thanks for your post @cosmicanon !


Hey @cosmicanon @SiLi @Simon @cctechmx really good in-depth discussion here. Currently, we are sure there are TRON DAO leaders and TRON Super Representatives already checking the discussion posts on the TRON DAO Forum so it is good to keep posting good suggestions here.

The current way is for community members to connect with the TRON Super Representative of their choice and SR may choose to propose the idea as a formal TRON proposal. It would also be interesting if community members can directly participate in pushing good ideas to the blockchain system. It will encourage more community activities and give the community a sense of inclusivity in the blockchain ecosystem - it’s like a subDAO within a bigger DAO.

Anyway, let’s see how far this will go but we can start by contributing good feedback and suggestions to the forum for a start. Keep up the good topic guys!


Thanks for all the feedback. Really hope this can be pushed forward in someway by the more connected members here to enable some great stuff to grow from this.

I’m open to contributing some more ideas as new thread posts over the coming weeks (when I have some time avail). Could be useful with seeding some ideas for future hackathon participants.


Thanks for all the feedback. Really hope this can be pushed forward in someway by the more connected members here to enable some great stuff to grow from this.


Hey all this is just a disclosure that @wescosmic is also my account. I’ve created it for the Hackathon S3 submission. Please check it out (maybe vote for us too :smile: )

I’ll keep using that account on the forum from now on and this my the final post from this account.

That said, months later, nothing much new seemed to have actualized yet with the valuable stuff brought up by all in this thread…
The hope for change, the hope for representation, the hope for progress…

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I agreed and second as well, let endorse all these project to move to the peak…