Medical Management by Ennovasol: Bridging Healthcare, Enhancing Patient Care

Project Name: Medical Management

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: Ennovasol

Team Member(s): @rafael.garciaennova @mleal19 @oscarcobos @JavierGarza

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal:

The goal of the Medical Management by Ennovasol project is to build a Web3 and cloud-based platform that allows doctors to efficiently and effectively manage their medical practice, using innovative technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts. The platform aims to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare by enabling the management and administration of appointments, clinical notes, prescriptions, medical records, electronic records, inventory control, medication and equipment sales, and electronic invoicing, among other functions.

In addition, the platform will enable interoperability and integration with other healthcare systems and physicians that use common and compatible standards, which will improve coordination and continuity of healthcare for patients. It will also allow for secure and controlled consultation of a patient’s medical history by other physicians and healthcare institutions, which can reduce duplication of tests and procedures and improve healthcare.

To ensure the security and privacy of patient data, the platform will use cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, allowing for secure and encrypted storage of patient information. In addition, robust security measures will be implemented to protect patient data against possible cyber threats and attacks.

Project Value:

In our Medical Management project, we are excited to integrate TRON’s blockchain technology to securely record encrypted patient medical history data from the Web3 platform. This provides a dual layer of security, ensuring the protection and confidentiality of medical data from the very beginning. Furthermore, it will empower patients to carry their medical history data in the palm of their hand, allowing them to conveniently take their medical information with them to any city or country.

In addition to the added security, TRON’s blockchain offers other key advantages, such as controlled access, transparency, and interoperability, which are crucial in the healthcare sector. This integration not only enhances the quality and security of healthcare but also underscores our commitment to technological innovation and safeguarding patient data.

So, by leveraging TRON’s blockchain technology, we are poised to revolutionize medical management and enhance patient care, all while ensuring the integrity and security of medical data and providing patients with the flexibility to access their medical history data anywhere in the world. This reflects the significant value of our proposal in the TRON Hackathon.

PPT Medical Management_compressed.pdf (1.3 MB)

Project Info:
The Medical Management platform by Ennovasol will be a comprehensive solution for doctors, allowing them to efficiently and effectively manage their medical practice.

Among the platform features are:

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use design that will allow doctors to manage and administer their practice without the need for advanced technical knowledge.
  • A system for managing appointments and patients, which will allow doctors to have complete control over their schedule and patient information.
  • A tool for creating clinical notes and medical prescriptions, which will allow doctors to keep a detailed record of the patient’s progress and treatments.
  • An electronic and comprehensive patient record system that will allow doctors to access all relevant patient information on one platform.
  • An inventory control system, which will allow doctors to keep a detailed record of available medications and medical equipment in their practice.
  • An electronic billing system, which will allow doctors to issue electronic invoices and keep a detailed record of their income and expenses.
  • An online payment acceptance system, which will allow patients to make secure and convenient payments from their digital wallet.
  • A layer of security based on blockchain and smart contracts, which will ensure the privacy and security of patient data.
  • Integration with other healthcare systems and doctors using common and compatible standards, which will improve coordination and continuity of healthcare for patients.

The platform will be scalable and can be adapted to the specific needs of each doctor, making it a versatile solution for managing and administering medical practices.

Project Website:

Username : Tronic
Password : Tronic

Project Test Instructions:

1: New Patient
2: New Appointment
3: Medical History

Project Details:

Smart Contract links: TZ74LEEQhA3rNqaXFG6zBjvA4miVtavCqZ

Project Milestones:

1: Integration of blockchain and smart contract technologies

-Develop the security layer based on blockchain and smart contract technology
-Implement robust security measures to protect patient data against possible cyber threats and attacks
-Encrypt patient data on the blockchain using secure encryption technologies
-Integrate the payment system with digital wallets, starting with TronLink

2: Integration with healthcare institutions and multilingual support

-Establish synergies with healthcare institutions to promote adoption of the Medical Management system
-Establish agreements with translation service providers to ensure quality translation of languages on the platform
-Develop the capability to work with multiple languages on the platform, improving accessibility for healthcare professionals and patients

3: Testing and launch

-Conduct comprehensive testing of the platform to ensure its quality and functionality
-Launch the platform and offer continuous support and maintenance
-Make improvements and updates to the platform as necessary to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and end users
-Implement an audit system to monitor and track access and use of patient data on the platform
-Establish a long-term maintenance and update plan to ensure the platform continues to function effectively and efficiently
-Implement a feedback and support system so healthcare professionals and end users can report issues and receive real-time assistance
-Develop a roadmap for future updates and improvements to the platform, including new functions and features requested by users.


You are welcome once again, you participated in S4 Hackatron with same project. I hope you are continuing, so I think you should be in builders track


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5,
You submitted this on hackathon season 4
Any updates or milestones achieved so far?

I think this will be your second project if am not mistaking , medical management & Link 'n Red,…are the both projects alligning in the same direction/goal


Medical management by Ennovasol should imo be in the builder track :pray:t2:

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Welcome to season 5 once again. I hope the problem that lead to this project not being selected to participate in the voting last season has been addressed.

And if it has, can you kindly let us know the problem it had in season 4 and how you have addressed it in season 5 so that we will know it can pass the selection process.

Thank you and wish u good luck


Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, our Medical Management project didn’t make it into the voting process in Hackatron 4. However, we are committed and determined to try again in Hackatron 5. We hope to have your support and participation in this new edition


Thank you for your message! Indeed, this is our second project, and we are excited to participate again in Hackathon Season 5. Regarding the projects, although Medical Management and Link 'n Red are different, both reflect our commitment to innovation and digital transformation. Medical Management focuses on improving medical management, while Link 'n Red is centered around business digitalization. However, both projects share the vision of leveraging advanced technologies, such as TRON blockchain, to provide efficient and high-quality solutions. We hope to make significant progress in both directions and contribute to the success of Hackathon Season 5.


The Medical Management by Ennovasol project is new to Hackathon 5 since it couldn’t complete the registration process on time during Hackatron 4, and as a result, we didn’t enter the voting process. Considering this situation and your suggestion, we will proceed to include the administrator @admin.hackathon / @support.hackathon to seek clarification. We want to ensure that we are participating in the correct category and address any questions that may arise. We appreciate your interest and suggestion, and we will keep you informed of any updates on this matter. Thank you once again for your support! :grinning:


I understand, thank you for sharing that information. The issue we faced in season 4 of the hackathon was due to an error in the registration process with DoraHacks. We made a mistake in project allocation, specifically with Link 'n Red and Medical Management, in the TRON section of DoraHacks. This resulted in us not completing the registration correctly and in a timely manner, which in turn prevented us from participating in the voting process.

We have learned from that experience, and in season 5, we have taken additional measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We now have a better understanding of the procedures, and we are excited to give it another try.

We appreciate your understanding and support and look forward to a successful participation in Hackathon Season 5. Thank you for continuing to be part of our innovation journey! :grinning:


I understand that and I’m glad that you guys can participate this time. It’s just that normally what is judged is what has been built during the hackathon’s period. Hence there is a builder section to reward those who have already built before and kept improving the product. Otherwise anybody who has built a dapp in the past could come and present it.
But I’ll let the team take their own decision of course.

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You’re welcome to Season 5. Without further ado, I don’t need to be told but your project looks familiar, either you’ve double entries this hackathon or this was also a submission in the immediately past hackathon. Moving forward, it’s quite commendable what you’re offering, seeing health related web3 solutions brings me joy and I’ve a few questions to further broaden my knowledge of your offering;

Improvements and Updates:

How will you prioritize updates and improvements to meet evolving needs? Are there specific technologies or methodologies you plan to utilize?

Long-Term Maintenance Plan:

Are there contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances that may impact the long-term functionality of the platform?

Roadmap for Future Updates:

How will you balance user-requested features with essential improvements to ensure the platform’s growth and relevance in the healthcare landscape?


Good to know, So what if you emerge winner’s in both projects please how would you convey the success of both projects?

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Thats very good. Wishing you all the best this time around. May the forces be with you.


oh yeah I remember something like that. The admins can help with this, whether it should be in builders of any other track @admin.hackathon @EMerchant @WindsOfChange92

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If we are fortunate enough to win both projects, I will employ several strategies to communicate the success of both projects (Medical and Business segments). First and foremost, I will share the news on TRON’s social media platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, and other relevant channels. This will enable the TRON community and other blockchain enthusiasts to become aware of our achievements.

Furthermore, I will prepare detailed reports for each project, highlighting the milestones achieved, implemented innovations, and the benefits they bring. These reports will be shared on specialized blogs and forums and will be made available to the general community.

I also consider it important to organize webinars or live presentations to explain the technical aspects and solutions developed in both projects. This will allow us to interact directly with the community, address questions, and receive valuable feedback.

Lastly, I will seek opportunities for exposure in blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused media outlets with the aim of amplifying the visibility of our projects and emphasizing the results achieved.

So, I will use a combination of digital media, technical reports, presentations, and collaborations with the community to effectively communicate the success of both projects in the TRON Hackathon.


Thank you for your good wishes! We are committed to giving our best in this hackathon and hope to achieve successful results. We look forward to having your support throughout this exciting hackathon :grinning:

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I was in full support of your project last season, but it was unfortunate you didnt make it to the voting.
U still have my full support this season too

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I really hope it worked out as you said all the same, wishing you all the best :handshake:

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Greetings to the #Tronics community :raised_hands:

In our project for the TRON Hackathon, we are working on innovative solutions to enhance access to medical records, a vital aspect of healthcare. Traditionally, access to these records has been complex and often restricted by geographical and legal barriers.

We would like to hear your thoughts and questions on how our solution could address these challenges and benefit the community. Your feedback is valuable and will help us progress in this important mission.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions or share your ideas. We are here to listen!

Thank you for being a part of our journey in the TRON Hackathon.