Tron SR’s, SR Partners and SR Candidates

Hi all, just throwing an idea here but how cool would it be to have a SR’s, SR Partners and SR Candidates section on the forum?

They could all be invited to create a profile on the forum and answer users questions, defend their position on several topics and explain their vision of the future of Tron.

That would help Tronics to know more about them and why not to figure out who they should vote for.

I think that a big part of the community would like to see more involvement from the SR’s. It would be nice for instance if they come and ask questions to the hackathon candidates, as those projects are also the future of Tron.

I don’t expect them all to join and be active on the forum. But it would already give us an idea about which ones of them are ready to dialogue with the community.

So, Tronics, what do you think?

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I agree. Expect SRs to be here - community shouldn’t vote for them


We think it is a great idea. At the start of TRON blockchain the presence and engagement of SR’s was much bigger as it is now.

For the exposure of TRON and for supporting the community this would be a great addition to the Forum.

We for one would be very eager to engage with the community here


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Section for suggestions on the forum.

It wasn’t only a suggestion to the forum admins but also a question to the tronics. What do they think about the idea and should we do it?
This debate has its place in the discussion section.


The discussions take place there. There, your idea will attract more attention. You can contact the administrator to move the topic.
I would also recommend correcting the title of the topic, tk. It’s not clear from the title what you are suggesting. Something like “adding an SR section”.

I like the idea of involving the SR more since they are in charge for our beloved blockchain anyhow. So I support your idea and we should make it happen.
Imo this would bring a lot of trust back to tron if people get to know who’s behind the SR accounts.


FAb, it would only make sense (and work) if the majority of Seniors were to join, and then actually take the time to communicate with those of use who participate. Otherwise, it will become discouraging and probably a negative experience. But it is a good idea.


SR = Super Representative but yeah I agree with what you say. It would be a big deception if only 2-3 of them are active and actually interact on the forum from time to time.
We can’t force them tho, but it would be really appreciated by the community if we could have some kind of insight of who they are, what they expect for the future and why they vote for or against a proposal. It must be done on a voluntary basis and could be beneficial for all of us.


This is a great idea @fabsltsa
I for sure would like to know the SRs better and what better way then to have them active on the forum. To me supporting an SR that’s voting for the best outcome for Tron is more important then the rewards I can earn from voting on the wrong one.


Community should be positive on this!

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I agree that is a good idea, Voting for TuruGloabl right now! love them.

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I think this is a great idea!

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SR engagement would be a great way to see where Tron stands, as they have to power to make proposals and change how we interact with the Tron Network.