WaveData: Your data is the cure! Make clinical trials more transparent, fun and easy, so everybody can join with the goal to create together inclusive AI!

Project Name: WaveData
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: WaveData
Team Member(s): 6
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Project Goal: Your data is the cure! Decentralized marketplace for clinical trials with the power of TRON
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Project Website: https://wave-data-tron.vercel.app/

Project Test Instructions: GitHub - zakirhossen5/WaveData: WaveData Tron


In our society we see that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere and is already making important decisions in our daily life. When it comes to healthcare, we see that it has deadly effects for women and BAME. A big problem is that we need inclusive data to create inclusive AI modules, however medical researchers have a hard time finding people and convincing them to share their health data. People are however very eager to help when they realize their data can make a difference. This works even better with diseases they have a connection to through a family member or a friend. The global clinical trials market size was estimated at USD 44.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2021 to 2028. As an inclusive team with 6 women and half BAME, we want to change this with WaveData - Your data is the cure! WaveData offers a secure way to share your data from wallet to wallet, so you can control yourself and help find a cure!

What it does
WaveData is based on two things: (1) Decentralized marketplace where organizations (universities/hospitals/pharma) can create a clinical trial and also get data from the people that join the clinical trial (2) App that people will use during the clinical trial, get recommendations in which trials they can participate and get credits/vouchers. WaveData connects people who want to help with medical researchers who need data. The biggest difference with existing platforms is that we approach the problem from the side of the people who want to help cure a disease. When someone you love has cancer or Alzheimers you feel helpless, and you want to do something about it. WaveData is built on the TRON wallet to provide a safe and secure way to share your data. We can see that pharmaceutical companies would be interested in the same data. It’s up to you if you give them permission to look at your data. You can earn TRX by sharing your data in that way. You can keep that benefits for yourself or donate it to help cure the disease of your choice. To give people recommendations in which trials they can participate we use the open standard FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). Based on the medical records WaveData analyzes in which trials the person can join and can add value. With the WaveData marketplace the organizer can create their trials and surveys and set the questions, rewards etc. With the WaveData app, people can download a user-friendly app to survey and join trials. WaveData helps each user and organizer to keep touch every day. On WaveData the organizer can check how many people have contributed and what their answers are. WaveData provides chart analysis options for the organizer to keep updated with better understanding.

Crucial stakeholder motivation

  • Medical research facilities - we help them connecting to people who are willing to share their data
  • Patients’ interests’ associations - give them an opportunity to combat the disease through the sharing of data.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies - an opportunity to have access to data if allowed by the people
  • Everybody - a way to help combat diseases that can be trusted because your personal data are secure
  • Government - Aiding healthcare research through robust security for personal data

How we built it
We developed and deployed the smart contract in TRON Nile Network from TronIDE. Then we used Tron JS SDK to retrieve smart contract in website using the deployed smart contract address. In WaveData we have used TronLink Wallet. So, using TronLink we are calling smart contract from Tron Nile Network by address. Then we are using smart contract methods from the platform. To give people in the mobile app recommendations in which trials they can participate in, Wave Data is using the open standard FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and send this to the TRON network. Based on the medical records WaveData analyzes in which trials the person can join and can add value.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of
We are very proud that we build a product that will create value for clinical trials and one of the biggest challenge at this moment, racism in AI and healthcare. The project is pretty big and we are beginning programmers, which was sometimes a challenges. With our positive behaviour we worked together and made not one, but two working applications. Also a big achievement is that during the hackathon period we won a validation lab from YES!Delft, one of the biggest accelerators in Europe, during the Dutch government hackathon!

Project Milestones:
During the TRON hackathon we finished our YESDelft! accelerator in The Hague. We are working with the Dutch government and many healthcare organizations to bring the product to market: Digicampus on LinkedIn: Eind oktober hebben vier crews het tweede GovTech Validatielab succesvol

WaveData will create new value for clinical trials by making clinical trials more transparent, fun and easy, so everybody can join with the goal to create inclusive AI!

During the TRON hadkathon we used our great international network to talk with researchers from different universities, hospitals, institutions and pharma companies to understand the problems that they experience. They all mentioned the huge problem of creating good clinical trials, because it takes months to scout people and there’s also a huge chance that people will drop out. The process is too difficult, takes time and people don’t know where to find clinical trials.

To understand the reason why people are not joining clinical trials we did some focus groups and talked with random people on the street. Conclusion is that people really want to help, because almost everyone knows someone with a disease. The problem is the transparency of the processes, the value by joining a clinical trial and besides that, they often get nothing for it directly.

In 2022 there were more than ​​400.000 clinical trials and with a market size of 44.3 billion USD in 2020 it’s one of the biggest markets. With our team we already validate with some experts how WaveData can be a success and in March 2022 we won a validation from YES!Delft. Besides that we have a big network in the healthcare field, which means that we can start a pilot with WaveData in the coming months. Also the gamification part in combination with getting credits will motivate people to join WaveData. The power is to do it together and that will be the USP from WaveDate, because we want to make clinical trials accessible for everyone and make it fun!

For investment strategy we see that FemTech will grow extremely fast in the coming years, with a value of over 60 billion dollars by 2027. Also there are many accelerators and funds that focus on women in IT who can help us by raising funding. Besides that, there are some great grant programs in Europe that we can use for building and testing.

What we learned
Creating an MVP based on user input. We validated WaveData during The GovTech Validation Lab from YES!Delft. This accelerator is focusing on new products that can create a big impact in our society.

What’s next for WaveData
Steve Thijssen is one of the Co-Founder from Wavy Health Inc. which is building a medical device app for mental health, specially for cardiovascular disease patients. During our clinical trials I saw on opportunity to make clinical trials better and more transparent. It’s very difficult to scout people and the process takes years. I started the WaveData platform in March 2022. In the last months of this years we created an MVP, integrated TRON smart contract and we validated WaveData during The GovTech Validation Lab from YES!Delft. Next to that we are working close with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition which is the highest organisation in the Netherlands for blockchain (https://dutchblockchaincoalition.org/en). This accelerator is from the Dutch government where they help startups that creates products that have a big impact in our society. Our team have a big network an in the coming months we are going to fund raise and testing our product with healthcare organisations.


Wishing you the best in this hackathon.


Sharing information for medical research is a great idea… Good Luck to the WaveData team for hackathon 3. :+1::clap:


Thank you so much Nana66419!:blush:


Thank you AdiTWJ, the product will be test soon in a pilot together with the Dutch government and a couple healthcare organisations🚀


I saw a little typo/error in the screenshots (leeftijd) and already had thoughts you guys were dutch, after reading everything it was confirmed :laughing:.

Very interested in this project and I will try to follow up as much as I can. Tho for me it’s sometimes harder to understand because I don’t have nothing of knowledge in the health sector itself. One thing I fear about data and healthcare is where the line is between information you as a provider give and privacy of patients/users, how will this be managed? (this was one of the reasons I refused some trials in the past where I live)

Wishing you all “veel geluk met de Hackaton seizoen 3”, good luck in the Hackaton Season 3!


Good luck to this team :ok_hand:
Medically related work is a great feat


ahahah, we presented WaveData at the Dutch Government and many partners and translated this slide to English for the hackathon. I can understand that sometimes it’s difficult to understand what’s happening in the healthcare industry. My startup Wavy Health, Inc. is now for four years in the industry and it’s one of the most interesting but also a challenging industry. The great thing is that we can create impact and so many organizations are helping. The goal of WaveData is that you are the owner of the data and where you can share the data for a specific goal. This is happening with the TRON wallet, where you can give access to a specific organization. At the moment, many trials are not transparant and it’s hard to know which trials are professional and which not. Besides that, in many trials there are no directly rewards. With WaveData you can earn credits with TRX and get discounts. Because Your Data is the Cure😊

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Thank you so much Hugoh😊 We are very passioneted to make the healthcare industry better


I love the whole approach of this project. Extending the web3 technology to Health space can not be overemphasized.
However, as a user willing to share my medical data but with some selected companies of my choice… is it possible to create a private channel as we all know Tron blockchain is a permissionless blockchain as opposed to a permissioned blockchain?

This is a good innovation to the world at large, I commend you for your efforts


Hi Stevegee, thank you for the reaction. The nice part is that you make the decision wich data you want to share and with who. We did this with Tron so the security is high and the data owned by the user😊

Will my medical data be publicly available on the public ledger?

No absolute not, that’s a no go in the medical world

So, how does/did the project intend to curb that since Tron is a public-ledger blockchain?

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It will check by calling signer (TRON user). If that person is the owner of the data information, then the smart contract will give information. Else will not give.

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Thank you for the clarification. I love the project overall

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Thanks, really appreciate it😊

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Great efforts…Keep Ot Up…:clap: